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Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Are you a Normalean

People, as far as they could come to the conclusion, that they get willingly sprayed from a huge number of pilotes, left already a bit of their Citizenship as a Normalean on Earth. Real Normaleans have problems to do this such easy. Check it: Tell them, that they get sprayed from pilotes. How they then look like?  This way?   
Air pirates are trying to capture the whole Earth? You must be mad!  
A Normalean does not treat your information as someting to be considered. But Normaleans believe such amazing Super Story, when told by Holly-Wood and their RambazambaStations, Frequenz 911.
Normaleans also have a very secure way to change their ideas about things. They count on you. Yes, for real. They count on you and you and you and you and so on until the majority of Normaleans say: 
Pirates try to capture Earth. 
Our Problem is: the Pirates know the way how Normaleans >>> function. So they are prepared for the day, when they will finally  find out.  Fuck, they spray and bomb us like bugs. We are all the choosen ones. Conclusion? Let us pray, that Normaleans get Humans. But to wait for that, seems not to be the Human but the Normalean way of Slavery. Slaves need Masters. And when Masters do not need such much of Slaves they kill them and call it Agenda 21 against overpopulation. Do not want to get killed? Ask your Masters wether you could be under their choosen ones for survival. Actually they need a lot of liar and killer  Probably they will give you a job as pirate. Probably they will crown you for that. But it could also happen that you must commit suicide because you cannot live as Massmurderer anylonger or they silence you by mindcontrol? So there is only the other solution left: Change your mind and then get active.