Mark of the Rats

EUGENIC Killer AGENDA 350.000 humans by all means and all ways per day. Change and follow the 10 commandments of the Hopi Indeans See them here
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Monday, December 19, 2011

The information is not new but nevertheless our problem:
People are still believing in Mainstream Media without doing their own researches. They just copy what they get told. Please stop believing and do researches.

And what about you stop your commitment to a totally bloody system called democracy. Is it your vote, that your government takes your tax money to move around on Earth to kill people???Read some words from "Evil" Fidel Castro, better than from Peace Nobel Price Ab-User and Snake Whisper Obama.

Dictionairy for Humans
I tell you what you have to do or you die (anyway)
Move your ash out of my way or you die (anyway)
War and Genocide
We obey the biggest Snake of US
Honesty  Unavailable
Honor  Unavailable
Many Snakes are on their way to you
Slaved from Snakes

If you cannot disappear you better learn their language and get them disappear. Is much more healthy.
Madness NEWS Iran guilty for 911 punctually when attacks on Iran shall start

Another dictator died surprisingly and we wonder that his opressed ones crie like they loved him. Probably they did not get yet enough education by Western Snakes who to love and who not?