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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The biggest Warmachine after WW II

I am sorry - this is not yet complete and I admit that it would nerve me up to complete it.  Probably somebody can do it in few minutes. Such research should include answers to the following questions:
  • How many people got killed in combats? How many of them had been civileans? How many of them had been women, children, elderlies? How many of them had been soldiers by force of their countries law, how many had been mercenaries? How much did they earn on the killings of humans?
  • How many people died after the combats/wars from starvation/dehydration, diseases, radiations(cancer) or other related circumstances like suicide caused through dehumanisation or through the lost of a warvictim?
  • How many of the soldiers are still alive and how many people did each of them kill?
Now question yourself: if a person once killed humans, would he have problems to do that again? If he raped women and slaughtered them; if he even tortured children, what kind of impact on the society are you expecting from these people? But wait, we are not at the end of the line.

We know that an increasing amount of suicides is done by American Veterans. It does not wonder: they were Murderer of Women, Children and Elderlies. For no reason: they did not do this to protect their families nor themselves. They did it to protect their slaveholders against some money. They sold their souls and they know it. We did not count out yet all the workers, who poison our foods, waters and sky. We did not count out all the health-makers, who are killing people with vaccines willingly by the refuse of thinking and responsibility. They all deal the harms and killings with a common legitimation:

It is not me : my boss told me ...

This is in fact the collective fascist mind on which the human race is running itself.  It is the mind of slaves, who are hiding behind their choosen slaveholders. People, who refuse responsibility on their ethics. We must wonder why they are watching out for them, they (too many) are fallen Angels themselves. This leads to the next question:

How many of such minded people are living on the planet. Noop, not only from USEUIS but all over the Globe. they are. They hang on the concept of EUGENICS. They decide, who would have right to murder others, who would not have enough value to stay on the planet.  

It is a shame, that humans are still in such position. It is a real shame. Humans got the ability from God-Allah to create their lives and all they created was that terror?

So, my dear fellow humans: this time you please do not let us down with your snakery mind. The Hippies got fucked from you, do not do that again ... okay?

Please note: Socialism and Capitalism got some kind of opposites: they are not. They are run by the same basic ideas: forget about your soul and exploit others. Our souls are naturally socialminded (there is only an amount of about 5 percent who do not have that) and filled with empathy. We can create communities and get rid of governments and bankers.