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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Try to find through it ...
I guess the following sources are the onliest ones actually, which are drawing a worldly planetarean picture near to the truth.  Overseeing the self advertisement of LaRouche as the hero of humanity as well as his constantly promotion of Reptile Clinton we can take his ressources serious. Between Reptile and Reptile there are also differences in the amount of horror, which they like to cause on Earth. So we could also read that the Clintons got warned with death threat;  nothing left than to press out the few informations. Also LaRouches starts to wonder about  Clinton.
  Benjamin Fulford
"Chaos on multiple fronts as controlled implosion of financial cabal continues ... read more here and here 

German Translation here

The very point is: they are not operating as countries but transnational fractions, who are fighting, who should hold the globe.  Of course it is most important, to get rid of the Queen Genocide Fraction as soon as possible.

Here about the backgrounds in Netherlands  Fulford is referring to. Their government resigned few days ago.

As outspoken already last year by Saif Gaddafi that Mister Sarkozy is a Clown and needs to pay back the support of 50 Million Euro for his Election in France, the traitor can find himself in prison or we do not know ... but he must win the elections, otherwise he will find himself in the court. That does not yet mean anything but that things are getting to the surface. Source
Sex and Death around Obama here  and here

And here again: Depopulation
And here about Bilderberg 2012: 
Alex Jones (infowars) on RT