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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reality is ...

Imagine you were in school and should make your statement about reality. You would like to go home rather than to write this essay, not so? Do not tell me lies. I am teaching adults and I know what I get to experience with them(us). People are used to write some numbers on the many bills, which they have to pay, before they sign them with XXX. From this experience they are such k.o., that they need a beer and a watch in TV but not to think and even write about the fucking reality. But you see, it would have been so easy, if they just wrote: Reality is  something fucked up. I do not like REALITY. It is all about money. If I have money, I have to think, which bill I pay next and if I do not have money, I have to think how I will pay any of my bills until I need pills. This is reality. Reality Mam, pisses me off.
During the last 2-3 decades the Law of Attraction got famous. Interestingly this happened especially in the  US and UK, in the centre of the monster, the troublemaker countries.. What does this show us? In first line it shows us, that the normal people in these countries were and are suffering. They felt so pissed off, that they needed a change of their reality. They got a change: Things came more harder. While people were busy to attract this and that, the NEW WORLD ORDER arrived. Who ordered that? So these things are wondering. Do they have to do with each other? The Secret was not brought up with a small budget of nothing than the intention. There had been investments into a branch, which sold tools to people, who needed to change their lives into better. This branch got nearly the new religion for many people. And even they installed now the highest quality of Martial Law in the US, you still get flooded with offers from US people, what to buy next to alter your state of mind, which will change your reality. No word about the situation of Martial Law. Sounds somehow bizarre. Just imagine Helicopters surrounding your yard and you are hiding in the doghouse and do your Secrets
I am ...not here.
Do not get me wrong, I also followed these things and they brought me up to Africa: out of nothing just by intention ... and discipline. In fact I did not work this out with excluding my intention but with the so called chronicle Positive Thinking, in short words explained as repeated statements like: 
I am this ... Transferred into the desire it came into I am living in Africa. I had no money nor profession I could do overthere. I had nothing. Of course I had something: I had myself and myGod and my mind but nothing like saved money or other bigger values, which could have brought me into the desired position. It took me over 6 month of repeating and repeating I am living in Africa until this came into my reality. It worked. It really worked until it got destroyed. I lived for one year in Africa, where I got to face other forces than my I am living in Africa. Now I am living back in Europe and can tell you this also worked but in less than half a year of statements, that I am living in Europe. It worked against my intention and in fast time. Just imagine you would have concentrated your whole life on your nice house and in only one night it got ripped off by a hurricane. In my case it had not been a house but my life in Africa and it did not make me homeless, God thanks. Probably this even prevent me from bigger problems than the lost of my dream? Look how the troublemakers Company Nato is overwhelming now African Countries. My Gambean President even rushed to accept the NWO in Libya as fast as  I could not even get aware of it. Probably I am more save in the Centre of the Monster than in her new places of Greed on Blood. You get what I am talking about? We are not God, we can only try to stay closed to him under his feder. There are forces, which are outside of our intentions but therefore in the intentions of others: humans, demons and idiots. And they can piss us off seriously. Who expected in the 90th that the book 1984 had not been just a critical book  but the program of Entities, who were working on the New World Order since a much longer while than my half year of repeated statements: I am living in Africa!? Now we know, that they also intented to live there. My intention those days, to leave Europe  had had pretty much to do with their hidden activities only I did not know it consciously. I felt it. Europe felt fucked off step by step, constantly since exactly 1984. It is the year in which they broke our normal human relationships seriously. People suddenly and like led by hidden hands (Haarp Mindcontrol?) stopped to demonstrate or strike for better loans or whatever. They stopped nearly all community engagements and entered into the mental stage of Individualism: I am ... Some also entered into the delirium to state they would be God. I do not know how many drugs they used, to be able to talk such nonsense but it had been many, who followed such concept. Yesterday I showed you Mister Kling, who came to the idea to get 12 strange of DNA after survival of Armageddon. Mister Kling had been broke; he explained this before he explained us things to pass to get a 12 strange DNA  Demi-God. Following his way we could even come on the conclusion: 
As more broke as more God we are? 
Oh God, sorry, that we are such mixed up with you. In fact we do neither know, who we are nor who you are. We do neither know our power nor your power and how to bring these powers into harmony. When do we have to follow your power and when do we have to use our own power? Folks, do not expect answers from me. I do not know these answers. If I knew, I would not be broke just like you and Mister Kling under this fucking New World Order, which wishes to finish 90% of us. The big international Voodoo Event. So I do not sell you Truth-es from a Truther. I rather warn about Truthers, if they are telling us, that we would have our lives in our hands alone. Most of them are telling us to get sacrificed what meets the point more accurate. But imagine it would be you alone in charge of your life: I do not know, if this would be a good idea. Just imagine that any of your desires would come into reality. How many times did you think: I kill you man??? May be these constantly repeated statements even have to do with the installed Martial Law into reality? Back to the Secret. There is an Ideology included in the Secret Movement. The ideology, that we were alone able to establish our reality. And we see now where this fuck off idea brought us. No workers, who are striking together in order of better loans. No parents, who are putting the schools back to respect the families as main force on their children. And so on: nowhere we find proper communities, who are working together for the mutual better. The main value of humanity togetherness got little by little denied and broken mixed into the times 1968 - 1984 and latest in 2001. Only 10 years after 911 they could openly without much of public resistance in the countries of the beast go and manage a Genocide in Libya, even claiming this would be a humanitarean act to free the country from its dictator. They did not even need to say, Libya would be a danger for the Monster Countries. They claimed to be the heroes who would help people to get free. Then they killed them. Many people in US and Europe believed into this shit of exported democracy. Not all, God thanks. But those believers projected our lost readiness to stand together against oppression into these countries and the faked rise ups overthere. In fact we lost our ability to stand together. If not so, we would have known, that it was fake: people do not rise up over night and are fully weaponed to conquer a dictorship. If this would be true we can expect this tomorrow in the US??? Instead we are facing now virtual revolutions which meet our inner desires to be free. Al Jazeera is busy to give us pictures from everywhere, how people there would either rise up against bad governments or would be bad, beaten and killed, if they would rise up against their good governments like in UK. They mix our brains up as best as they can do. They wish to alter our stage of mind. Constantly they are smelling peoples anger against them for what they will bring us then their "solutions": Fakes like the black president of the US. Allthough he is such obviously not a black man, people could not realize it because they lostet their normal senses for relationships and health. They are living more chemical and virtual altered lives than real lives. So, a puppet could fit the rule of black man; representing the poors of the poors. Obama, the guy who fucks up such much of money in few days, but people are hyped. People who lostet their abilities to stay in relationships with other people are easy to deceive. I am old, a bit old, in my fifties. I passed a lot of things and did never lost my rememberings how things felt before and then and then until now. I am telling you, the Illuminaties did a "great" job. A big voodoo on our brains and relationships. They altered them, not like we wanted to alter them but into their benefiz. Our elders get thrown into elderly camps, where the nurses can do with them, what they get ordered to do. And as more this is happening as more the societies will loose their heritages. They will not remember, who they are, because they losted their rememberings from generation to generation. The Anti-smoker Programs had been another big tool to attack our communities. I do not know, wether you realized this. Your governments, who usually do not spend a single Dollar, Pound or Euro too much for your pleasure suddenly had been in sorrows about your health? In the US they put even all few meters security people whith no other order than to watch wether you smoke. Then they are falling over you and put you somewhere. It had been a Police State Installation by the use of Anti Smoker Campaigns: separations between Smokers and Non Smokers. They need to separate us into Individuals, who believe to be Gods, in charge of ourselves alone, while we are getting victims of their hidden voodoo. Horrible. So the Secret can hold a lot of means, good and bad. You can see now in the Internet a lot of programs titled with How to survive Martial Law. You should wonder where the Authors got their experiences from. Did they survive already such challenge? But of more importance is: We will not able to survive Martial Law on the long hand, if we do not reconnect immediately with our sources: God-Allah (not the scriptures), our families, friends, collegues and communities. The Voodoo Masters of 1 to 5 percent have chance to succeed, if they put us into units and even against each other. I listened, that many people in the US seems to be very scared from streetgangs and riots. Those are not your enemies. This is middleclass blabla. Your enemies are the 1-5 percent including and excluding the corrupted ones. They like you to stress on the poorest. Do not do this. We have to stand together. That it is all, what I know aside the prayer to God to lead me through this shit and to follow the signs he is giving me, to obey him and not anybody else. And also to continue to intend. Imagine we all have the intention to stay in peace. This should be prayed for by each Individual because none of us can live on Earth without peace. Add freedom and it gets: We are living in Freedom and Peace all over the Globe.