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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We all know, hopefully we do, that we are living under the threat of depopulation which is designed by those, who think they should rule humanity. They are not elected different than by them own. In particular we are talking about London Wallstreet and the Queen, The Vatican,  Rockefellers and Rothschilds along with some who they call equal to them. I think it is not necessary to discuss such mindset. Or simple: either they are not human or they are absolutely out of time and during the many years of disaster, which they produced for humans, animals and the nature they got such insane, that they now wish to kill the most of us, hoping they can start a fresh turn with some rest of us Slaves. It is up to us to say yes or no to that. Very clear, if we say no WWIII is not going to happen and the poisoning of Air, Water and Food must stop. But of course, if we continue to behave like dependings on their bosses decisions: ok then, wait wether they will be any grace for you.

This is how the sky should look like. 

These Eugenic guys created the Finance Crisis, and the Food Crisis and a lot of things more, par example all  
which can send a lot of us at once far from the planet or can be used to force countries into aggressions against other countries. It is not for nothing that suddenly 40 countries which had not really been known as aggressive agreed into the attack on Lybia. In fact we have two sorts of blackmail systems: Bioweapons and H.A.A.R.PAnd we must consider these things in use by US and Israel. If you do not believe me, I suggest you to do own researches. Almost all wars had been designed and put in  reality throughout these aggressive arms of UK called US and Israel, even WWII. Wars are part of their games with us. You can choose wether you will be a horse or tower or what but you will  not choose wether you play the game or not - as long as you do not understand the game which is played with and against you. The players are sitting outside of the field, where they are counting their billions out of the game and also the dead bodies, which they need to suck on. While you or your loved ones die, they get prosper more than ever. You can understand this or leave it. I suggest you to understand it. You do not have neither money to buy power nor do you have weapons, you only have your brain and that one you should use into your and your loved ones interest. It is the onliest power you really have but the one which sums into the billions, if many of us are doing that. Do not wait for the billions but start yourself, others will follow. This is already the case. If they can able to shut down one Website another one comes up. You get me: it is the hydra principle. You have nothing to loose; you are already targeted. You can only win, if you start now to use your own brain and will.
I guess you forgot already how the sky should look like, you forgot already how your food should taste and smell. You forgot already how the air should smell, how often you were used to see the sunshine and get nice feelings with it and how water should feel and taste and smell. You are swimming among a big horrible chemical and genetical modified biowarfare against you. And if this should not yet have made you sick or dead they have the vaccines which can give you the rest or the wars. In worsest case you are already so deaf that you cannot able to connect these dot as a whole design, a big puzzle played out on you and me and billions of people. How could this be possible? Because people go for their daily business. Probably they have to feed certain children and so they do not ask wether they should fill poison in the food, water, earth or sky which you will later consume. Count this mind in the billions and then you know how it worked out step by step. It worked out with our compliance.
Sometimes it did not work out but end up in suicide. Many farmer in India, who came into the hands and dependings of Monsanto committed suicide. They could not survive with the genetically modified seeds which could not bring out new plants in the next season so that they had to take new credits from Monsanto.They also force the farmers into monocultering which will dry out the earth till nothing comes out again. They just overthrow this long time knowledge from farmers since our very existance. They are telling you by their organisations like WHO and UNO and so fort that there will not be enough food on Earth for all the people while they in reality spoil the agriculture wherever they can.  Either with Gene-Junk-Seed or Monoculturing or simply by laws which do not allow the agriculture of senseful food. Did you know that you can feed nearly all people on Earth just with hemp, the cousin of Marihuana? Did you know that these plants do not need any pesticides because they are shadow plants where under parasites do not like to hang around. You know they like to bring up an ideological fight between bio and industrial agricultering.  So they will argue that people must leave the planet that the rest can have bio food. Or they turn it around and say: so many people can only be fed with genetical modified food. Instead of knowledge things enter into beliefs just like religions: the endresult is in both case starvation. Of course there can be industrial ways of agriculturing but this can be done by using the knowledge from our anchestors. That is all possible. Another example. Jamaica alone could be the Pharmacia for probably the whole US and Canada such rich is the djungle over there from plants with medical use. On top there can be done 3 to 4 seasons a year with other food. Things just grow easily in the djungles and bushes. But US is not interested in that. They come into the country, destroy the farmer and strenghten the Mafia to go for drugs. When the season is finished they come with helicopters to take it out. These things are going on. In fact there is not such thing like a natural food crisis  due to the amount of people we are. We could even feed the double of us.  But of course if we put poison in the water the plants and animals are not welcoming this but will need a healthy insurance to be paid by their owners, or what. Of course if they cover the sun with chemtrails - the plants cannot grow and the grounds dry out.
These things are all designed, willingly in order of Genocide.

So the question is how to reverse this as soon as possible. 
Exactly: with non-compliance. Check out any single thing what you can refuse to do without getting into danger. Do not say they do not exist. Probably you need to buy other things than you were used to. Par example: buy a lot of baking soda and vinegar and do not buy any more shampoos. You can clean your house, your clothes and yourself with baking soda and vinegar and a lot of more uses. It is not only much cheaper but much more healthy because vinegar and baking soda attack all kind of unwelcomed entities. Buy these things now and much of them. Get used to them. Store also a lot of Vitamin C, you can even use the Essence but care that it is the good one. They sell already things which are not good anymore. What else can you refuse? Make a list and get used to all points one after the next. Probably you can refuse your former behaviour of non attention and replace it with help for your neighbours. Help anybody who is asking you to help him. Do that without care what comes after. Share your bread with them. What goes around comes around, you get me. If you help, help will come to you. Stop to be ignorant. What next can you do? Everyday you can talk to a certain amount of people about what it is going on. If it is only one person this still comes out to 30 in a month. Each of them will do the same if you encourage them, and if not that, some of them. So you can reach probably about 60 people in a month just by a single talk daily to somebody who does not know yet. We need 20 percent worldwide. This is the critical point of masses. Each of the 20 percent can easily inform the rest because everybody knows 5 people. I guess in the last year we made it up to 10-14 percent. So hurry on. Next what you can leave. If possible do not fly anymore in case you were doing that. If you are living in US or Canada you are probably flying a lot. Leave it. Go with the busses or trains. Dry the air companies out. They will know why, when they do not get passengers by the masses. Inland flights must not be. All of us can go with the trains or busses. Let them know by non compliance, you did not say a single word. When they spray Chemtrails you unfortunately cannot fly with them. You just choosed not to go along with their poison business. Tell other people to also follow that example. Jamaicans used to say: no dealer without customer. You get me. Next change is your food and that of your children: the most important: no more sugar. Sugar is a drug and cause fungi and fungi cause cancer. Do you need that for yourself or your children? Avoid doctors unless they are such well doctors who are telling the truth and do not give you poison. If you cannot avoid to see them let them tell you what they have to tell you and go. At home you find out by own researches wether you want to follow their ideas. I did not see a doctor since 1996. I am quiet well with my bushdoctors in Jamaica or my own knowledge. I am usually not sick anyway because I do what I am telling here. There are only the following reasons for sickness: poison (get bizzy nut for hard cases), malnutrition is equal to starvation, lack of sun, lack of movement, lack of happiness. So fix these things properly and you do not need any doctor unless probably a chirurg in case of an accident and something was cut. So imagine you do all these things, a huge amount of non compliance. Now imagine a lot of other people do that as well. You can see how you damage naturally the Chemical industry which is the big dealer in the Genocide? The pilotes and doctors? The pharmacies? None of these ideas are expensive but the opposite. What next can you do? This is about war. Especially in US people must start to blame the soldiers. To be a mercenarie must get called a mercenarie and not a veteran. The people must know that they will get seen as killers. Do that. Just do it. Wether they are familymembers or friends. No more compliance with war. If they argue that they are unemployed: tell them to create an income. How? By the use of the creative part of their brain. If they only use their reptile brain which is in the back of the head they get scared to die on hunger. This part of the brain is our Autopilot which is responsible for breething and eating and sex and only functions as a software. The part of the brain in the front is the creative part. There we can program what we want to experience. They can learn this and so they do not have any argument to go for survival for a killer job. That is all to tell them. Imagine how this will change the mindset. And everything starts in the mind before it gets manifest. Now look what the unseen can do and imagine the huge change on Earth if you repeat everyday                  Peace love and harmony 10 times.