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EUGENIC Killer AGENDA 350.000 humans by all means and all ways per day. Change and follow the 10 commandments of the Hopi Indeans See them here
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Dear Visitor, I welcome you and beg you to check out the linked websites and my archive, in which you can study New World Order (NWO) basics. These basics do not change in their conception but get unfolded by their time and region and mission of implementation in which we sometimes discover fresh horror ideas of exterminations of humans. So it is not senseful, that you catch any single case of massdestruction but that you understand this massdestruction as the current menue. Imagine you were a sheeple and find out that certain other sheeples got slaughtered and that you then find out by further researches, that the same is meant for all sheeples. Of course the increasing cases would show you, that you do not suffer paranoia and a bad mind on your masters, what they call Conspiracy theory, but that you find out the implementation of AGENDA 21 by your masters. This Agenda is holding nothing different than their goal, to eliminate 90 % of humans and to enslave the rest by mindcontrol and transhumanism, which includes the use of humans like animals. The survivors shall be used as working slaves and also get raped, slaughtered and eaten by either the masters or the slaves. I know that this sounds like a movie but in fact this is the daily reality of cows, pigs, horses and all the animals, which get first raced (by rape), then fed in a farm like a prison and then slaughtered. So the shocking problem you have is only, that you were used to think, that you would be the master and not the animal. I am sorry, I am so sorry but you are not the master just like me or the so called 99%. They need a daily amount of 350.000 dead people on the Globe to reach their goal of depopulation by the time of their plans. They think, that we are too much humans now on Earth and they call this overpopulation which will lead into problems like global warming by our breeth. Of course they do not think this but tell this to the sheeples. Ask your children (if you could manage to have some), what they now teach them in the schools: global warming and sextechniques. Of course they do not tell them, that the day comes, when they will be slaughtered. Are you telling the cows, that you now feed them in order to later eat them?
Of course they do not mind to kill even more people within one day by nuclear disasters, earthquakes or epidemics. They are monitoring their results: they collect all the datas and use the UN, EU and WHO as the leading governmental organisations for their spyderarms into the around 200 countries on the Globe, the governments of these countries and further entities, who are working beyond the scene. It is a gigantic network, in fact not a new network but the very old system of the Elite since the time of the Pharaos. None of us Non-Elite-Humans really knows the last of the secrets, who are exactly they and the 1%. We do not even know our origin but guess these secrets kept in the Vatican, Buckingham Palace and their friends somewhere in Arabia. We do not know wether our Forefathers had been Monkeys or Adam & Eve, who got created by the God-s, who we also cannot identify. We do not know means, that we do not know. This is not to be mixed up with certain beliefs on that topic. Fact is, that we do not know, but believed this and that and now try to find it out just like adopted children, who never really knew their parents. Many people are reading now in the scriptures of their religions and find in all of these religions the prediction of the Endtimes called Armageddon. Herein there are such announcements for the sheeples how they will end. Those who do not trust themselves to go beyond their religions and to question wether these sriptures were really dictated into the feder of prophets by God, the Supreme of all, will find it very difficult to think, that the scriptures could be part of the Slavery of humanity as some kind of basic hypnosis, which gets implemented into people while they are children. It is difficult to consider in case of longtime hypnosis since your childhood, that these scriptures could be scriptures of beings, who might not be God but our Masters, who like to get called God. In fact these scriptures are very interesting: They let us guess wether we got injected by a nonhuman race called dragon or snake, which could have included hypnosis, rape and genmodifications. These scriptures also tell stories of already ripped off societies, which used to have survivors through the Arche Noah after the great flood, disasters which sound like earthquakes and even nuclear disaster. Allthough these scriptures are telling such horrible stories their followers do not get called conspiracy theorists but Members of Judaism, Christeanity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. For many people this will be a big surprize. Even if they are members of one of these religions, they do not really know the stories of their beliefs. They never read them. How even could they? Historically they could not  because they could neither read nor write. These tools had not been common knowledge of simple folks but tools of the Elite, so that we must call these scriptures their scriptures, just like some kind of handbooks. This arguement got even discovered and handled, not in Judaism and Christeanity but in Islam. They explain that the Koran got recited from generation to generation because people could neither write nor read. Yet there is remaining the big question, why the Supreme should have created such horrible stories of our Evolution as well as our Endtimes when he would sort us out in those, who have to rest in the hell ( sounds like some kind of oven) and some few who shall be in the paradize near the imperium of God (sounds like slavery in palaces). In fact we used to pass such histories. Some of us used to get collected to serve in the palaces wherein they have to think on ways how to let the rest of us be exploited and then fired in wars or other disasters. These are the scientest, the doctors, the police men and the soldiers.
My idea is, that these scriptures are part of their tools to race and enslave humans, that we are animals to them, who are not God but a non human race. I do not believe that they are Aliens, what means Newcomer Aliens like you on my blog but I think they could have been Aliens in former days, when some kind of human Earthlings had been living here and got enslaved from them or part of them. There could have been interbreedings as well as genmanipulations. In fact and that is important: I believe and I do not know. I do not even believe but I consider things into that direction, I am searching for more truth but keep myself in such stage, that I know that I do not know. That is a very good stage of mind, which I suggest you to overtake: know that you do not know. That keeps you open for your inner voice and revealations by the real Supreme straight into your own feder. I really do not need any prophet or guru, who is as much as human as I, who is telling me things about God while he or she is probably operating in another order than that one of God, you get me. And in case that Guru or Prophet is not a human, it is even more important to only listen (follow) to God, who talks to us through our inner voice in case we call him, not so? But of course I am studying these scriptures here and there and wonder, what they are about. Wether they are giving me some insight in our history as well as in our future, the future they are planning for us. And that future is not really nice but fucked up. A big slaughterhouse, what they call Armageddon and the great calling in. They mean us to be called in. And these things are real. They are proper documented. You can find their ideas written in the AGENDA 21. Probably you like to read the big book, which they are giving you at the UN. They count on us humans, that we do not read it just like the scriptures. We have other things to do, profane things to let our people survive. We are working or taking care on our children. But as far as they put their ideas in public, where everybody can read it, they can later say, that they had been very honest and told us their plans. They also have already a monument in US Georgia called Georgia Guidestones, where things of our depopulation are documented as if they were already done. Prince Philipp left some nice words, that if he were about to reincarnate, he would like to come back as a virus to kill out humanity. Nice guys those guys, english people - no man, they are Germans just how they identify me... bbrrr... urks. Look for the Battenberg folks alias Windsor and you find more about their ways to move around with different names. Hopefully I am not in anyhow related with these people. Diana did not call them people but non humans. She did not like them and had been scared, that they will kill her. Also Hugo Chavez is giving us the idea that they are not humans. Muammar Gaddafi was asking in his speech to his people, not them but these entities, who needed to destroy his people and him: Who are you? Rape mixed with horrible torture had been their biggest tool after bombing the Libya by the troops of NATO payed by the taxes out of 40 countries. Did you pay your tax in order of this treatment of other humans? Really? Did the Libyans do you anything? Or is it, that you are forced to pay tax for things, which you do not wish to happen? So you are not such free as you think to be free? In fact you do not have any power on the decisions of your government? But they say, that they are democrats, not so? Why does this word sound so simular with aristocrats as well as with demo like demonstration (of power or just a theatre) or demo-ns? In the land of the most free people they are now under a law, which even Hitler could not yet imagine: any US Citizen can be imprisoned and even killed whenever s-he is thought to be a future danger. Yes, that is right. That it is the bill (law) now in the US. No, no judge need to interfere in this. Mister Obama, the master of peace & nobel can decide: boom, get out of the planet, you could be a danger. Anyway they do this since a longer while but with people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Irak. They send them some drones. Fine jobs are thus. PC-killers are doing this. Does this sound human to you? The nobel and peace dictator of US used to visit the Mama in law of the dead Diana, that german woman who could somehow get the Queen of the british Empire. We wonder we wonder about all these connections, the spydernet which also leads to Rome, where we have another German, who is playing there the voice of GOD and whose company got well discovered with raping of children all the while, again and again. And this guy or gay? declared, that this was not such a problem but usual. And allthough this company called Vatic(l)an is sitting on gold as much as you cannot imagine, they do not give some of these values to the Greek people nor the long time starving people in Africa. Why? Okay we do not expect the German Queen of England and the United Kingdom (they stick together, listen on the word) to spend a bit of their(?) richdom on the Greek people but the Vatican? No way, they keep sitting on the Gold. Folks, something is wrong. We shall love our brothers and sisters and they do not even want to spend a pen on helpless people on the Globe? This is the reason why they let Jesus say: Father forgive them, they do not know what they do. For that case something should not move alongside their scriptures they can later say: We did not know what we had been doing. And because of this crazyness these folks are leading humanity? Hallo, folks, wake up, huhu, wake up ... something wrong.

My fellow humans, are you ready to use your brain or do you want to continue to believe these gangsters anything? They now even thieve you the Sun. Can you imagine this? No? So where is the Sun gone in the meantime of your hypnosis? They promised us global warming and now we do not see any Sun again but some rest of her glimmer, which does not feel like her anymore. Instead we see a lot of Chemtrails crossing the sky till they do not christeanize the sky anylonger but cloud it with HAARP. The Weather Prophets are around the whole Globe, folks. They are watching the Globe from the space and from there they are monitoring wether we got already enough poison, daily a bit, that they match their goal: 350000 dead humans a day, okay some dead plants and animals are collateral damages. Shit happens as like in their wars against terror. We are their terror. Did you understand that already or are you still being under hypnosis? Yes man, they check you out like a criminal whenever you want to travel and leave the house of your sheeple installation called a State or Nation. Yes they check you better out than they ever checked out Osama Bin Laden (because they knew him already). They chipped you already. They know how you look like, even your eyes and fingerprints they know better than your lover. They know your phonenumber and who next you wish to meet as they spy on your mails or face and book account.These people, entities or whoever or simple they could have already your stem cells and those of your wife because they asked her kindly wether they can have them while she delivered your child. Ask her! Probably you have already another child from which you do not know anything, your Cloni. They need organs. The Germans next and by the newest law will be asked all the while wether they wish to be people, who are loving their brothers and sisters, who lost some organs, so that they should get theirs. No joke, Germans will have to answer this question from now. We are living in the era of transhumanism, in  which we get exchanged into robotized humans or released from the planet. As there are enough of resources available  that people can educate themselves on the Horror Agenda 21 it is wise to use these sources. You can also go through my archives or the permanent links on this blog, where you can find everything what I could find. The search codes are: Chemtrails, Haarp, Fluoride, Genmanipulation, Agenda21, WWIII. NWO  or New World Order, Codex Alimentarius, Police State, depopulation, clones, robots and more which you will find on the linked websites and all over in the Internet now. Germans find linked websites in german language below. Please also use the translator, which is installed on the top and which functions well.
Please watch this video and do researches about Libya here and in LibyaSOS that you get a real impression about the genocides they are on. Please read/listen the Green Book from M. Gaddafi