Mark of the Rats

EUGENIC Killer AGENDA 350.000 humans by all means and all ways per day. Change and follow the 10 commandments of the Hopi Indeans See them here
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On which chair do you sit? None, in the end of the game, you are predicted to be on the board of the extermination of humans by the   90 percent. But til this point is reached, you can stand aside the chairs and help the game players. You can be their servants: you can apply yourself in one of the jobs they are offering: security, police, soldier ... wait they have more killer jobs. You do not need to be unemployed. You can design some killer drugs for them, you can sell these drugs to people, you can produce them. You can also put some poison into the food you are producing, or into the water, which people will have to drink. Or you can get your special kick as a pilote and spray other humans like bugs with all kind of poisons. There are a lot of chances for you to be hired to stand aside the game players until you and your children are on the board of extermination. In case you should last long on this path of horror and be under the survivors you will have lost your identity. You will not be any longer a human being. So go on like ever since or change: now. You cannot survive without playing their game? Sorry man, you cannot survive as a human, if you are continuing to play their game. Do not cry and play a victim, who I have to tell, what to do and what to leave. Like you I have to choose every day wether I comply with their killer Agenda or what I can do different. If you start to think about this and how you can reverse the horrortrip, you will find a lot of steps, little ones and bigger ones but steps to save humanity - your own and other people humanity. So please, do not trouble me with your certain excuses why you comply with killers. Suffer your responsibilities by your own. I do not forgive you your compliance. This is not my responsibility. I wish to save my humanity from people like you, who comply with the killer Agenda. I do not eat so far your poisoned productions, neither mentally nor those, which you get paid for. If many of you continue to follow the Killer Agenda like slaves probably they will water me by force one day with the poisons you put into the water. Probably I will then even hear your stupid talkies: it is not my guilt because my boss told me to do that on you. Ok then it is like that: I will die but still not be responsible for what you did on humanity. And you will still not be released from your guilt. I am not ready to excuse your compliance. Ask God for that. I guess you will not like even to talk to God because you are scaring him as if he were a bad guy like your  boss, the one who seems to make you survive. Does he? How many drugs do you need already to believe that bullshit furtheron? But this is still your problem. You were laughing on those, who told you not to comply or who just did not do this. Now you are reading like crazy in the scriptures of your boss, wether you could have missed a point. Yes you did, you worshipped Evil. The bible is filled up with rape and murder and genocide. That shall be God who ordered this? If you, you do not need God, you have already your certain bosses, who are leading you into the newest Killer Agenda 21.
Please do not trouble me again, I passed a lot of people, who told me, that I must be mad not to comply with Evil but to follow Go(o)d. Really, they even jealoused me for that. I am here on Earth to be a real human. And God used to support me on that non-corruptive way, so I wonder why you never asked for that support. Who is your God? The Devil, who is telling you, that you must kill or cannot survive? The Devil, who is telling you, that you must hurt somebody every single day in your life or you cannot survive on this planet. The Devil, who is telling you that you must refuse even a little help to other humans or you cannot survive on this planet? The Devil, who is telling you, that you must lie people and must lie over people behind their back ... the list is pretty much long and you do know that list. If you cannot reverse that list, how I shall be able to do this for you. Don`t you think I have enough to do not to get touched from Evil but to stay clean till God takes me out of the planet. I have. And I could not buy a house, I could not buy certain cars and what else again to sell my soul to Evil. But I got to experience love and sympathy and inspiration on go(o)d, I got a lot of really go(o)d experiences and wonders presented by myGod in the darkest hours of fears since I decided many years ago not to comply with those Evil-Bosses, who were carrying out the bullshit, which we are facing now on a global level. So please do not tell me, that it is not possible to survive things by non-compliance. It is the onliest way to survive this without loosing humanity, without loosing your soul. The 90 percent of humans can only be ripped of by Evil if you and 90 percent of people go for it. Please do not tell me such bullshit, that 90 percent of humans can get ripped off from not even 10 percent of psychopaths. That is on top on all the bullshit even a hurt on intelligence, which God gave us to use.

February is Poppin'! Illuminati are Ending! Wonna listen some good news, but please do not fall asleep again, anyway we do not know wether it is safe