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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

End of Slavery or die

Who is not totally willingly ignorant must have realized that things are changing and not really into a good direction. So we can only wonder how many people remain ignorant. They do not even realize the Chemtrails over their heads and their dry skin and the plenty other effects of poison. So things might really meet the point of depopulation by the 80 percent. So what shall we think about this? Probably nothing. Who does not want to know things must get to feel them. Still do not want to know that bombs are killing people? Still do not want to know that poison and radiation is killing? Go on then and back to your daily business straight into your comfort zone where you can play yourself as a victim and accuse others as criminals. Let me tell you the truth: their is no criminal without victoms, their is no victom without criminals. Humanity is pretty much playing the victim rule, they are used to it. Constantly they repeat that they cannot do anything for a change. Shall we feel sorrows for these people? On a daily basic I am getting rid of these sorrows and start to see things in that very clear way: plenty people are crying for their positions as victims. They do not teach themselves how to empower themselves. They just go on to willingly ignore things.They should not expect well  outcomes. But the people who want to take responsibility should go on to strengthen themselves. They have to empower themselves. This is a matter of a decision and then of action. We have to study things as deepest as possible. It does not matter wether we find all the details of the hidden masters and their doings but it matters wether we have the intention to bring things into the light of our awareness and readiness to change things which are dirty and have to be cleaned.
So, you must know wether you wish to let your fellows alone in order to take power on their intention for peace.Then it will happen that you live in a police state. They will not stop to impose their intentions on you.
Here are their intentions

I told you these guys are not your fellows, they are idiots and ready to kill you.