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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The coming "Celebration" Ufos and more

There must be a lot of confusions out there, especially in the US where there is the biggest concern to get wiped out of the planet. This concern has more than one sources: superiosity and fears. The traditional one is the traditional one, sound funny I know: it is the usual addiction on propaganda for war against anybody, who should oppose American possession of the Globe. This got suffered by 100.000 Million Natives in the first hand, who got wiped out by the Invaders of the American Continent North and South led by the British, French and Spain Crown (indeed one family of gangsters). These Invasions never stopped but got continued all over while the US got styled to a Warmachine, what they call patriotism not killerism, what would be quiet more correct. Of course there it is a big interest of the rest of humans on Earth,  means the other inhabitants of continents, to stop this shit of killing humans. So in fact there is an huge international interest (by the citizens), which it is demanding the destruction of the rule of Earth through the US warmachine latest since the Vietnam War. That it is a fact and also nothing to discuss about unless in the US itself. Why didn`t they got it yet? Humanity cannot evolve under such policy of brutality, which it is all the way sacrificing people in huge amounts. Of course, this mind is not the mind of US people alone. It got implemented again and again here and there in history. As long as humanity does not learn and emancipate themselves from Evil or Demons, it will appear again. This demon mind goes along with such mind to be grandios and to be a (well corrupted) citizen of the best society ever, what it is utter bullshit, had always been utter bullshit and will hopefully die out among humans. There is of course no difference between the burning Rome and the probably coming burning US. Things flash back on their creators. How long do we need to hear the warmongering programs of the US,  implemented during the last decades especially against China, Russia and Muslims? In US websites we often can read between the  lines -or even openly- propaganda against China even  hiding themselves behind the Dalai Lama (another gangster again who pretend to be full of love. You better do your homeworks on that guy). They,  many (not all of course) US Citizens, just claim that China would like to invade the US. May be the same is done on the other side, in China? I do not think so or probably I do not hope this, I cannot speak Chinese. However this, things get out of control, when they reach a certain measurement of impudence and that measurement is already overrunning but latest since the weakett invasion in Lybia. 
Why should Chinese soldiers have any sorrows for US Citizens? That it is the big question. They, the Asean part of the globe, losted under the british-american occupation I do not know how many humans. But still we do not hear much of US regret. Of course, we do not expect this from their government but and that it is the heartcore point: we expect this from their citizens. Instead we get still fresh and rarely opposed allegations (actual on Iran). From where shall the pardon appear then? Into the opposite of the many US Citizens I am not such convinced, that China and Russia are planning to invade Northamerica, nor Iran. But I think, that they are planning such intervention for the case that US-Canada and the G5s do not stop their murdering provocations all over. Minimal, in case the Russean and Chinese government should be part of the Illuminaties, the folks of Russia and China do not plan to invade the US but will follow probably, if the US Citizens and their followers in the EU still continue their killermindset on them. That sounds somehow different, not so? The Northamerican Society never opposed seriously their government and their horrible doings elsewhere. Into the opposite we still get to listen to Obama and Clinton and their superior mindset, what it is paining a lot. It is also very horrible to listen to that foolish patriotism of US Citizens or to see US children having fun to send bombs to Irak. This cancer must end of course or will otherwise cancer the whole Globe with brutality like that one we get to see now done by American Police on their own citizens.  It is like the collapse of inner brutality, which it is spreading anywhere and out of control. So I really do not think this is caused or wished by the Asean part of the Globe but the USEUIS. The leaders of them know this and will try to overtake the Asean-Arabic Rise Up and probably they will still use Northamericans and European Fullidiots to come to such position. They recruit them as soldiers, who are ready to kill in Afghanistan, Lybia, Syria, Iran and so on. On the other hand we can see something like spiritual movements but unfortunately only something like ... with other words they are not clean but try to keep the superiosity theme alive. These clearings are par example embedded among those New Agers (not all), who do not see a connection between the situation on the Globe and  the mindset of possessive individuals, who see themselves as Kings or Gods, more evolved or I do not know in which way superior. If you pay attention, you will find a lot of occultic underlined ideas, which offer again such bullshit of special grandiosity - here par example especially designed for US Citizens. In the US as the current Worldpower we get to hear about self called enlightened humans, who feel to get wings and who also announce, that they will pass into the 4th dimension, if not directly on the throne of God. This is a psychological stage of superiosity, which feeds its identity on such flying madness visions and also on deep fears to get destructed from the throne. These things cannot be seen as real clearings of humans, who had been very satanic misled in their permanent wars on the rest of humans and lived on global murder business. The spiritual clearing will have to move through something very traditional: admission, honest regret and the readiness to do better in future. Not getting God but getting real humans is what has to appear on Earth. This means to stop to be superior but to put our heads under God or Allah or however we might call it, probably Mannitou.
With other words: we shall not worship any human nor declare any human to be God. The US and EU did that over centuries. They saw themselves as Gods (chosen ones, more evolved and however like this) who would have right to trouble the rest even with murder. This is non-human and includes wars, of course. A murder gets not less murder, if he is killing another human, because he got ordered and paid to do this. Such murder is even more weakett. Such habit had always been non-human. But in fact the history of humans is filled up with such non-human behavior throughout all tribes, nations, states ... no expectation, or? We cannot find any human tribe, which did not kill other humans. Or could it be, that we do not know them anymore as they got nearly wiped out from Earth. The real Earthlings had probably been the real humans? People like this? Michael Jackson let us knew before they killed him, that they do not tell us the truth about our history. Instead they used to give us two versions. We can choose between them: Evolution or Genesis. If you should fall on the trick you either tend to get an Atheist, if you choose Evolution or a Theist, if you choose Genesis. And from there you can battle around with all disbelievers of your choice. What about a third party for the  election? Or more horrific for some hidden hands: If you would choose an open mind, open heart and nice habit as if you were a human and not a robot led by some demonic entities, who you do not even know. The whole dialectic fooling game (matrix) would then crash down because you finally find out, that it is neither nice to die on pest nor on cholera but would be better to catch those who are serving us with such viruses to kill one another. You get me, or not yet? If your Mama had not much of money, she gave you choices between 2 cheap versions of icecream. You still had the feeling that you are free (because of the ability to choose), but your choices got fine limited to that amount, which had been planned in advance ... not from you but from Mama. It is the same, what they are playing on all levels around the Globe. They give us choices US or China and so on. If we fall on such trick, it is easy to rule us humans in any planned direction. And this will come again, but this time in the sky. They will give us 2 parties of Aliens, which will fall down from the skies. 
And there are already plenty US Citizens, who bought into that shit and think they will be helped by nice Aliens, who in fact would already destruct certain bases and so on. No, folks things do not run that childish. Neither will God come and wipe the whole humanity out nor will there come Angels and wipe Reps out. You yourself are claimed to be responsible. You can choose chocolate instead of 2 versions of icecream. You can choose peace. Stop to warmonger against Communists, or Russia or China or against Muslims or against Iran or Irak or Afghanistan. Stop that and direct your inner focus on your governments to stop that as well. If you are already guilty about murder, either mentally or directly on other nations please admit this, regret it and let God show you the way of a human. Include also your ancestors in case they had been guilty on murder (by wars). Practise peace, daily. The Hopi Indeans, whose prophecies get discussed in the next video and compared with the revealations of the Bible, have more than well commandments. I linked them up here on the top; probably you never saw them yet. You will know directly, that these commandments provide real humanity. The Hopi prophecy is not really calming you. They think that many people will not get it but die like demon possessed monsters among their own reflections. Probably Russia, China and Iran and the rest of the Brics Countries and more countries again and many worldwide citizens, including those among the monster countries US-Commonwealth, EU and Israel, can prevent this. Hopefully. I will not forecast you anything. I am prepared even to die in this shit allthough I would like to live. But if I have to die, I wonna die as a human, who never did anything harmfull on another human and in best case something well. Practise this on a daily basic and imagine all real humans to do this. We do not know how many will follow. We really do not know. As more as better, because then there will not be left such a big mess for the survivors. Such practise will not be of waste even if it should not be possible anymore to prevent a WWIII. Clean up your soul and put it under your creator. In the following video you will probably miss the here discussed selfreflexion. This is not missed by the Hopis. They knew since a long time that they will see the Invaders coming and going by their selfdestruction caused by their disrespect on Mother Earth and all living beings. It is not by surprize with other words but by force of the self choosen way. 

Isn`it crazy how the foolish police is running through this big gift of nature just like crazy`?