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EUGENIC Killer AGENDA 350.000 humans by all means and all ways per day. Change and follow the 10 commandments of the Hopi Indeans See them here
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Friday, February 10, 2012

You should know that you are not out but on when they want you to be on .... and when they want you to be out this can be done by the same way as described in the video. In that case you get a little nice stroke or heart attack. We can only inform you whatever you do out of it is y-our problem - all around the world. One chance could be: use the very old mobiles. I guess they were not yet enabled to be beamt whenever they like this. I have an old one and put the new one in the dust. I can also ensure you: HAARP is pretty well reaching the new Mobiles. You get better all by a sudden with the old mobiles: as more older as more better for your health. Find more in the source.
Vaccination blackmailed on people, don`t be happy it is such far: women all over the world are experiencing such things now.

See here there Propaganda to mess up our children. Our problem is: how to reach people in the rural areas? Whoever has access: please get the message around to them.

They wonna fight with the all of us? Things can back-fire well, not so?

When I was a child, 50 years ago I asked my mother why people accept the shit on Earth. She said it is impossible to get rif of them. It is the greatest that we are going to see how we will get rid of them: the Globe is going to dance. We are going to dance!

From Global Warming to Global freezening to Global Dancing