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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overpopulation???? Depopulation

Unfortunately there are a lot of people, who are buying the bullshit of overpopulation: blind. So for these people it might even sound not such bad, if there will be a depopulation ... of course unless they get not depopulated them own. That means we cannot get rid of that depopulation attack as long as we allow ordinairy people to follow their blindness instead of thinking and researching. Overpopulation had been a constant propaganda during decades and decades. They even made propaganda tools, which shall show everybody how fast we are growing and growing and will therefore explode the planet. Secretly they were always depopulating humans with starvation and epidemics, radiations and whatever else, also wars and entire genocides of folks. They used to do this in African countries but also in Asean countries especially in India after the big harvest during WWI and WWII in Europe and all around, or those before in America. And they let the folks in the US and EU believe, that these things in Africa and India are somehow natural catastrophics or a matter of their people stupidity, not designed ones by them, who call themselves Elites. Unfortunately and as far as people feel not threatened them own, they do not even think about these circumstances nor causes. They probably feel sorrows but believe in uneducation, which would cause poverty in the even so called undevoloped countries in Africa and Asia. Deep inside they might even think it is okay, if these folks in Africa and Asia die, because they believe in overpopulation, you get me: "better they than me". So we will have to get a bit "aggressive" on that topic. We will have to confront people in conversations about their "beliefs". We will have to claim from them to base their "beliefs" on facts and not on propaganda tools. We will have to let people think also about that special question why the richest ressourced regions, namely Africa and Asia never came on their knees but still die on starvation. You get what I am talking? In African countries plants grow four times a year and four times bigger than elsewhere in the North. But of course not, if the areas get dried out by force. Par example did the British a lot to take off the trees from Africa. On the political level the colonialism never died but therefore the people. There are a lot of more details in this topic. I just wish to remind you: get busy with such details with questioning yourself and others wether you are blind sheeples, happy that other sheeples get sacrificed and not you. Any person on Earth, who is believing in overpopulation is a danger for humanity. Consciously or unconsciously s-he will support depopulation. Such person is also ready, if things come harder, to overthrow other people rather than to unite with them. Overpopulation is a set up against humanity. Please get aware. Also get aware that the same propagandists, who are constantly claiming overpolution, are also the warmakers and war-winners. They suck on it their wealth and power over humanity. They are also those people or Entities, who are suppressing on a global level all technologies in the favour of humanity. There are so many well technologies, which could feed and house even the double of humans, who are on Earth. These technologies could also get used for further evolution and if one day Earth would really get too small for the all of us .. and what? ... we go and watch out wether we find another planet on top of Mother Earth. Do researches. Confrontate your people with the topic. It is in our all favour to get rid of the propaganda. Please also educate your children properly. You can be very sure, that the overpopulation propaganda is also implemented in the public school education. Could be that one day your own children agree to get rid of you because they think you are thieving them the space to live on Earth. So you heard the bell ringing hopefully.