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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It is time to take them down

Resistance against Terror Nato in Brussel

"Although the Turkish regime is a puppet of US and supported the war of aggression in Libya, evidently the people of Turkey are against these terrorists and criminals. Turkey transported many wounded terrorists and Mercenaries to the Istanbul's main hospital. Recently after an incident it was proven once again that these people are nothing but criminals, alcoholics and drug addicts.

Abu Aishe Muhammed and Abdul Manan Abu Gul were beaten up unconscious in the street by Turkish people who oppose these terrorists, they were then taken to Taksim Training and Research Hospital. When they woke up they were still on some type of drug and heavily intoxicated. One fighter grabbed a needle from a nurse and started attacking random people in the hospital, when the other fighter woke up they both held doctors, nurses and visitors hostage for sometime until police came to arrest them.

More and more evidence shows that Qaddafi was indeed right about these people being given some type of drug by US agents which makes them psychotic." Source

Benjamin Fulford 4-3-12…”Japan’s government formally agrees to set up 1000 trillion yen fund but worries about geopolitical ramifications”

"'US covert and overt criminal Wars of Aggression caused 20-30 million deaths of human beings since World War 2, according to the outstanding documentation of James Lucas of The US use/support of armed attacks is documented in 37 countries, and in direct violation of treaties after both world wars (Kellogg-Briand and UN Charter) to forever end armed attacks unless first attacked by another nation’s government.
The end of this gruesome and psychopathic history of armed attacks and war-murders in the Orwellian names of unalienable rights and freedom will end upon the demand of enough in the 99% to arrest the obvious current War Criminals.' Source