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Monday, April 9, 2012

worshipping war ... in the 21th Century

Are you looking for a way to loose your brain?

And here you get the real story: how you loose your soul and other humans their life

Go on you idiots, just go on; but do not expect to feel like a human again

Listen to "out of humanity - killing humans for a picture"

You need more? Not only that they do not think, that it is simply and plain unacceptable to invade a country but they shall also not hesitate to kill civilians when ordered so
Monster Training

Dehumanisation ... and then listen to how to reverse it: if all (it starts with one after the next, do not wait on the others) soldiers refuse to kill .... but please do not dream again bullshit. Humans are humans, no matter which nationality or race or religion, the only way they can exchange their human race is by dehumanisation through war.

So now we go deeper into the theme of dehumanisation, just in our environments. About 100000 children every year are going missed every year just in the UK... you should know meanwhile how: they get sacrificed for freemasoneries, all judaistic bullshit or Bible shit (first part). Folks, get humans, pick up your dignity and bring these fucking Illuminaties down. You are following Voodoo not God. It is unhuman to sacrifice children ... when they are getting recruited to be soldiers they are still children who we sacrifice. Connect the dots.

They have no problems to sacrifice humans, it is their pleasure

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