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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do you get sometimes out of patience? I do. Under the threat of the Depopulation Agenda  I am even passing and managing this feeling certain times a day while explaining people this and that to wake them up. No, I am not really without success on this. But nevertheless I have to experience impatience because the deafness and stupidity all around nervs me up, even if I love the people. It is so: because of human robot behaviour I do have to suffer and not me alone but millions of people, who are really suffering much much more than I ever had to suffer nor would like to suffer nor probably even know how this feels. I am happy, that I never had to experience a war, bombs on my head or those of neighbours. I am happy, that I never had to starve allthough I had no easy turn compared with many in the US and EU, but compared with those people "our" countries exploited, I do not have to open my mouth as a victim but to close my mouth. So I am not talking about those people, who are getting intentionally and by force sickend, tortured or killed by the power of N-America and Europa. I am talking about the "normal people" in the home countries of these Oligarchies. They are the people, who nerve me up because they are not taking responsibility neither for them own nor the causes on the so called 2. and 3. World. No, I cannot feel nerved up from people who get intentionally packed into starvation, theft about their access on land and water and other ressources, troubled with weather and nature modifications which dry out their areas or flood them. This is not done by them, this gets suffered by them. But I can be nerved up with those among N-America and Europa, who do not care about anything than their sugar cakes and fat flesh and TV stations. I call them the human fellows, robot version. They are not developed but dumped down addicts. This leads to their disknowledge about global affairs, to their social abilities to meet and share with people on a fair basic and even their knowledge about their own health.  So I do not talk about those who are struggling in daily hard core survival problems in war and disaster areas made by Germany, France, UK and US and so on but those people who are living in these countries of nightmares for the Globe, those unconscious people, who support the horror on Earth by their deafness, stupidity and refusal of responsibility. 
They are digging even their own graves and do not get it but still think to be intelligent, developed. Can you imagine that many Germans who passed some years of school cannot even able to think more far than their fridge? That after plenty of years they cannot able to use the Internet different than for stupid games or porno? Can you imagine this? No African Migrant can tell his relatives that Europeans are such deaf and stupid that they could not survive a single day in a rural area in Africa nor in Europe. They are sucked in from their machines and their propaganda which includes propaganda for sugar and flesh and tablets. We must wonder that they did not provide already a TV which can put out some sugar and fat flash while these people are taking their hypnosis.
I just read that 88.000 women in Europe die on only breastcancer a year, most of them are German women. Yes, the WHO and their allies  in Europe counting the dead people properly, because they wish to know wether they get their daily amount of 350.000 people displaced from the planet. Plenty of people in N-America and Europe die on willingly implemented parasites and radiations in the foods and air but have no clue about this. They trust the white gods What a pitty, they should have listened sometimes on the red man .... Bravely the white women follow the calling ins by their health departures to let these white guys check their breast under radiation machines and the women even think they would do something well for their health. Why don`t they just make a journey to Fukushima? From then they never again need to follow these sexless dates with the white doctors. Do these people think? They do not think but copy constantly implemented propaganda  by the war machine, in this case the highly involved medicin and food branch and their propaganda. If a certain doctor (as an example) cannot help them to get better, they still meet him.  A machine is acting like that. No Neanderthaler would have moved his life in such silly way. You go somewhere, where there is no use for you? Yes, they do so again and again. I am sure you know many people doing this, not so? It is as if you constantly bring a car into a garage and get it back damaged like before and you even pay the bill for that brave work. And this is the better case. Our human fellows robot version act even more stupid. They see a doctor because of a little damage and come back with a bigger damage. When they reach an age like 50, they get already the daily dosis of chemical warfare against them by about 10 pills and even more a day. But they got not (yet) forced to their doctors, they went there by their free will. So it looks like. May be Haarp is telling them: take more drugs, now. These folks are depending on drugs, first the sugar drugs and highly spoiled flesh and then hard medical drugs. It will be very easy to kill them finally. They take everything, what their doctors are giving them. Everything!!!!!!!! No questions, no doubts, nothing like that. Even the users of illegal drugs are questioning more than these legal drugusers. I would not even mind that too  much, because I respect anybodies free will, to ruin himself like he wants to: but not me nor the children or totally innocent people and the after-us-generations. Imagine you get reborn into such chemical environment in which you feel like you have to jump out of your skin from your first step on the planet: you die immediately and get reborn again into this shit, again and again and again. These drugged people, do you think they can realize, that we get drugged from the skies and in some countries also through the watersupply? Do you think, they can realize it? I hope so but scare they cannot. The Chemtrails from the sky feel so normal to them like the chemtrails they eat everyday within their useless therefore poisoning pills. And as we can only finish the crimes, if we act in masses, we are having a big problem. We have to wake up drugged people

That is like talking to an alcoholic to please furtheron drink water but what we also cannot advice: too much fluorides. So I am living through my daily dosis of impatience on these plenty of drugged humans >robot version< and try to figure out more effective ways for that special challenge to wake up drugged people. God thanks many people are mainly mentally drugged with hypnosis. But this is another one challenge, I am telling you this. When you explain people, that they get hu-poop for food, which looks like a steak, they think you are joking but reporting? That means for such reports you need to be weaponed with the machine in which they believe more than in their inner voice: the laptop to show them the nice vids. That gives them the right wake up shock. Probably because there are already human fellow monsters among us who find it interesting to digg in virtual horror of all kind. The human dust of our societies which are based on ignorance and drugs and flesh sacrifices. But there are those who only play farming in the Internet but still talk to some people from time to time, when they are taking a rest from their machines. By this work of the wake up call I even get myself sucked into the machine ... yes the Internet is also giving some hypnosis, unfortunately we only have this tool on an international basic. Otherwise I would not use it such often. So and here is the weapon for the wake up call. Good luck with it, when you help me to get rid of the depopulation agenda.