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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Desorientation and the wish to be led

Those of us, who are not in the stage of denial about what is going on, are facing a horrible picture of humans as zombies.

There had been a village near by a river in which people used to take bath and their drinking water. The water used to be clear and had a shiny blue. It had been simply wonderful till it started to get different. Evils flooded the river with much of blood, which they took out of their certain sacrifices to let it flow properly and everywhere. So the shaman of the village said: 
"Folks, look at that; the river is blooded. How can we take bath in that water now? How can we drink that water again? We are going to be full of Evil. Folks we must do something about it and stop those, who are doing this. I need your help; I cannot remove this alone." His folks looked at him and said: "The river is as it had always been. What it is wrong with you? Are you suffering paranoia?" And so the Evils went on to flood the river with blood and the newborn never got to know blue shining water in that river. But many of them would be used to flood that river with blood. But still the folks would be okay with everything. The Shaman got old in the meantime and tried to proceed his experience with this kind of folks. Before he died he said: "May they get able to use their eyes. I am going to close my eyes now. They had not any sense to this people, who I tried to serve. They were no humans but zombies. They teached me to fear them. While telling me, that they would not see anything wrong with the river, they went behind my back and sold their children as food to the reptiles. And they would even like me to pray: God forgive them as they do not know what they do. I will not provide them with such a foolish prayer. They properly earned, what it is going to come over them."
And  the Shaman closed his eyes for ever and no Shaman followed him again. People got eyes to see and ears to listen, if they did not use them ...  all Shamans would be proper okay with that. The people would pass, what they were calling for: The total destruction of their ignorance. As they did not do that by them own, they got much of help by the Illuminaties: Chemtrails, Fluoridation of the groundwater, Oil in the Oceans, spoiled Seeds, radiation, HAARP and Mindcontrol. War all over the Globe. Do not worry, be happy. Probably some UFOs come and pick you up into a better world, or Jesus. But if you really should believe such things, please collect some reasons, why these guys should save you? Par example you, who are working at McDonald .. the one, who is offering customers every day some poison food. Or you there, who is putting every day some poison in the water, which people and animals and the plants need to drink? Or what about you, the pilote, who is spraying the Globe with poison. Or you, who makes pictures from any single person and how they are living: you spiderman, tell us, why Jesus should save you? Please also tell me, how comes that Jesus got so much power meanwhile? Last time you betrayed him so seriously. Ah, you will never do that again? Is it? What about your fine job as police officer, who is working for the Nazis? This is nothing to do with Jesus? So why are you calling for Jesus? You cannot even leave the dead people in silence about your weakettness? How many prophets had been talking and talking and talking into your deaf ears since? You "listen" and shout "yeah" and tomorrow you go and let them shoot your child out of the line with some poisoned vaccine. The day after you will tell everybody, that you never knew it could fuck your child up. Ah, you are not doing this? You are working  as a teacher? You are teaching global warming? Why not? There is place for any stupid fool somewhere on this Globe ... till they knock on your door.