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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Do something better

We actually cannot wait until all human Zombies might have realized that we are on a totally wrong path by following the dis-order fractions of Rockefeller & Co who think they should lead the planet and all living beings on it into disaster, destruction, death and all kind of horror. Yesterday again we got proper sprayed and cooled with Chemtrails in Germany. Please watch the sky and google for it in case that you should be one of these Zombies, who will realize not to get proper air when they inform you about this through the TV. I really do not feel in the mood today to serve anyone with newly videos or pictures of Chemtrails allthough they can be seen in the sky. It is a crazy impression how unaware Zombie Humans move under these poisons as if nothing happened neither to them nor to their children and animals, in fact the whole nature. Wonder might happen to awake these people or I do not know what else. But it makes no sense to loose energy on such people. If we do that too often we weaken ourselves and get the overwhelming impression to be totally out of power because we think we cannot unite all humans and otherwise ... You know these kind of thoughts: the others do not want to do anything so I also cannot do anything. Things do not function in that way unless for sheeples before they get slaughtered. So I am talking here to people, who wish to be humans or minimal to become humans. People with free will to use their power. Rama, the friendly guy on the picture above, spend a lot of his lifetime to find out how to empower ourselves and how things are really working... from the inside of ourselves. You might love to listen to one of his advices here (really great). Rama is providing a lot of knowledge, much of it for free on his website
But please do not fall into such manner that nothing disturbs you anymore, that it is ignorance which gets proper promoted not by the New Age in its totale but certain Rockefeller & Co Agents within, who need you to be ignorant and out of power. So the thing is not to catch up new old ideologies but to empower ourselves to actually change our world in the experiences within.