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Monday, May 28, 2012

Terrified - or how are you?

Chemtrails, Fluoridation of the drinking water, Vaccines and other ways to induce viruses to make us sick (they just put them in the foods), Radiation .... no, they do not bomb Japan openly but present the public earthquakes as cause of their disasters - yes they are the masters of disasters and to show us who rules the world they make it clear
NATO is here.  
Go out of the way, M. Gaddafi, with your romantical ideas, that they are free humans and not just flesh, to be pressed out  like citrones and then to be proper and nicely killed and eaten. We let you play your revolution meanwhile we attack the people in Jugoslavia and of course and permanently some countries in Africa: we like to hunt black flesh. Hmmh lekker. We will tell around -all over- through our lifemaker machines: they are much too plenty. They get kids like pigs. They are stubbern against our civilisation. They do not go in our churches but to their own voodoo masters. We do not like them to do that. We want them to follow our rules. We are going to educate them. Yes we can. Let us bring them some big starvations through some big disasters: no trees - no rain - and finally: the pestilencia. Ok, these days we have AIDS and Malaria and now we sugar them also properly. 
There are so many ways to slaughter humans. Yes we can bring them  the same like we brought the white people in Europe when they got kids like pigs. Middleages, hahaha ... that never ended, hahaha, and will never end. These idiots, who believe everything. When they get too many we let them kill each other. Hahaha, they really believed to live in democracies, the white humans in EU and US. Hahahaha ....They thought we wonna share with them our hunting profits. Hahahaha ... Oh fuck, too many of them did not take that sheeting agenda anymore. They even married one another: iiiiiiih ... black and white and red and yellow. We must stop that. Otherwise they will get a super-race. Bastards are much too strong. We must devide and rule more properly. Let us let them brown people know how fucked of the white people are ...they stink under their arms because they do not cut their hairs ... let us tell them white people how fucked off the black people are: they get kids like pigs .... strong people indeed, the white man will get jealous as soon as he cannot get white women but him the black man: yes he can. Wow that story is super. Feed the white boy with fast food and short thoughts and tell him he is nearly a woman ... one day he will be ready to bomb African men. Some of them; enough to civilize Africa. Let us call in all the weakoned white men to "fight" with Nato against them all, one after the next country. And then we also hunt humans in the US. Latest our biggest pawns. That is great. These people really thought they would be like us: free persons who can do what they like. Hahahaha, what a fun hunt. Look, look how they are terrified. They thought they were  Gods like us and now they are only bugs like all the others. They cannot take it. Long time they will try to ignore it. Good for us, if they feel well horrified by the truth. They are nothing to us than pawns. And this will cause the Yellow people good feelings of revanche after all these pawns did to them.  Eye for eye. Let us bring them to kill each other while we dig ourselves into the underground. Hopefully they do not remember part 2: Forgiveness. That it is only for us, in case something goes wrong with our plan ....

Humanity, get the message. Stay away from revanche on humans otherwise the shit will continue. We all have the same enemy now: those who were and are manipulating us into wars and all kind of shit and those who deal with them. Concentrate on the healing process. We all were part of that system; some more some less. At least 5000 years of civilization had passed that way of cruelty. Revanche will not heal anything but stabilize that system once again and in such case we do not know for how long.
It is very well for our hearts to see now such many Soldiers from the US throwing their killer medals away in public. That will not bring anybody alive but help that not more people will be killed or get killer than this is already the case. Reverse the process: now. We the people from all over the earth have to help these ceremonies of former mind controlled humans in the US to put down their medals and weapons. We have to bring out the truth and there will be much more of horror to face: the nightmare of humanity which lasted at least 5000 years.  
For all of us non Users it is something new that USers stand up for humanity and it will help the whole humanity to get out of the nightmare, those who want it. We are getting daily more. We are not living in exiting days. These days are in fact horrible. But what can we do than to remove the sickness and its cause? Business as usually is somehow over. If we wonna reach the golden age we must get in touch with our golden hearts. For that we must remove the main viruse: Fears. The following videos are done by an English Healer in German language, because he used to live in Germany much of his time. It is not important to understand him. He is giving healing transmissions which work on an etheric level. So you do not need to understand the words but to take the healing transmission to remove fears. The fears we are all suffering are not by our nature but installed as a matter of mindcontrol. None of us would work in a hard, boaring and injuring job if not by fears otherwise to starve. This is the big voodoo they put on us. The fundamental belief which they can trigger in different different versions. These days they tell all of us we would be too much people. Therefore we would not get enough air nor water nor food. Incredible but this is how they really argue to legitimate their depopulation agenda. They hope, that many of us believe this shit and then fear, that they must starve and die, so that they better agree that others die ... it is how it worked all the fucking days along our "civilization" ... Mental Slavery. Enjoy the transmissions to get  rid of fears. Karma says, it is well, to watch these videos more than one time.