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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Awareness and Urine

Yesterday I provided you with Vids from Michael Tsarion. I am following my questions, which used to lead me to the next source of information. If you come here regularly you could see this. The questions come through my stomache, sometimes my heart or I do not even know; they appear intuitively into my-self and end up in my brain, probably. Shall I call this awareness? I guess I am far away from such stage or may be near by; I do not know. People talk too much and use certain words just like a fashion. These words used to get some kind of mantra or codes which then get constantly bloeked by the herd of sheeples. Actually we are all in big love and all one as far as we are conscious and aware or whatever else might be in fashion. Some will make it, others not ... and so we are hopping through the shift into the 4thDi, some will even make it to get God-s and ... other blabber like that again. Others still hope for Ron Paul to be the next maker while I prefer Mister Putin to be the man and the G-5s (US, UK, Italy, France and "my country" Germany) out of the leadership of this Globe. In fact these ideas do not bring me forward as well. Mister Putin could turn out as a new puppet and Mister Paul ... okay, I am quiet about that last hope of USers to get liberated from the ongoing horror they are facing to come to them. I only like to mention, that Mister Paul had not had any sympathy for Muammar Gaddafi and find it well to take him out while Mister Putin did not have such mind. They are still taking Muammar Gaddafis out of Lybia and their lives; humans, who are like us: they want to live in peace, love and harmony but got too much of aggressive visitors from abroad. To end this it might be well, that there will not be further show elections in the US but the very truth coming out: there had never been elections but shows for the masses, that they would have to say anything. They call that democracy (read the green book written by Muammar Gaddafi to get an idea what could be that). For Germany we (could) know already the next guy considered to "lead" the German Show: Mister Steinbrück, who liked to meet the Bilderbergers. Mam is getting out of fashion, people start a bit to wonder: 
How comes, that she is still on the line allthough nobody likes her. 
So we will get the next showmaster Mister Steinbrück or his female pendant Misses Kraft. Of course they will be governed by some Green-horns, so that the major idiot can think, that things are in good values then: social and ecological fine. Are they going to end our participation in the war against Afghanistan, in the war against Palestine, in the war against Lybia and Syria ..? Oh I forgot: we only kill a bit in Afghanistan. The rest we only sponsor with our taxes and weapons. They do not know yet how to turn Germany back into a real warmachine because they told so long around, that we have no right to go for war. We all learnt, that we are guilty on WWII, alone, so we shall do well on the Jewish and never have an armee again, which operates outside of Germany. And our citizens did eat that idea; in fact we liked it. No, we do not like the support of Israel. The major german idiot does not know anything about this perma support called war reparations. We killed much more Russeans than Jewish but pay for each dead Jewish person and their numbers I guess, used to increase by the amount of reparation money to be taken from the children of the War Generation, who do not know nothing about that, yet. They were not in life but still pay. However this, Germans do not like war. It is true man. We are not really very aggressive people. We are more such kind of persons, who are sleeping too much after work. We do not realize things before they arrive. When there will be war again, the Germans will know it the very day they hear it from the TV. 
"They said it is war, didn`t you 
hear it in the news?" 
Shall we disturb that stage of mind and let people get aware? Why not let them sleep in peace before the bullshit appears. Probably our days are counted and we suddenly get nuked by Iran as a reply for something? Or we get suddenly bioterrorized by Mams nobel friends from the US or our "own" enemies; more than we get already terrorized. But major people do not know it. Or do they willingly ignore it? What a nice term, which we learned in the video from Michael Tsarion. Probably Mister Putin turns himself into our deathbringer because we are sitting here in the middle of the EU; the very centre of bullshit. The owners of the US still do not want to stop their missile expansions on the EU soil and get closer and closer to Russia. They, the Russeans do not like that, they said; and we can understand this. Who likes to get surrounded with deathbringers? But we get into the Golden Age. The question remains: who? In such times the people who are a bit aware, what it is going on, need something to relax their minds and bodies. It is not a nice experience to look forward to that much of horror we are aware of. The Law of Attraction gets well stressed by such challenges. Who can concentrate on his next desire to come through while they are surrounding us with deathbringers? Things get somehow like this: 

I am working as .... and earn ....Dollar Euro Yuan! ...Viruse Alarm ... I am working as .... and earn ... Dollar  Euro Yuan ... Viruse Alarm Radiation ... I am working as ... and earn .... Yuan Starvation Alarm by food control by the NWO= Nothing Works Out
Okay, well desired and created unfortunately they released some cholera into the waters. So the Buddhist will have his fun and tell us: 
I told you to stop your desires 
and stay unclutched from earthly things.
We can then reply:

            Don`t you see that we are already unclutched? I am dead. But obviously you can talk with us dead people. How again did you call that? Ah, I remember it was called channeling.

Do you really expect me to tell you what to do? I have no idea. You cannot run away because they targeted the whole Globe and all living beings on it, you probably even do not have money enough to change your homeplace. If you want to run away: choose South America. But expect to meet them there, your friends George Bush and so ... And they wonna be alone. Another idea, if you do not live in Germany, where we do not have much of well and natural bushes left, try to find a place outside of the big cities. But do not wonder, if they put much of Chemtrailrain on these bushes like they do so in East Germany and Polland. They know that we will like to flee into the bushes. Other idea: try to stay away from the oceans because the poles are collapsing probably and we get proper flooded. But expext, if you stay in the mountains, that they hurt you with some earthquake-s down to the ground. Or run to Russia. But please tell them, that you are friendly minded and would like to learn their language and stay with them in their undergrounds in case of too much of bombs. You can also try China but must expect too much of Flu. Africa? Forget about that idea. It is filled up with mercenaries from everywhere. They love Africa too much but empty from humans. You could probably manage not to get vaccined but in Africa everybody is targeted for that fine shot. So, let us face it. Things are pretty much fucked. Bring your family and friends together. Build survival groups and learn how to survive in certain harder circumstances. You must know how to find water and how to clean it from poison and viruses and more shit. Go on the right hand, there is a video, which shows you how to filter water. Of course you must have proper clothes: warm clothes, which fit also against rain and ice. Do not expect global warming keeping you warm. Better prepare on global icetimes. Have a tent, which you can carry without car and other people. You alone must be able to carry it. Also learn how to build a little house in the woods. And all of these things again. Just study them one by one and keep them in mind. There are plenty survival tools now in the Internet. 
You shall not kill neither humans nor animals. This is also valid in tuff times (of course you can defend yourself and loved ones but do not go out to kill someone in order of money or food or tools or whatever). Find fruits to eat or stay without food. There are people who are living just from the sun energy. You can also do that. Food is nothing different than energy transformed into matter. For that you better experience sometimes in advance how to overstand some hunger. Do not get mad but into your-self. Prayer is the urgent way to get release. Just talk to God how it comes into your mind to talk. That it is the direct connection and will also give you direct advice how to do/leave at that certain point. Things depend and so I cannot tell you things how they actually will be for you. You must come along among your circumstances. And the best advice is: Connect with God, the real one of course (has neither name, nor face nor religion nor scripture). 
Above you find the Book of Aquarius and in there the Secret of the use of Urine. You cannot only build out of it the Philosopher Stone in order to get rid of all diseases and rebuild yourself (the procedure to build the stone takes you 3 years), but you can also use urine to clean up, inside and outside.
You simply have to drink your own urine. The technique is known by the Indean Yogis but also by soldiers as a survival tool. It is not for nothing as well, that farmer grow plants by the use of urine. Urine does not taste very nice but you can start to get used to it with a cocktail: mix it with other extreme tasting drinks. It does not matter anything to the urine and its medical effects. If you are a vegetarean your urine taste much better and salty. Ask me, I know the differences. I am Vegetarean since nearly 10 years. I took my first cocktail in 1996: ugly and horrible. Those days I was still eating flesh. Now it is not any more horrible. Urine is also well to clean your body from all the Chemtrail poisons. Mix it with Olive Oil and you will even look much younger. Olive Oil has also much of stuff to detoxinate you. Surplus you should have some collodial silver (kills about 600 viruses, you need it especially to eliminate fast killing viruses like cholera) and baking powder (kills fungi). By the way the onliest healthy ingredient in your cosmetic is urinea. You really use the pee of other people and animals but cry if you should use your own, yes you do! Since long time; you never read the descriptions!
The Monkey here knows what it is good       You must be prepared latest to the 21st Decembre this year. That day we expect some days entire darkness, no electricity, nothing will go. You need candles to lighten your place and food and so on. The second sun is going to cross with our sun their ways. That will not be the real problem. You just stay calm and prepared, but they might like to make doomsday out of it. Find more out about the planet circulations by your own. Study Michael Tsarion again. Be happy if things get not such hard and the lightener forces on Earth can control the Illuminaties. Do prayers.
2012 Secret Revealed In Bio-Terror Bible: Mass Pandemic By December 21, 2012