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Sunday, March 4, 2012

When I was a child they teached a song:  
The thoughts are free, nobody can know them.....
I got also teached there would be a Christmas Guy, who would bring me something, what I would not get to know before the very day ... Somehow hidden the Guy would climb through the chimney into my house. Upsala, this guy must have worked a lot, he is now in everybodies house and we now also know his name: SpyderMan.
But when he reached his goal to climb in all  peoples houses, he felt pretty much bored and so he came on the idea to climb into people`s brain. Never again anyone would need to feel alone  and think it`s own thoughts. No, no: better we all think the same: 

Please note: My comments below

But as they had christeanized the sky with much of crosses, which are destroying our brains, it appeared, that we forgot the proper code and now we all think Kill ... Killery  ...Oh my God, imagine this folks, where could thus end? Such hard punishment without any trial? Probably it would be as above so below and end in the Ocean near Osama bin Laden? Noop, not near Gaddafi. We do not want this. Gaddafi for sure did enough to get rid of these gangsters. So that he earnt it to rest in peace. But near Obama, who we wish to declare this and that, par example where exactly he was born and doing then well? The problem is, he used to forget/d  things

green into the Screen

and must then wait for further instructions, what to lie next, that they give him his fresh opium from Afghanistan. This is the deal: For each drone and lie a bunch of opium that  yes he can

America, let us say US as it sounds a bit smaller, please understand: you-we are provoking humanity all over the Globe. What do you-we have to look for in other people countries? People all over demanding yo-us people to get rid of the fascists on y-our soil. Now y-our mindcontrolled killertroops are invading Syria, killing there people and y-our leaders blame Syrias leader for this as they did in Libya. The people on Earth need to stop yo-us as you-we are ready to kill humanity like a big cancer. Don`t you-we see, that y-our mindcontrolled killertroops get used to cause humans to loose patience and fight back? That you-we will be finished, if you-we continue this? They do not mind any of you, those on who you listen like hypnotized: Yes we can! What? Show us, is there anything different you can do than to kill people? Your whole economy is fucked up, what did you do about it? You must do something to show the people on Earth, that you are ready to change your way of life, which is based on killing people with chemical, police and militairy warfare and a lot of racial and religious hate. However you do it but you have to clean up your soil from this killer lifestyle. This starts in y-our mind and heart. Noop, it is not only y-our leaders and the hidden governments. It is also you, we the people who buy into this shit. Your veterans, who will end up spoiled and as killers, they are those we can see now to oppose the wars. Where had been you people? Why did we not see you on the Veterans March to Washington? Why? Because you scare, that China is going to invade you? So better you run the world into death before Chinese could invade the US? Madness is that, pure madness. We get overflooded from US by the Law of Attraction and other things like that but you cannot see how you are attracting the Chinese to defend themselves? Do you think they need to get send your drones filled up with viruses? I even read such foolishness, that some of your people suggest the Chinese to be alienblooded by the Greys. You are sick. Your mindcontrolled killertroops are torturing and murdering black and other people in Libya like in the barbarean times or probably alienblooded and you let your people talk such bullshit, that the Chinese might be an offspring of the Greys? Everything fine with you? 1/4 of humans get insulted like that and you blabber this bullshit as if it were normal? The racism of the US invasion starts with the red man, went to the black man and shall end with killing the "Greys"? And if it is not that you feel disturbed by the Muslims? The thing is that the red, black and grey men and even some of your ancestors in Europe and Russia understood, that your thoughts are not healthy, neither for us not for US. We know that you people are scared from FEMA. But it would be an idea, that you give us some lovely reasons to support your freedom. Till now you properly misused that freedom and went for depopulation. Not even the horror on Vietnam and Japan caused you to evolve? People all over the world vormit if they get to listen to Killery or to see this fake black man, the master of peace & nobel. Dear Germans and French and more: do not be happy that you get not to listen anything for your evolvement.. look at the fake lady who is telling even the pope what next he has to fuck and you know and say nothing again. That had been the excuse of our parents and grandparents, but again?

True? Hopefully

Well Job, bring them out of their wholes: French "Free Syria" Terrorists

My comment/Video above: I just want to make you famous with the technology of mindcontrol over the use of subliminals and sounds. I do not agree in anyhow in the Jesus Interpretation and that Jesus would have planned such things. I do not believe in Jesus anyway but in mygoodGod alone/I find it also very much disturbing not to find serious critic on the warfare on humans and can only wonder how the so religious people do not worry about this nor see this eventually as a matter of mindcontrol, everything runs right along in the program of Jesus, not so. So the technology only tops things, I cannot see then the problem.