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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear folks on Earth,whoever comes hear along- 2012 is on its start.

There had been much of palaver wether 2012 will bring the End of the World - a funny point of view. Who or what is the World? The Earth? Look up in the sky and you there see either the sun or chemtrails-and H.A.A.R.P mixed clouds or in the night the moon and uncountable stars and planets. So relatively sure is: no end for the world is to be expected but probably for the Earth? Some are expecting some kind of crash with another planet - I even forgot, had it been PlanetX or Nibriu. Honestly I have to admit: I never went into this idea which is speculating that such a crash with Earth will blow Earth out of the Universe including its inhabitants excluding the self proclaimed Elite who might have found a way to travel to Mars or wherever. If so, I think they would have done that already and left us with our destiny,  not so? But unfortunately they are still here and did not free us from themselves what most of us would have appreciated even there would come such crash of Planet X and Planet Y called Earth. Minimal we could be assured not to be forced in our afterlife to hang out with these guys in one area. So probably we will end by such crash. I do not believe that and that is all I have to say about it. I do not have the astronomic knowledge wether such kind of event could be possible. So I can only believe this or that and in such case it seems to me more better to believe that there will not be such crash between planets. By the way, can you imagine that nature build by the supreme is based on such wars? For me this idea really sounds more like an idea from mindcontrolled humans or non-human dragons than from the supreme power. The last one used to build things in love, peace and harmony but not its opposite to crash everything. Why even this? The supreme shall create things like universes and beings and have then fun on its crash? That is even something relatively normal humans do not like. Imagine you build a house? You then when it is finished go and crash it down? No you do not do that but do anything to protect and enjoy your creation. Just imagine you get a child and when born you kill it? No, you protect it, if you are a relatively normal human or animal. So I guess also the planets and stars are protected by the supreme. They are its babies. 
So I think this idea is just another joke from these dark powers who do not like to free us from themselves in order to mix our brains into horrible fearsauces til we cannot think nor act anymore nearly natural according to that what we are humans. But even it were true that kind of planet crash: take your last days as best as possible in love, peace and harmony. In anyhow this seems to be the best what we can do. Because these dark minded dragons and their followers plan as we now know our destiny. They wish us dying under diseases caused by stress and fears, caused by their plenty of sickening laboured viruses, caused by their chemtrails and HAARP induced Earthquakes and caused by their empty seeds of gentechnological modified plants which shall let us starve to death. And do not let us forget their nice plans for WWIII that most of us might be stupid and deceived enough to go against one another while they are sucking themselves on our blood into their most highest possible orgasm of pissing sperms into nothing left than a hardly damaged Earth for all who might have survived that game. 
So we know their plans for us. We also know that we don`t like these ideas. Or do you? Do you want to kill another human only because that one has another skin than you, another passport than you, another holy scripture than you? If so, have fun about it till you are on the line to be wiped out from Earth by another human with another skin, another passport and another holy scripture. You can probably start with me because I might be an easy victim as I promised already myself that I rather die than to kill even a fly. I am vegetarean you know. But I cannot garantee you wether such my killing by your hand will make you really feel well and safe. You should better think before you act than to do that afterwards. Remember the law which you cannot escape: what goes around comes around. If the Buddhists should be right about this law and I guess it could be, so it could be that one of your bombs could hit me out of the line for former bad doings in former lives. Or probably somebody needs a fresh credit with taking my live to be paid back in his or her (later) lives. Ok then also I wish good luck. Yet you will live with that guilt not me. I would be free and I guess I can go home to the supreme. Anyway life on this Earth got pretty much simular to a darkness move without much of light. The darkness forces  blend out the sun from us that many of us now have problems to generate happiness, not so? How much Sun you could tank in the last year and those you have to do with and the animals and the plants? Yes they created already a well big hell on Earth with their chemtrails and HAARP earthquakes. Probably you could not even enjoy a single day because the bills were knocking on your door every day and night? Or the letters of the mercenaries of the darkness forces gave you much of work to answer them who you are and when you sleep and when you go for dudu on your toilet. How much time of your life did you spend on answering their questions in order to control you. You never counted that, I guess. Do that and send them a bill for your work on their never ending letters. I do not need to explain this too much here. My visitors here used to come most from US allthough they are a bit annoid since I told them too much clear that they better step down now from their idea to be a great nation which can support the wars as brutal as best without even thinking on that horror for the rest of us humans. But some are still faithful so I am in hope that US Citizens start to come back into humanity. But the next big visitor group is from "the enemy" - Russia. And this group is growing every day: hello my fellows from Russia. Your government told you already that they are taking steps to defend the country against the never ending cancer dealed out from the US departement of Evil which we know coordinated by the Vatican, the Buckingham palace and Pentagon: hallelujah to them all. We love you too much. Mister Putin tried to explain Angela that it would be a better idea to stick around with the neighbours rather than to travel too far to get into the TV of the Hol(l)y Wood. Your next president Putin seems to have more lovers than our Angela. We do not know what is wrong with her and why she does not talk with us the German folks. In fact we do not even know wether she talks or is only reading the same holy scripture which Obama is used to read before getting his next cocaine by the millions which he than throw out somewhere in Hawai where he must go sometime to let the sleepers believe that he has anything to do with Hawai. However we are still convinced that Angela is not under drugs than only under her internal drug problem of her sould of being an addict to power. Some even think that she could be the daughter from Hitler and for real she is looking a bit like him. But also Obama is looking a bit strange like Osama Bin Laden. But Putin does not look such strange but much more humble and wise and so we hope a bit that he will be on those sides who like to protect the inhabitants on Earth. But this is all politics and politics is famous til now to be against humanity. But things cannot be always the same. We are not any more such stupid to believe that wars bring any good? Or do we? I said already I do not believe that and so there is no other way finally left I will refuse to cooperate with war on any human and if I have to die for it but I cannot kill and I will not kill and I do not desire to kill. Our government seems not to be such clever that they will have to face a lot of humans like me on Earth and also in Germany who will stop them as best as possible and let them see trial for warcrimes if they do not get clever by time. We are not going to fit them out with money from what they buy weapons which they use against Iran what it is their next step in their darkness map of their mind. So let us pray for the soul of Angela to better take that hand what Putin gave her. Madame can speak Russean and Putin can speak German. They should be able to communicate even Obama is not able to do different from: Yes we can anything bad what ever we like to ... as we have interests everywhere on Earth. Obama you are already finished. All inhabitants on Earth know you as not only a liar but betrayer and killer. How many did you kill already. Probably you do not even know as you are always on drugs. Where on this Earth you can step around as a free man? Nowhere. Even in the deepest bushes from Africa where they do not need to listen to your whisper voice and yet enjoy some nature not such spoiled like elsewhere, even there they know your face and they do know probably better how many of them you killed already with your mercaneries and NGOs and embassadors and CIA assests and agents and journalists. They know what the so called Son of Africa did to Muammar Gaddafi  from who he might even have taken money to get into that position to be called Son of Africa. This is over; you are called now the Traitor from Africa who even went for father murdering. Who had been the Father from Africa. Probably you do not know that. The inhabitants from Earth know that now and latest after your war on Libya. You can be lucky if they take you out of office and cave you somewhere in the dragon palace in Buckingham palace labbeled as insane. Better than to get killed how you allowed Muammar Gaddafi to be killed; or had it been your lady who went for that nice style: we came, we saw and he died. Disgusting and only a matter of a shorter wonder that nobody did already the same to you. Oh me forget: you made just clear that all those in your surroundings cannot able to do such crime in future: you  really signed a bill which allows you to take into prison and even to kill them anybody who you suspect to do a crime probably in future. How crazy you must function. All US Citizens are those who could probably come on such idea. How many of them did your corrupted scientest screen already with their NANO Technology of Black Magick in some thoughts like 911 against you? Trust me, and I do not ask your trust because I would apply for that showmaster job as US president and in order to tell later other things than before; so I am a little bit more trustable than you: many of US Citizens understood who you are and they have weapons and they do not have that peaceful mindset like the Germans, from who the most do not even know what you are doing in order of your slavemasters like sending us now drones over Germany. So where do you ever again want to move freely around without hundreds of bodyguards from whom also one could get your traitor. No, I do not want to change with you; a horrible destiny in which you agreed by thinking filled up with cocaine you would be God. You got more like your slavemasters: a snake. So be happy if they take you into the Buckingham Palace and give you there your daily cocaine. Is also better for the rest of inhabitants on Earth. To give here more space for your lady Killery is not really necessary, let her go with you.
So folks, let us come to the prayer part for 2012 and take that this time more serious than the usual prayers and statements to no more smoke or whatever useless like that what we anyway break into the next few seconds. Let us pray for the big shift that power will be overhanded to the Brix Countries without war and that the Money System will be set on Zero Debts and will be furtheron in the hands of the national states and not anymore build upon interests.

For my fellow Germans the following script might be of interest in that sense I am giving here before even if I do not agree with their point of too much foreigners in here. They are good for us and we learnt with them to be in love mood rather than in stress mood against other people.

All readers from Nations which are not mentioned shall please not feel annoid. I am a human and you area human and we all are humans and must stand now as humans for humanity. Be all well in that sense in 2012