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Friday, February 24, 2012

Where do they get all the murders from ...

People all over the globe believe they would die, if they would not eat flesh, not so? On the picture here you can see what flesheaters are in fact eating. Pure poison which appears as soon as there is no more soul in the body. Do you think, that the body of a killed animal does not look the same way, when it was left by its owner? Probably you never ever thought about the topic in this way. When you were small, they presented you flesh from the supermarket, which did not smell like death is smelling. Things got covered with certain ingredients and prepared with heat. But probably you remember your first time, when they presented you for food flesh and you find out, that it had been an animal. You might have felt mercy, even cried because they told you, that it had been Emma, the cow with who you used to play in the fields. They told you to shut down your feelings and tears and from that very day you got used to eat a lot of Emmas. But you had been happy to not know the names anymore. Otherwise you would not have been able to effort the amount of ignorance, which you then needed to get into the cannibalism. They told you, that you would have to agree into this as you otherwise would not survive but starve. You had from then been in one of the biggest mind control programs, which humans get to pass, that one in which they programmed  you 
1. on fears of starvation and death 
2. on ignorance against other beings
3. on corruption against you ethical feelings
4. on denial of your own feelings                     
5. to stop questioning what led you to stop thinking and from there you got ready
6. to eat everything they told you to "take in": either as mental food or other food.

You would chew it all even your stomache would revolte till you were ready to chew even more poisoned food and "medicins" against your pains. You would not even know, what could be the cause of your pains. Probably you would think, that your hunger could be the cause of your pain and that would lead you to rush to eat another Emma again: but your soul would never forget Emma. Again and again she would be in you and ask you, why you killed her, who had been your friend. And the day would come, that you also would not mind your human fellow to be on the menue as long as you would not have to starve and die. You would be ready to be a mercenary or to fund him, that he might kill somewhere on the Globe humans and animals. And this all started when they gave you your first time flesh to eat. Since that day you never asked yourself how you could grow so beautiful before your first participation on terror on Emma. You got a believer that you would be a natural flesh-eater, that this would have been designed like that by God and not by Satan: the Kings of terror on Earth and all their riots: scientest, bankers, doctors and another long list. And you would laugh on those Vegetareans, who remind you too much on that very day, when they captured your soul from God. Now they give these animals a lot of the fruits, which should have been your food. Some of these fruits should serve you with water, because they would still hang on the trees in the woods which provide Earth with rain. And now they give these animals "medicins", that they do not die before they shall get tortured and killed. Yes and you will have all that terror in your body and it will be connected with your soul until you get ready to remember Emma. That will be the day when you will come back to be a human. But until this day you will need a lot of drugs. Your body cannot recognize Emma for food and so you feel hungry every day. And this will cause you to eat and drink sugar until you suffer all kind of diseases: cancer, blutpressure til heartdisease, candida albicans, which again gives you cancer ... the whole bunch of diseases which they even openly call diseases of civilisation. But you do not understand that they also civilized you. Now they are ready to harvest you and me. Yes, you have right to ask me: I do not eat animals, no more since now more than 10 years. I am still living and I am healthy. I do not need to visit doctors even once in the year and I am not hungry every day as if I never got anything to eat. In case you should think to get out of flesh-eating I give you the advice to do it in the following way. 
1. Know why you do this. 
2. Understand that you are an addict (flesh/sugar)
3. Understand that you got deceived into this
4. Thank for the food God provides you
5. Do not force yourself not to eat flesh but just follow your thanksgiving prayers which will lead you automatically and forceless to real food. After some few months you will realize, that you even forgot about flesh. Your body will never be able again to take it in but see it as non-food. You will not miss anything. And never trouble yourself with guilt ... you got forced into this as you had been small and as you got used to it, it takes a little time in which you sometimes might wish to eat flesh. Then do it but consciously and in respect with the being. Really believe me you are not going to miss anything but get better and better everyday. If you on top get rid of teethpaste and clean your mouth with water and a bit  of citrones you get even more stronger and healthy as you do not poison yourself anylonger with fluorides. To fit your real basic needs you should eat oats, bananas and black natural cacao (without sugar of course) and boiled potatoes and carotes.