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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Natural desasters? You still believe in the Christmas Man?

11 seems to get a bit whitchy, not so?
September, 11th = World Trade Center Crash
January, 11th = Haiti Earthquake
March, 11th = Japan Earthquake
April 11th= Sumatra
What could be the target? Brown and native people, for sure (white poor people do not believe you are not considered as brown people, is a mistake) ... and then watch where it is ... not such far from India, not such far from Korea, not such far from China, not such far from Iran, not so? What had been the name of the guy who claims that area as an area of american interest?

Größere Kartenansicht

Hear the locations of Haarp facilities: Weather Weapon

Now please listen to the next video by Benjamin Fulford and notice that there is a fight behind the scenes which is surrounding Indonesia and the question, who it is holding the international security accounts and there placed money.On the opposite the Vatican and its allies are claiming the rights on them. So, you must know wether the Earthquake on Indonesia is just an coincidence or something more logical like such backgrounds about the money which the Cabale needs to get into their hands.

And here is the Interview Alex is telling us to listen to_

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