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Monday, April 30, 2012

China and Russia and ....Germany?

A New World Order must be, the question is only, which one and who will operate it.

I know, that many US Citizens still have problems to realize, that their time to rule the world is over. Time is going to teach them the truth and to demand them to step down together with their current corrupted governments. Humanity cannot effort anymore the burden of the USEUIS Agenda. It is since a long time an unfair and horrible situation on Earth, which leads Africa, Asia and Southafrika into war, starvation and sickness, even their own inhabitants: The powers behind USEUIS did not made it their business to develope humanity but to exploit humanity. 
So what? We are living in the 21st century and wish to develope peace and wealth and not crimes, war and sickness including a horrible contaminated environment. This had in fact been the Agenda of USEUIS, the so called West excluding their victims in Southamerica and Africa, and must end as soon as possible. 
Obviously the majority of citizens of these countries had not had (yet) the will to lead their governments into a correct path. They went into corruption with them, many. This has to be finished or we will face nuclear war and the extermination of humanity. Do you need that in order of 
"believes in the founding fathers of the US"?
Are you joking? They founded the biggest genocides (100.000 Million American Natives) ever on Earth and still are not ready with genocides! While following genocide all over the world they even went for propaganda against China and its people: disgusting and behind the truth of China. 
China got compared with those times of exploitation and genocide through the Queen Vatican and US or own Emperors well (neither holy nor a paradize nor unbloody but finally relatively well), sorry to tell you: through Communism. You cannot compare Chinese history with the western history, that it is utter bullshit. They came from their way, the west from its own way. And both ways did not miss any cruelty, stupidity and ignorance. Chinese People were dying like flies in China before the times of Mao Tse Tung. They losted about 2/3 of their population through imperialism (starvation, opium and more shit).

I am tired about the never ending propaganda against China and Communism. Communism must not be a lost of freedom but of course it should include the lost of such special freedom to exploit and kill who & whenever. 
This is the freedom the western leaders and their corrupted folks of USEUIS are in fact talking about. These things are nothing foreign also to Tibet, the Dalai Lama`s losted paradize. 
About 1.000.000 Satanists are hiding and operating in the US. How can somebody even come on such nonsense idea to call Obama a Communist? He would not even be able to read through the Capital (written by K. Marx) That guy - Obama, who cannot even count 1+1, must read from the scriptures given to him how to kill out humanity. That has nothing to do with communism but satanism.

The Reptile Fraction hides behind any flag, get used to that and understand things deeper. They hide themselves behind Christeanity, Islam and Buddhism. They hide themselves also behind Communism or Judaism or Capitalism - it does not matter to them. Their game is always the same one: to blind you properly and to scare you into slavery to them. If things come to the surface they will blind the used flag. 
Obama is everything but not a communist. We cannot discuss things on such level of nothing but propaganda. There are determinations of communism. Real communists are basicly nothing different than real Christeans, who believe that they have to share with their brothers and sisters on the basic of Win-Win, There is nothing worse in that. If you would read the Capital you would also find a lot of discoverings, which the ANTI NWO People are now and late are finding out. But scriptures and what will be done from them is usually another thing. Look on the bible and then on the pope and understand what I am talking about. We find enough of whisdom in the Bible, also descriptions of horror (by the Reptiles and Snakes) and hidden, how to overcome them, but .... you know who you followed: the priest in your church and the blabla about your neighbours: Look these people, they have not the right clothes on... And more of that shit nothing to do with believing in God but dealing with Satan.

Putin and Eurasia (German language)
Of course, by now, we do not know how deep the Reptile Fraction (Queen, Vatican, Pentagon) is involved in the East but we know so far, that if humanity has a chance to survive it is not with the USEUIS Agenda of depopulation and their corrupted Governments and horrible Nato but with Russia and China, hopefully including Germany - if we get wise enough to brief our politiceans to stay away from Nato. Iran and Germany are not Members of the Brics but could ally with them. Also other countries on Earth, who follow the mutual goal to disable and disarm the Cabale which is operating through US, UK, France and smaller Nato-Allies. We will have to find a way out of all genocides and exploitations on humans and animals. The demonization of people and countries out of blowing air is not a tool for that goal but a tool to inflict war and genocide. The US citizens have to free themselves from their leaders and their brutal past and presence on humanity and we are expecting that in the near future. It will be better for them not to demonize China anylonger but to clean their own house. 
Of course many things in China have to get better. Where not? And Chinese for sure like that to happen. They were working hard in the last decades, not on killings of humanity but on building themselves up. China is holding also something we can call social sharing of mutual efforts. Russia and Germany also passed such social sharings already and know the benefits of that social habit for a society. Unemployed people do not need to sleep in the canalisation like this is possible in the free US where a bit support for the poors seems to threaten the greed of the riches. Russia, China and Germany are holding also the leading militairy power to control the USEUIS-Nato-Aggression-Machine. They can able to control the Reptile Fraction. We the people can do the rest by our prayers, by our non compliance and demonstrations. 
Later, after disabling and disarming of the Reptile Fraction we can change our governments and social lives even much more better. We will have to take our properties back - the stolen ones by the Reptile Fraction and find a way to distribute it to all humans and the animals. 
Nobody needs more than one bed to put his ash to sleep, or? 
Super Richdom must simply be banned. And a comfortable basic life must be guaranteed by the societies. War must also be banned. This is possible. It is also possible to forbid the use of oil while we can use free Energy. We also need to ban the Pharma(killer)industry and bring down the destruction of our nature and her fruits. 

We shall not forget about the human leader on Earth at these times: Mister Putin. You might not have realized that he saved our ashes as much as it was possible these days.
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