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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WebsterTarpley said before Listen properly, listen to the sound of Allah Akbar
as far as you were able to watch some of the videos we could see from Libya you might remember that the so called opposition had been heavily weaponed and that those people - mercenaries - were shouting in the same horrible way, using the Muslim Prayer to pretend they would be Muslims not Killers, as they are. You find here the same people who had been acting their killer agenda in Libya. Need another proof?
When the polices are not acting there will one time be our own police
Impeach Obama
As we learned from Obama it is now possible to imprison person in advance for crimes anywhere on Earth. So in his case this must not be done. He went already for warcrimes in
Libya and other countries, the list is far too long.  
Libya Update 30.Nov.2011
anotjher update 30.11.2011
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Today News, 30thNov. 2011 UK Strikes