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Friday, April 6, 2012

Science and Religion

The refusal of knowledge is one of the biggest causes of problems on Earth. In fact people are moving their lives in accordance with their beliefsystems even if they could know this and that, they deny it. 

Let me explain this on the example of the Mass Massacre the NATO-Owners are celebrating in Libya - no they are not finished with this kind of celebration, they are still torturing, raping and killing people in Libya. Please check this out on LibyaSOS where they are trying to collect the evidences probably, hoping that there will come the day of justice. 
Also justice usually should be a matter of knowledge, not so? The basic of justice should be facts like yes this person theft from this other person this and that. Or: This person killed that person. For such conclusions we usually either whitnessed the aggressor doing this or there are other whitnesses and a number of other evidences as facts. You will know all by a sudden that other whitnesses could also be criminals who like to put blame on others but are you using your knowledge to get clear about certain accuses and wether they were true or not? Does the personal inner system of Justice in humans run on the basic of facts? Make the simple test: Ask somebody who is or was (in fact we do not know wether he got killed or a doubleganger played the scene) Muammar Gaddafi. Shall I give you the answer you will get? They will tell you that he was a dictator. They will even tell you that he used to rape women. And they think that they know this. Now go on and ask them how many humans got killed about the Nato attack in Libya. Just ask. But be prepared to look into horrible stupid faces. 

In Lybia they killed already about 100.000 people. Who even knows this in par example Germany? Just like living in the middleages people have no idea what it is going on in other parts of the Earth. This is even the better case than if they believe to know what would be going on overthere. If they could answer the truth that they neither know who had been Gaddafi nor know how many people got tortured and killed or if there even people got killed, humanity would have evolved more than 100 percent and left stupid ignorance behind her. Ask yourself: did you ever met Gaddafi? So what you really know about him? Nothing, you know nothing than stories - histor-ies written by those who own the information (manipulation) sector. So, do you know who owns the box of informations which is telling you this and that or sometimes just nothing? Wouldn`it be nice and a matter of your intelligence to consider that you have in fact no clue what it is going on if your knowledge should be based on the blabla out of a box (Radio, TV). The "incident" in Japan is already out of I guess most German peoples conciousness because "our" governors and truthmakers decided not to show us anything about Japan and so there is nothing going on. Everything fine again, no reason to feel alarmed about radiation. Let me go and follow my governors invitation to radiate my breast in order of cancer prevention. Nothing wrong with this, they are scientest: they know what I do not know. That it is what I shall believe, not so? So I rely on what they are telling me what would be true. Is that knowledge or is that stupidity? I call it ignorance, horrible ignorance which includes the readiness to think stupid and to act stupid and also to refuse to think and to act in accordance with real knowledge. I did not even mentioned the matter of ethics yet, just knowledge. Sometimes I am even thinking and scaring that I will never die on any chemical or militairy aggression against me but about this horrible ignorance of humans. How to live with such beings? This mentality of a certain big amount of humans is now in a stage of disgust that it is nearly impossible for a clean person to live with it without feeling this dark shadow as a deep horrible and chronicle pressure on ones life. People who do justice on other humans based on nothing than on their beliefs (ignorance). Yes, they let it happened, the massacres on estimated 100000 humans in Libya. They just let it happened and continue to think Gaddafi had been a dictator and rapist. So, there neither died 100000 Libyeans nor anything really worse happened than that the Libyeans are now freed. It is their way how they practise their religion. Yes. Their religion is: I believe what the box tells me to believe. This is zombieism not humanism. Some seems even to believe that God would talk to them through this box as soon as the Pope is talking to them out of this machine. The same people believe that it is not good to kill because God gave that command in the Bible. I wonder wether they ever looked in the Bible to find there some exceptions from this command. Par example like this: In case of an attack on the US which kills 3000 people, there should be a proper response. Eye for eye .. Yes this is written in the Judaistic part of the Bible and so nobody seems to have problems with the war on Afghanean people. Even those who state to be Christeans do not really had problems with the killings of Afghanean people. Those people who move constantly to their priests .. where they got cleared up that the eye for eye Agenda is not good but it would be better to forgive. No, this does not really function in the US.  They love the death penalty on a well big amount of people on Earth, inside and outside of the US. It even seems to be the case that as more believers there are as more people have to die without any trial of the accuses on them. 1 millions of Iraki, ok it had been a well balance for the 3000 people who died in 911. Or let us point on Germany and their common public belief system: as more Jewish could have been killed in WWII as more Atombombs must be given to ISRAEL and of course as less we must know about the killed Palesteneans people by the hands of Killers in Palestine; sorry they believe it is ISRAEL where they are fighting Antisemites who get also called terrorists. Many people in Germany have no idea about the forced installation of ISREAL in Palestine. This is the actual status of the human mind. How to call it? Stupidity by people who are looking for enlightenment. Yes this also appears on the scene. People are so proper busy with their enlightenment that they do not even know what could be Palestine. They do not reach such enlightenment that they are torturing, killing and harvesting humans in Palestine every day and night. On the websites of Enlightenment Providers you can usually not find a word about the death penalties all over the planet. What it is the use of their Enlightenment? Ignorance? Could it be that they are in fact looking for a way to keep their ignorance in proper order? No, we have nothing to do with the outer world, that it is all Maya ... We are Buddhists and that means we are looking for a way to stay outside of Earth Maya? It can be used as a fine excuse not to get any troublings with the mass death penalties on Earth. Does that make any intelligent sense? We are living on Earth and while we are living here we are looking for a better life beyond Maya? Why then we ever embodied our souls? Just to find out that it was better to be without body? Such questions are too hard, not so? They can break any religion. What does that word religion actually mean? Something holy you think? Read it like this
Re: prefix/latin: means "back to" .. or "against" 
Ligion: means actually "legion"
There it is nothing holy in Religion than excluding to belong to an army build from mercenaries either with or against the owners of a legion. And as you should know, there is not any legion on Earth in which knowledge would be part of their ethics but disknowledge is. You shall not ask wether you should really kill this or that person: You shall do it, if you get ordered to do it. And if you or you continue this bullshit you are in fact nothing than a mercenary. A slave, who is killing other slaves. Conclusion? I do not know. I do not know how long again humans wish to act as brutal slaves on others and themselves. How long again they do not even wish to establish the simple basics of justice in their personal mindset: 
knowledge = evidences. 
So, is it really true that Gaddafi was a dictator? If you found evidences for that: did any Libyean ask you to help him fighting this dictator or why did this got your business in which you invested with your tax money? Isn` it that you saw a lot of Libyeans asking you to stay home? Or better, you could have seen that demand on you, if you were investing some questions on the truth. About 2 millions out of 6 Millions demonstrated to tell your dictator in the US to stay far. The rest could not take part on the demonstrations because they are living in the deserts or were babies. But probably these other 4 million people which you could not see on the roads asking your dictator to stay home, talked to you and asked you to send them bombs? But if they were such many people to who you talked, could you not ask them why they cannot overcome their dictator by them own. 4 Million people cannot put down 2 Million people who obviously loved their dictator and probably also to get raped from him? Your 2 arguements are pretty much out of human ethics, not so? You had nothing to meddle around in Libya. Nothing unless you felt to be the dictator for the lives others should do or leave their bodies on Earth. But probably you only believe that you cannot do anything about this horror. Go on to believe and nothing will change ... sorry, it will change. It will get more horrible than ever as more ignorance humans are allowing themselves.

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