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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today I did my talk with myGod, what I can do better to empower myself and others against the plans of depopulation and total enslavement of humanity (Agenda21).  And here is the first answer.

The obedience starts in the soul and is only a matter of the souls as well allthough these dark forces want to bring it to a matter of bodies. But they do not need your body, they need your soul. If they get your soul, you will be lost for humanity and yourself and GodallahJah. You do not have to obey to anybody less than GodallahJah. The Queen, Rothschild and Rockefellers nor their priesthoods are not GodallahJah. Those are those, who wish to replace God in your heard and soul with them. So you must know who to obey. Start the day with Good Morning GodallahJah, let me be under your guidance and protection alone. Open yourself like this to get one with yourGod. 
Please note: GodallahJah is not a bad guy, who whishes anything bad for you. Bad wishes for you and others are those from Creatures wether human or nonhuman but not those from God. So you are under the best guidance, if you are under GodallahJah. 
Please note: GodallahJah is not a writer. At any time, whenever you wish to come into contact with God, you can communicate with GodallahJah, who will give you answers throughout many ways, which you do not know before you get answers ... they are not written in scriptures. If you follow scriptures you do not follow GodallahJah but editors who pretend to be GodallahJah.
Please note: In the scriptures of all religions on Earth they tell you there will be Armageddon. They are not GodallahJah. They are those, who would like to be GodallahJah and you their slaves, who they can even tell to kill other living beings including your fellow humans. They are warmakers, who suck on torture and murder. If GodallahJah would have wanted Armageddon s-he would be a very bad guy, who likes you and all  life in desaster and horror. Do you really believe, that the Creator of all beautiful life in the Universe-s could have ever had such brutal nonsense in its sense? If yes, I can understand, that you do not really trust GodallahJah. How could you trust such Supreme? This is a Supreme, who needs your suffernis. For what should this be good? You think, that GodallahJah is in the need to suck on your suffernis? Please think over this deeply. Are the editors of the scriptures really those, who are obeying GodallahJah? Sure? What about all the people, who could not write so many years, even now there are many people, who cannot read nor write especially not such big sriptures. They would depend on others to read and even interprete them these scriptures ... whatever they say would get GodallahJah and the depender would have to obey them not GodallahJah. And that is the situation we are facing. Over thousands of years of slavery mankind is following these editors ideas till they get again the idea to flood and radiate the Earth and rip all life away to start a new deal of slavery with some restes of captured human souls. The scriptures are their menue to conquer the Supreme and capture your soul, so that you might stay in the darkness, their hell for you. Look at the guy in the Vatican: does he look like a person, who follows GodallahJah? Can you even see a piece of love and light in him? There is another guy they call Satan, that one fits much more, not so? However: no human, no being on Earth is GodallahJah nor his embassador nor editor. Why should this be the case even? GodallahJah can talk in own way to any single Being whenever this Being is connecting itself to the Supreme. Or do you think, that GodallahJah does not mind the animals? The plants? What a careless Supreme. He first creates everything into existance and then does not mind it? Think over this point seriously and deeply. Does that make sense? Did you ever see any scripture in the hands of a tree or animal? But they grow beautiful as long as no Editor disturbs them with manipulations of all disgusting arts. 
But in their scriptures you can read what it is their program for you: it is exactly how they follow up their warcrimes, which shall end in nuclear desaster. Yes, it looks as if they know, how to repair it after the great flooding and radiation. It seems, they have done this not the first time. 
Please note: They know, that the second Sun is crossing with our Sun during 21th Decembre 2012 to somehow in March 2013 in the Circle  of Infinity. From then we will receive a lot of Energies through the both Suns. This will enlighten us, so to speak -- will give us insights we could not find throughout the time of the darkness when the both suns moved in the very far distance to each other through the cycle. And they are very fucked about this as it will boil down their control system of our souls. It is not for nothing, that they plan for now their Armageddon. It is not GodallahJah but them, who are working on the desaster with the worsest characters of mankind - not our good people. Think about this properly. Would the Supreme work its ideas out through the worsest guys, who do not mind their mother nor father nor wife nor children to be poisoned and radiated and bombed and tortured?  

I cannot tell you, what you shall believe but can only please you to overthink your belief and wether you could have been captured by the priesthoods, who all stick together on their idea to rule mankind. No not the little ones inside there; many do not know them own what is going on. Many went for the ways of these religions because they really wanted to obey the Supreme. It is simulare to the doctors. Many of them really wished to be a help for humans but got deceived into their system and are now poisoning you and your children with plenty of so called medicins which are going to sicken or kill you. They do not know it, they are blinded from the temples of Western medicins which are all working under the command of the Vatican and Queen. That is the same with the many of religious people: they are mind controlled from their early days on Earth when they put these beliefs into them. You know how this works. Children have no real chance to say: get me away with your bullshit, when their parents bring them into the churches or temples. They trust their parents, so they think things are okay, even if they feel deeply something wrong. These priesthoods changed the Earth into a place you can call a hell, a place of suffernis. This is not the Supreme, who ever did that. It is unnecessary, that people in India die under starvation, where some few seeds can grow in only 3 months into big fruits. That is the program of GodallahJah: everything is available, if no other dark forces would fuck it up and if not we would be such stupid to follow them. Do you get me? This wonderful planet can carry easily even the double of humans who are living now here and none of them would have to starve. When the 2 suns will meet, things even get more beautiful. They do not want us to see even our sun now; they cover the whole Earth with these Chemtrails: these things are not carried out by the Supreme but these mother and childrenfuckers, who are controlling this planet with terror and mindcontrol by their scriptures. Please wake up and connect with the real Supreme, however you call him or her. That does not matter. God knows, that you cannot imagine how great and beautiful s-he is and there is not really a Name for "this". So 
Please also note: You are not GodallahJah!!!!!
There are certain groups in the Esoteric Branch, who are telling this shit around. You are a creation of GodallahJah, that means a child of the Supreme and you are under its guidance. Get the little difference. And I am happy, that you are not God because I would be very scared, if anybody here on Earth would be God. Any little and any big foolishness would suddenly come into existance as a big suffernis for others: Hallelujah, thanks GodallahJah you are not GodallahJah nor me. But you are also not a worm, who as well should not be treated worse.
Wether I am talking bullshit, you might ask? Probably. But I know, that any crisis which I had to pass got a crisis, which I left under the guidance of GodallahJah in that way I am trying to share here with you. Not with scriptures nor priests or Esoteric Gurus nor Doctors nor Scientiest but myGod and my readiness to connect to him. Ever and ever again it had been this way and no other way. And I can tell you, that myGod gives me sometimes really foolish sounding ideas to do or to leave. But you know, if I would have known things better, I would not have needed to ask myGod, not so? So I used to follow then the foolish sounding ideas and they always brought me out of the crisis, always and 100 percent. So you know how we humans are: we bring things properly into the dust before we realize that something is going wrong and better gets corrected. When there seems to be no outway we remember to call ourGod: cry ... myGod, what shall I do or leave? That is our problem, we used to wait for this call till nothing else of what we did runs ... till we shake in our bodies like a milkshake ... fears are overwhelming us... and then we cry: myGod why did you leave me? That is the time myGod is  smiling and remembering me: hey, who forgot about who? Ok then I do not need to answer this but usually get ready to listen and to follow even the most foolish sounding ideas which are climbing into my ears from somewhere myGod used to be. So today myGod led me to Gandhi, whose guidance helped to free Indean from the Mark of the Beast. And as it might have sound those days for the Indeans proper foolish but they followed the idea and it worked out, not so? The british gangsters had to leave. So India is going to get a great and already experienced nation on Earth during these coming days. In case we do not obey the scriptures but ourGods, things will be well for humanity.

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