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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The great awakening in question

Wow, such big words are travelling all over the planet. We should have a deeper view on these words. Isn`it well, when we all wake up in the morning? All humans on Earth know the procedure. We usually call this life. If we wake up in the morning again we are alive and not dead. This had been this for the entire existance of the human species and we did not make such a spectacle out of it. But now we have the Great Awakening all over the Globe. This seems to be another one thing than the usual knowledge of the difference between life and death and it is obviously great. Wherever in the global Internet-Communication you are, you find this Great Awakening celebrated. Of course not only in the Internet but also the oral communications of people show you the celebrations of the Great Awakening, but especially among the middle classes and their offspring (so to speak).

Let me now wake you a little bit up and challenge this great awakening celebrations in a style to provoke your inner Alarmsystem. There is a difference between the meaning of Wake up and the Great Awakening, a little one but important one. 

The Great Awakening is a word, which can easily be used for mind control, the control of y-our mind. It has a very different intention than if I would ask you, wether I shall wake you up in the next morning so that you do not miss to come punctually to your work or wherever else. It also has a very different intention than the meaning of a wake up call in order of a warning about something bad to appear, if you do not take care. 

You see what happens? The Great Awakening is not (anymore) connected with warnings. The Great Awakening is great, something special even superior just like the Christmas Days had been for the children in former times and till now. It will bring surprizing gifts from either the Christmas Man or relatives, which the children will find under the Christmas Trees.  

Hopeful expectations are very much useful in Mind Control Programs. You do not need to do anything than to wait for something they will give you to be fine. You only need to be brave. If you hope you are the receiver and not the acteur. So our brains are already well triggered to be in the victim mode even the outcome might be fine in the first hand. 

To trigger is the term which is used in NLP circles, what means Neuro Linguistic Programing. You install into a person sweet or horrific associations to former experiences by the use of (code)words, so that their brains start to work in accordance with to be newly refreshed former experiences. In fact you can do this with pictures, with sounds and taste and also with words or the all of them. NLP is Hynosis which is using mainly words to trigger certain emotions and actions. 

Do not get me wrong: I do not speak out against NLP like I do not speak out against Hypnosis. I cannot do this, because I cannot tell you to remove the Sun because she is too hot for you. But I can tell you to take a rest under a tree, which will spend you some shadow (reflection, some distance).

Hypnosis and also NLP only show us how our brains function, when they are running on Autopilote. Hypnosis is known since ancient times: not among the slaves but among the Aristocrats, the Pharaons and so on: they knew about the functionality of hypnosis probably by the Annunaki Gods or however, but they always used it to control people. 

Nobody can control 99 percent of a society excluding by using violance. This can obviously not function. The big hypnosis tools to control entire societies and to use them as a source of energy had been the religions, which still function in that way. The entire Western World is expecting (and therefore re-programming also itself into) the Endtimes because they are written in their scriptures (Tanach, Bible, Koran): First many people shall leave the planet because they had followed the Anti-Christ and then the rest will see the real Christ. This Armageddon is now put in place by the NWO Elite accordingly and shall be unfolded soon, in fact the film is already running. Finally after a lot of horrible desasters the real fresh Christ shall come out of the Sky (by the use of holograms) and tell us:
Hello, I am now the real Christ which you will follow by only one word of mine or you experience again the horrortrip of my brother 

Brother Luzifer
the Anti-Christ or Luzifer or Satan who will be displaced with you from the planet because you had been a sinner. The good ones now will follow like dogs his slaveholder. Latest then you will be chipped in your neck, what they also explained you already in their scriptures as the Mark of the Beast. No, you are wrong: do not hope, that it will then be removed because Christ arrived. It is then, when they finally hope to get the agreement of all survivors to their chipment because the survivors shall want to save themselves from being bad again like all those of their fellows, who had been bandits, killers and terrorists during the days of the plenty of desasters for what these desasters already appeared: to clean Earth from those plenty of sinners.

Some people in the US and Canada are actually very busy to find out, who could be the Antichrist and how to be under the brave ones, what used to give me a bit of amusement. 

First of all I like, that the people now read the scriptures they used to believe in. Before they just said: I am a Christean or this and that and had not had a clue what could be meant with this, as they never read the scripture of their club. So how could they know to be a believer? Now they read what they believe; not so in Germany. I do not know why but guess people cannot read, hahaha, or left the Club already.  By the way this is a good idea, which weakens the enemy and makes humanity stronger.

The second reason for my amusement is: They love you to search for the Anti Christ as longer as better. They have so plenty of them on their list. Osama had been one of their Anti Christs (They must be Muslims, who are anti Christeans by design of the religions given to humans by the hypnosis law of mass control: devide and rule). They used him -Osama- certain times in that rule until they finally exchanged him against Mubarak and latest against Gaddafi, actually it is Assad and next the Ayatollahs from Iran, aside again and again also Putin. But the last one is a bit difficult and not yet in the frontline. He shall come after the fresh Christean Crusade against Muslims in the Arab Countries as then the Anti Christs of the Communists or something like that. It does not matter in the details too much as long as the people are pretty much busy with the program they shall receice and suffer. You can find the details in the scriptures of their theatre. Bible, Koran: all was fixed there thousands of years ago. Of course, if you want, you can believe that the Supreme let these scriptures write those days, but the question then remains: why should he have done so many stories with so plenty of Gods during all the history and geography? Does that make sense? But I do not want to take your God from you. I also have my God but no church, no priests, no scriptures just the Supreme. Anyway everybody is free to believe what ever: are you free to believe what you want to believe?

Let us go on. I do not argue against hypnosis; I do not argue anyway: I just inform here as best as I know how things function also within you and me. It took me about 3 years until I could state easily, that Jesus is a proper hoax and another time of researches until I could state without any kind of emotions than smiling as a matter of decoded mind control: Isis went for a fine gendertransformation and got finally Jesus who they use very well to fuck with our brains. The suffering Jesus on his cross is giving you hopes and also fears and if you should ever leave him also guilt. He is embedded in all Western Religions started from the Judaism over Christeanity to Islam, who all use the same book with some chapters more or less and all expect the Endtimes. In the East Jesus appears as Khrishna and there they anyway hope for the Endtimes to get into Nirvana what you can also classify as the 5th Dimension, which came from the backside into the US Temples of New AGE. 

Your heart is now, probably, already knocking hardly. You do not know wether you shall go on to read this. Do not do it because it will change your life. You will start to be more Pilote (front of your head in connection with your heart) than Autopilote (back of your brain). You will start to use your brain by your own command and that it is not so very much comfortable because you were not used to do this before. You never had learnt to fly your plane by your own, you get me?! Just imagine you have to fly a Condor and to land it somewhere safely. It could even happen, that you land another 911, this time it would really be unwillingly. I can promise you, that your blood is then knocking into your brain that you are crying for your Autopilote to come back. You are not only not used to fly a plane but it is deeply embedded in you, that you are not allowed to do this. 

Do not touch the apple from the Tree of knowledge -meant is the pineal gland in the front-middle of your brain which is connected with your heart- because we are the dogs and they are the Gods and take the best out of us, and if we cannot listen (receive our orders) we are going to suffer what they by the way like but we do not know.

We got a story to believe in and that got over times y-our security even if it never served you nor me and even announced y-our holocaust death. However you do not see this at once because you are scared. You prefer to keep your story and not to get it exchanged like this here, not so?  That is somehow dangereous. You better keep your Heroes and your Victims and your Satans and Prophets and God and nobody shall change their names nor the system to control you: Communism is bad and Capitalism is good. Or probably it is this for you: Capitalism is bad and Communism is good. Or this way: Judaism is Evil and Christeanity is GOD while Islam is SHARIA and much more EVIL. Or Christeanity is EVIL while Judaism is not such bad but more bad than ISLAM. But it can be mixed around well, they can properly use these dogma to let you go for war and this is the most highest goal of those who are controlling us. This is best Mind Control for their most best energy, y-our fears. If they do not know how to build a lovely society and keep planet Earth in order but they know Mind Control by using mass-hypnosis. It is their most professional skill from the first time of their arrival on the Planet. This made them the Gods and us the Dogs. They know to separate us from one another, so that we identify ourselves as this or that and then kill others who identify themselves different. Who is the winner out of this? You not.

So now we are in the Times of the Great Awakening. Wether we understand anything is another one thing. Let me cool you down a bit. You shall not be scared in the first hand, this comes lateron. We go like this: First Hope then Fear and then we mix it all the while that your blood shall shake your brain and heart properly and you do not know anymore who you are.
This is the time you will be told: Remember who you areDavid Icke loves to tell this to the people and because he also used to hold his big 2 fingers different than the rest of his fingers some people got paranoia and accused him to be one of the Illuminatis him own. Ok then you have probably your next Satan discovered and can accuse him to get fired like the whitches. Does that make sense different than Inquisition? This is how the police state will run: demonize your neighbour and they will free you from him before they come for you.

You should really know who you are and for what you stand, personally and responsible

This is what it is meant with getting your own commander. This starts with thinking for your own and overthinking things, which you might have just copied or denied by the plenty of propaganda, which startet already in your childhood and even in former lives. This includes Religions and plenty of Scientest beliefs like those that you are the offspring of Monkeys or that the Globe is getting cooked by the sunshine and that your body is an entire desaster which must be cured with much of chemicals.

You must know, that you have two basic brain functions. The one which runs on Autopilote and the other one which (can) run(s) on Pilote. You will not like to drive out the Autopilote because it is running all basic functions like eating and breathing and so on. You need your Autopilote. But you must understand, that your Autopilote is neutral. He does not mind wether anything ordered to him is really in the interest of you. He is a receiver of orders. The question is: who gives him the orders. You

No, you cannot answer this question with a 100 percent Yes, it is me unless you would say: I ordered my Autopliote to wake me up every morning to get to that job, which I hate. 

But then you will have to answer yourself, what kind of Pilote you are, that you order your plane into a direction, which you hate. In fact we do this. I never met any single person, who did excluding things in his or her life which s-he loved to do. Into the opposite I met a lot of people who nearly did everything in their lives without loving it. 

But if people would do, what they love to do this planet would be a paradize because everybody would be happy. And a happy loving person has no idea to kill. There could not exist any war nor hunger. No human loves to see another human hungry: So he would share food with that hungry person. It is that simple. How comes we do not do this?

We are not happy, we are expecting the horrible Endtimes during the times of the Great Awakening. That it is very confusing, not so? The former meaning of the word to wake up as a word of a warning system could correspond properly to these Endtime days in which they poison and shoot us on a global level, daily a bit more. But it got smartly exchanged into something like the coming Christmas Events among graceful relatives, who will all present us with sweeties.

And there they are: the Galactic Federation on its way from very very far somewhere in the Universe but near already to present us -their relatives- with their gift to pick us up into the 5th dimension where things will be lovely and this must be somewhere around 2012 because then the calendar is finished. But there will be a condition: you must be brave. They have space for about 10 to 20 percent of people. So they do not take the troublemakers along.

There are a lot of New Agers, who are really promoting such shit while in fact the great awakening could be, that we find ourselves in the biggest Crusades ever: WWIII (engl.transl

So, I for myself do not trust to tell anybody what will be the outcome allthough I hope and work on a Global Dance of Peace and Freedom. In the moment it all looks more in that way, that we are going to suffer and die. I have to do with a lot of people and they usually do not have a clue, what it is going on but can tell me the whole TV Matrix. And from those, who know what it is going on, the most are pretty much deceived from NEW AGE Temple work, what you must please differentiate from the knowledge that our consciousness is something very great and powerfull. New Agers produce thoughts for you to implant them into your mind. And their followers are convinced, that they do not have to do anything to turn things into the better. You are not even allowed to ask them, what the 5th dimensions could be. They have some kind of dictatorship in themselves, that you wonder how strange they get aggressive on you, if you ask them to explain you this 5th dimensions. If you ask them, wether you can take your body along into that Dimension you might loose your body by their sudden hate. They cannot answer you anything because they do not have a clue. It had been the stick they took when given to them in their fears probably to die by the NWO activities.  In fact it is another but simular story like the traditional one of Armageddon, which will save the brave ones who never think in their own command and kill away the rest (by surprize surprize 80 percent). Some of these deceived people even got pretty much interested into near-death experiences and channelings of NEW AGE priests in which they talked to people from the other side: Which side? Where? The receivers of all this nonsense do not even ask, who are these preachers, who are telling them what the dead ones from somewhere tell them what would be true. They are super mind controlled. Any gipsy is clearly more solide and first tries to bite the gold before believing it is real gold.

We are living in satanic cult times in which people refuse to think reasonable and in the loving sense to keep lives on Earth alive and happy. And one reason for this is that they do not want to change how they are doing their lives. They are scared that the Supreme is going to hit their plane if they drive it by them own. And they do probably but they are not God nor Allah nor the Supreme. It is pretty much foolish to believe, that the Supreme created you with head and heart and told you not to use it in own command. That means you shall not use your legs and arms as well? Use your brain and decode all the mind control, which is embedded in you, this is going to save y-our life. Stop to be a copy machine or a deny-machine. Anybody, who needs to gain power over your brain and heart is not your friend but enemy. But if you even behave like a fool and overhand these best of your organs willingly you are your best enemy. If you endless copy that saying: Where do we get if everybody is doing what s-he likes to do and then run to call the police that your neighbour does not sing any longer because s-he likes it, you must not really wonder that you have to pay a lot of tax to pay the police you ordered. Think about this idea: If everybody does what s-he likes to do we are all well. 

Again and again I will tell you, that you are creating this world full of police and soldiers if you do not start to let people and yourself free to do what you and they love to do.

People got pretty much comfortable in their positions as receivers and pretty much scared to create anything better. But in fact the Victim Position of too many of humans will kill us. Victims need in order to be victims the people who are doing worse on them or better on other victims. They belong well together: the Victim-minded people and the New World Order Criminals. They are all human-sacrificers, members of skull & bones, so to speak. And: We are all part of this and we will only get out of this, if we do our work in our conscious and get rid of this shit. Yes the great awakening can and must be done by each of us. It does not appear from alone nor by the ETs.

But if we cannot create and believe nor respond and active install freedom and peace but repeat constantly that "they" are so powerful then get ready to receive the poison and get ready to receive the bombs. Even get ready to get a killer on another human who might be stupid just like you. They do not mind in anyhow wether you are a brave person and would not earn it to get killed or get a killer.  They never minded this and they have no idea to do this now just like you never minded wether your fellow human somewhere in Asia or Arabia or Africa got bombed.

The big flood is not a new tool of weathermanipulation to depopulate humans. It was posted already in the Bible in that special story of the Arche Noah and as you never used your brain in connection with your heart you never asked what could have caused the Supreme to kill all the people. You worshipped a Killer-God instead of listening on your child heart, which was telling you well that this story is a horror story of mass destruction. Pure mind control. When you were a child you felt sympathy with all the killed people and could not understand this shit. You got manipulated into it. 

It is a not a new tool but urgently necessary for us to understand hypnosis and to use it in our interest.  You are not forced to believe in power over you. You willingly agree into this. You can also choose to stand for love and peace and selfempowerment and then do it. By the way: in the worsest case you die but not as a killer nor slave. You are anyway already targeted to die. So in the best case your choice to overtake the commando for your life also grew into others and they also decide: not with me, I rather die than getting a killer on my fellow humans or a slave. I stand for peace, love and harmony. That it is the way the 99 percent victims will finish with the 1 percent of killer-commanders, wether they are Reptiles or Snakes or Shapeshifters or just fucked of psychopaths. They cannot do anything without humans but we can do everything without them. They are vampires. When you do not overhand them your brain that they can drink your blood out of "their" in fact your holy gral they get pretty much thirsty and die by starvation.