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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Putin runs Russia, God thanks

With about 60 and something percent Putin won the election. As the Cabale had been very interested to meddle around in the Russeans affairs like they wish to do this everywhere, the Russeans had been wise and installed many webcams in the election places. 

To make things here very clear: Everybody on Earth, who does not need to get wiped out from the planet, better starts at once to support Russia and China and the Brics countries to overtake power on Earth. I cannot say it better than LaRouche I overhand here the word:
The March 4th Russian presidential elections this Sunday have been identified by Lyndon LaRouche as a highly probable trigger point for the British to launch World War III. Were Vladimir Putin to win that election, as is slated, the possibility that Russia would cede its sovereignty to “regime change” intimidation would be nullified. In no uncertain terms, Putin intends to defend the sovereignty of his nation: "The battle for Russia is on, and we will prevail!" LaRouche continued his warning -- if Russia does not concede to the British Empire’s demands for “regime change” through "peaceful" means, the British are prepared to kill, even going as far as to provoke a thermonuclear war of mutual and assured destruction, rather than let sovereign and independent Russian impulses prevail. Published death threats and foiled assassination plots against Putin exposed over the past several days, eliminate any doubt that LaRouche's warnings have been anything but precise and without exaggeration. So, Russia and China’s commitment to science, technological progress and physically productive societies -- at the same moment that the "green" economies of Western Europe and the United States are facing an end-game breakdown crisis -- make those scientifically progressive nations, Russia and China, the mortal enemy of an empire whose own commitment is to radical global depopulation, ending of manned space exploration, and green energy. For this reason, Putin's policies must be defended not only by patriots of Russia, but also patriots of all nations around the world.
Please understand, that it is not necessary, that you love LaRouche (so I do not) . It is also not necessary, that you love Putin (Russia), Ahmadinedschad (Iran), Assad (Syria) and so on. This simply does not matter. But it matters, that you love your live and that one from your children. You do not have the force to fight Nuclear War or do you? The British-Romanean Cabale-s, which are operating through US-EU-IS and some Arabs are certain with their idea to kill 90 percent of humanity. So it would be also an idea, that the Anti-Chemtrailers start to understand, that it does not really matter wether they get wiped out with a Nuclear threat or with Chemtrails or other ways. We need to build a strong Peace and Unite Movement on different, as much as  possible levels. To chemtrail the people is a war against people as it is a war against people to bomb them out. So who is posting Anti Chemtrail pictures and so on should start to think that this is only one way of the plenty of elements they wish to use to kill humanity. This includes the wars in Middle East which shall lead to WWIII and further Environmental Disaster which shall be added: Earthquake, Viruses and so on. So any war against Syria or Iran is nothing different than the Chemtrails, you get me. Stop to think this way: I am in Canada and feel disturbed about Chemtrails ... But you do not feel disturbed, that the same killerpilots are bombing Libya? Does that make sense? We need to bring power into the hands of those countries mentioned, who can able to crash down these cabales especially, if we ourselves, support them with our prayers, words, actions and energies. There are much more countries than the mentioned ones but who stand under death threat by the Cabales, if they open their mouths. In fact it is the overwhelming majority of countries and their populations, who are mentally opposed against the NWO but do not have forces enough to resist alone. Think on all the African Countries, think on the Southamerican Countries and the Carebeans, think on Japan, think on Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, think on Afghanistan and Pakistan, think on Iran and Irak, think on Syria and Turkey. The troublemaker countries are only UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Norway, Danmark, Italy and US-Israel, Saudi Arabia and Quatar. The populations from these countries need to mentally overhand power to Russia and China, Brasil, Venezuela and so on and to stick on the side of the Greek people who are fighting already the NWO on a highly level. This is the level of people, we must use those governments who oppose the NWO and we must unite humanity against the whole depopulation Agenda: this is not that NWO they wish to bring over us. It is only the logical conclusion that we all must oppose these gangsters who were running the planet and still do but now wish to get rid of the most of us. So we need ourselves in the numbers of our 95 percent. Not such strong like in Libya and Greek but very strong there is resistance by the people in Spain and Portugese, Ireland and more will come. On the other level beyond the open scenes there are eastern cabals, which oppose the Killer Illuminati fraction and have no idea to go along with them. From that side we used to hear through Benjamin Fulford. A longer while ago he announced us, that there will be massarrestes. And we can see such things happen now. Geithner and others got arrested and questioned. Obama is published as Fraud since his birthcertification is now openly cleared as false. Mister Putin also filed a warrant against Soro and his financial and political frauds. Malaysia jugded the Bushes already as warcriminals since a while ago in an ordinairy court. See the link on my board. So do not be a romantical fool but a grown up person. China is not going to invade the US unless the US needs this and does not stop their permanent agressions. You people are threatened by your government not by the government of China, do you get it???The problem which humanity is facing is the highly weaponed NATO Fascist Group and the NWO Police, which did not yet show themselves openly in their real quantity and brutality. Probably we will get a taste of them next in Greek. The national police there oppose already the NWO people, so it could be possible, when there shall be fresh demonstrations, that they will pull out these Fascist Police from the EU. 
Syria could make a brave stand by the help of Russia, while China and Turkey, probably also Pakistan are going to stand behind Iran. In Syria they could digg out of their darkness wholes 120 french terrorists in Syrean Friends fashion. I hope you will post this everywhere. People all over need to see the false flag frauds in order to wipe out the Syreans. They need to know that the media in the Ballaballa Countries of the Zionist Cabales are lying as much as no normal person can do this. So please understand that we do not handle normal persons but Psychopaths or Reptiles or Rats. It does not matter how you call them as long as you know how to identify them. They do not belong to one race nor nation nor gender nor religion. Forget about these classifications. Now and for ever. If you can stand it, watch one of the horrible torture and kill videos in Libya and how they are shouting Allah Akbar. The words are uninteresting but the sounds verify these rats as rats not as Muslims. They move under all names and clothes and flags, that does not matter anything to them. They are members of the Ca(nni)bals. Brutal killings give them (sexual) feelings, these people suffer a lack of emotions and empathy. There are about 5 percent of all "humans" in that way. Some more some less. Again, they do not belong to one of the human races but are mixed in all of them. The Cabal is "engaging" them from everywhere, that does not matter nothing to them. They need brutal killer, like these ones from France.Here you find more of the brave foreign killer who are looking  for democracy in Syria.

As to be expected the propaganda machine is working strong: the elections in Russia would not have been proper but ... Please do not get deceived. How comes that countries in which the people have nothing to say such like Germany, Greek, UK and so on wonna tell Russia, what would be democracy. You have to realize that these manners are manners of the warmongerers who are using the term democracy while they are on Fascism and Dictatorship and want to tell other countries what they have to do. This is dictatorship, pure dictatorship by the ruling Cabale.