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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Japan and the rest of the Globe

40 Million Japanese in extreme danger

Many people might not know yet, that it had not been an accident caused by an earthquake but missile attack on Japan. Many might still do not know anything about H.A.A.R.P. and how these "devices" can mix Chemtrails and Radiation around the Globe. Many might still not know to be threatoned for depopulation by 80 to 90 % of humans. Many might still not want to know this. Many might be in a stage of overwhelming feelings which cause them to remain helpless. How can we do about this? I do not know but just go on to inform people without putting myself into discussions about facts. I demand people to do their own researches and never discuss with them wether my researches are right or a matter of conspiracy theory or things silly like that. It is pretty hard to go that path but it is harder to discuss denied facts. There are no discussions about facts, or? Chemtrails are killing people, H.A.A.R.P can offer the same results and Fukushima killed already a lot of people and still continues to do so. Of course some people cannot take such horror to be threatoned for depopulation. This is like that and I do not feel well with this either, of course. Who not? But time will bring also the people aware, who are still denying things. May be too late. Who knows? May be humanity is already doomed. Fukushima happened around the same time they started to attack Lybia. Since they went forward to also attack Syria, but got stopped out by the Russeans and Chinese, we got a bit of a rest. Russia and China seem to be out of the idea of depopulation. We hope so; we do not know. Putin refused to come to the G8 Meeting in the US. It is the first time, that a leader of a superpower country did this. They also seem to wish, that they can transform their NATO meeting in Chicago into a civil war against protestors of the US and International. Or they are simply scared to get some proper answers. Remember: they are just some few percent against the rest of humans. They can only hold on their project with the most corrupted humans, who are working for them and do not question, wether they will have to kill us.

Some people are preaching on them, begging them to leave their Killer Jobs. I do not see much of sense in such ideas but prefer the very traditional way of ancient human survival groups to deal with such traitors: to ban them from human society. I find it more harder but at the end more wise to see these people as what they are: People ready to kill humans. We got to see that in Lybia ( I only do not bring these videos how Lybeans get tortured and slaughtered no longer because I am getting mad otherwise), we got to see that in Syria, we got to see that all over the Globe. The Queen cannot fly any aeroplane and bomb Japan with Hiroshima effects. There exist a certain amount of humans (??) and/or probably even programmed clones of humans or beings who can look like humans, who are doing the dirty job to kill humans. We must get out of naivity, which might be caused by our overwhelming feelings to be doomed.
The people, who are joining the depopulation agenda by any kind of contract to carry this out are our enemies, not our friends. And they are our main enemies even, not those who pay them, the so called Elite. What could these few weakett guys of the Elite even do, if they would not have the soldiers and mercenaries, the police, the scientests and the others, who are doing the dirty jobs to either kill or enslave us? Think about this. Clear your mind. These people are the real problem, which we have to overcome by overcoming our ignorance. They had always been the real problem. Stupid motherfuckers, who either enjoy to torture and kill humans or who do not mind to do this in order of some money. They brought the Elite in power and they still remain them there because they like to do what they do: betraying, torturing and killing humans. They are them, don`t you think so? Of course there might be some among them, who are just deceived humans but those people, who we are facing now torturing and killing openly ... in the uniforms of them ... please do not make a mistake and think they are like you. Would you nuke a nuclear plant? Would you kill together with some other 5 guys an helpless homeless guy? Would you? You see what I mean. 
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