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Sunday, December 4, 2011

You can get it, if you really want.  This mantra sounds well, but is it true ?
In the last decades a lot of people in USEU find themselves working on that Mantra, in order to find changes in their lives. This probably started with the many of people, who felt mental ill and went for therapies, where in the most cases they might have got explained, they would have naturally liked to sex their parents but could not because of the social taboo (What a pitty, or what?). This had been the FREUD era. Some people paid a lot of money and suffernis for this kind of horrible foolishness over years till they detected their mental dependance from the Psychologeans. Probably they did not detect that even but jumped from one to the next one to finally end up with much of pills to find something simular to peace, in worser cases they might have end up with ill.egal drugs and from there in certain wars killing people for drugs.

So, these changes did not work different than worse, so there came the time of public discovery, that sexual abuses through parents, kindergardener and priests had been more than punctually but somehow usual. In fact this is a way of inbreeding even if there will not be children out of these traumatizising treatments. In the meantime we know how sexual abuses are part of torture and if we had listened to our elders we know how this is the usual procedere in wars since something like "ever". We also got to know - allthough of the highly rates of censorship - that even Servants of a State, who worked for their country about 30 to 40 years get such treatment. So we must consider, that we should get to know (As one of the most eldest known torture technique we know the one done in public, that all  of us get to know what will be, if we resist a brutal Agenda) that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi got tortured and abused by non-human men.  

We are now in the global era of Yes we can do anything because we are God-s

You can study here more:
You will find many parallels with other Religions but should consider these scriptures as the elder ones than the Bible. Interestingly Krishna is here not a different being from God himself.

However this, I am not going to tell you to serve now another Religion. But the video is showing something what had been known to come. So either the guy had been able to forecast or he knew things, what would be a pitty for his believers.

However this, we come to the very question of change. We all know the now operating organisation We are change what sounds to me simular to Yes, we can. The whole life is a matter of change. Nothing ever stands still but changes. And of course we can but we can this or that. And there starts the difference What can we do and for who, is it good or not good, does it include everyone or exclude many? You see it makes a difference wether you say: yes we can take a child and kill it and eat it or wether we say yes we can care the child and feed it. Our Societies in USEU are based on the first decision. Others might be the same, I do not go into that because I have to do enough with that house where I am in. USEU has not to feed much of children but is mad to kill not even the own ones with all kinds of soul and body horror -our children cannot play anywhere than in front of TVs - but those of other cultures as well - bringing them democracy, which they did not ask for.

Where are the tears going which these children and their parents suffered? You really think they go nowhere and cannot reach you who caused them. Yesterday somebody answered a post in order to face these warcrimes and a guy answered: Forget about that, let us think on occupy.

What a crazyness. What is USEU doing? Occupying any little corner on Earth and now it even got that Mantra for a movement, which scares the fall of the Dollar and Euro instead of scaring the fall of humanity.