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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Some people think this special movement of humans is caused by their fluoridation. I gave that thought up allthough I was considering this idea as well. But it cannot be the reason. There are too many other people, who also get fluorided, but still check, that they get poisoned from everywhere. Are they in better conditions? Yes and no. I guess that they are those, who always had been more aware about things, which are surrounding them. They are simply people, who spend some more attention (love) and therefore less ignorance on the world. Sometimes it is pretty much amazing not amusing, that these sheeples move under big chemtrail clouds without checking anything. Just like these sheeples. See them under the big chemtrail clouds.
Or are they probably under spells by sorcery? I never thought I would learn such much out of the Bible, folks. Get a pdf here. And the video about it here:
Sheepiiieh, yeah give me my pills!!!!

Please do something good for him. 
Tell him that you are not related to him, okay?
You are such guy, left hand
Talking clear about Puplic Murder