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Sunday, November 27, 2011

 Better late than never!

Why do I show you this, what does this Clock matter to our questions of Survival? I do not know yet but even I should die by the hands of these Evils who like to depopulate the Earth from humans and animals and more again, I would like to know the truth. I am very much curious. 

As told already in the last post: I also do not believe in scriptures different from being          man-or-demon-alien-made interpretations of reality and science fiction.  

The most scriptures I got to read are repetitions. You know that game from the beginning of your early  days in school. One guy copies ideas from another one and so we came to the nowadays wellknown tool: copy and paste. Not even the law of copyright could ever prevent this to happen. It is a very common style in schools, in workingplaces and yes even in Universities. In fact we can say: it is  the common style, which is not only very useful but also the demanded style by those who need to fool somebody. Look what is done with the dollar: they copy a lot of these pictures

So no what this have to do with the Zodiacs. Ok, I am still looking for Who ist Jesus and how could he actually come to Rome? That never made any sense to me as he had been, so told, executed from these people. So I was looking and looking around until I find this:

The Adventists are pretending to be the real Christeans because they are worshipping the Saturday and not the Sunday. This they say shows the Katholic Church actually being the Devil (what it is true) but unfortunately they seek us into the same story of the Bible only that they are standing for the real Jesus who would come personally after the false one. However you feel even more fucked after reading their scriptures, fully depending on your vote for JESUS: all others will be finished. So where again we are? Depopulation by the 90 percent. Read their scriptures, not uninteresting at all, as they explain you in short words what it is the plan so far ... of course until the Jesus arrives personally.

In the meanwhile we can try it probably a little bit by ourself:

Peter Tosh - Out of space found onYouClubVideo


Club Of Rome and The Committee of 300