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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The American Problem

After a horrible period of time of occupation the ancestors are reminding us.

I used to wonder -politely expressed- how US+CANADEANS can refer such proud on their founding fathers. In recent times this even increases into some kind of a hysterical mass mantra. This, so I think, is triggered by FEMA as the scared future of reservation camps; this time designed for the "Frees". The race or group of humans, who took the freedom of those, who they massmurdered. The Choosen Ones over the American Natives get imprisoned themselves by themselves, so it looks like. The whole American Continent got genocided and enslaved under the leadership of these founding fathers: "freed" from the red man population. Some kind of "humanetarean" movement, so to speak. Or shall I call it a Crusade, which also fits the case and brings it back to Europe and Arabia where these things also happened. But let us try to understand the scene in America. 
Only a dead, tortured or slaved red (native) man had been a go(o)d man of Christeans. No, the invading Christeans did not ask asylum in order to free themselves from their own enslavement in Europe. The red man population did not refuse the first white men to be there. They welcomed them but got in exchange for the kindness flooded with bloody and insidious genocide. The Christeanisation of American People by the Roman & British Empire had been exercised. This gets called Freedom. And the policy is not yet finished. It goes on. They (who are you?) want it all. The whole Globe to be freed from humanity by the obedience of sick hypnotized humans, the mercenaries of them.

No, free America is not the first Continent, which got flooded by those Mercenaries of Evil. They civilized humans everywhere on Earth. They promised humans to get free in exchange for the cleansing of areas in which they wish(ed) to establish or refresh their Pharaonean Empire. All over the Globe they ripped off humans by the use of hypnotized and poisoned humans, who they promised participation on power and richdom but minimal some grace of survival after torture and blackmailings with torture. 
Step by Step and Again and Again.
 Folks can`t you see this?
Since so called ancient times (only some 10.000 years since they hyped humanity), in fact Pharaonean times of our enslavement, we are suffering but following their policy of genocides. No, we cannot blame the US and Canada alone. That it is as untrue as it would be true, that they would ever have been free people. Free people do not work around the clock. Free people do not fill themselves up with legal and illegal drugs. Free people do not manage some kind of a maskerade on their faces to hide their real feelings. Free people do not waste their lifes in front of a TV. Free people do not care their children with the use of TVs. Free people do not bring even the pets into psychotherapy. Free people do not go to kill other humans. Free people have peace in their mind and surroundings and bread in their homes, which they share with everybody, because they are happy for a visitor. 
Try to emphazise this. Think on a moment in your life, when you really felt free. You might have had some of these moments. Usually they go along with love. A human in that mood has no reason to go for a killer mission in which he also could loose his life. It is not necessary to blame Muslims for Suicide Attacks. Any Soldier is celebrating this. They get called a heroe, if they blast a lot of people to death, including themselves. 50.000 US soldiers did this in Vietnam. They find a lot of young women overthere, who they raped and tortured to death before they bombed themselves to Heaven out of the Hell. How comes this get blamed on Muslims? Noop, I do not excuse Islam and Muslims as the better ones. Why? Because it is not true. I blame these Monotheistic Religions of the Pharaos, which they introduced all over the Globe. 
They are training us in obedience to them: You shall not have another God (Guru also fits)...
Are you allowed to think? God, the Real One, gave you a brain. So the brain was meant to be used, I guess. So, if you are allowed to think, you might be able to answer this question: 
God, the real Biggest of everything should be jealeous on other "Gods", mad Gigolos, who are telling us stories, what wonderful they would be by the use of rape and torture? Judaism free from this? Christeanity free from this? Islam free from this? Hinduism free from this? Buddhism free from this? None of them cultures. These Pharaos and their priesthoods prostituted women and enslaved them in Harems; they killed their men or castrated and sodomized them: all over the Globe without exception. If we think freeminded, we are able to see this in all cultures on the Globe.   
What it is the Call on the Founding Fathers about? Something simular to those Rats in Libya, who got told to get well paid, if they genocide Libyean people. But then they did not get paid from Killery and Sarkozy, their Masters, who they served? A big trauma, the shock only to have been used by the Slavemasters. No position aside the Throne of them? 
The Virus given by the Serpants moves forward, they do not mind boarders, who have been of use for them before: They need fresh flesh now from the inside of the boarders, who they created before. They create new ones. Look what happens all over on Earth. They create new boarders. They do the same again, yes: they promise people to be free, when they only accept to kill their brothers and sisters all over the Globe including "freed" America. They only change the shirt, call them the Muslim Brotherhood, who cry Allah Akbar not Jesus before they kill humans. Yes, they need to deceive Christeans to get scared from Muslims. They need to deceive Muslims to get scared from Christeans. Those shall pay the taxes to sponsor those Mercenaries, which both sides shall bring out for the Endgame in which they all scare by their religions: Armageddon. And the new red man in China will scare the both of them Christeans and Muslims, who disgrace them as godless communists. And so on. If you did not get it, I do not know, how to cross the Hypnosis you are in: There is no God asking human sacrifice in exchange for getting well. Stop this fucking shit. If you call on the ancestors then learn from their history, try to find out what had happened, that there were suddenly these Pharaos all over the Globe. Since then humans were brought to slaughter one another. Could it be, that we got invaded and deceived in Slavery and Murdery all over? The scheme is always the same. They tell these ones or those ones to be the choosen ones who then shall genocide the "underdogs".  The Founding Fathers were Embassadors of these Evils; how can you call on them, Americans??? I am a "German" they say. I do not know nothing about this. I came on Earth as a free person, where they told me to be a German. Those founding Fathers of Germany sit somewhere in Frankfurt, where they created new boarders those days. I do not know these guys. They are not my Founding Fathers. I am a Human not a German. But these guys manipulated my ancestors into wars and suffernis. They did not know how to escape. Probably some of them got massmurderer in wars. I do not know it. It is laying in the Shadows of history, which they are hiding from us. They do not want us to find out, what had happened to us and turned us into such bastards, who cannot do anything different than kill one another. No, I refuse to call on Founding Fathers. I still and always felt the real Ancestors, the free Natives before we got invaded and transformed into Bastards.