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Friday, December 16, 2011

They are working behind the scenes,
sometimes they tell their Agenda openly. So they threaten Mister Putin with the
same what happened to Gaddafi in case he should not get out of the line.

Another thing running behind the scenes (For some people unbelievable; I guess for those who still believe into brave manners among those fighting to run the Planet: what a naivity; people who are killing us by all means of poison and bombs do not act brave nor openly) Benjamin Fulford is releasing lots of interesting things but those beyond your usual "news". Up to you to believe them or better to check the dots by your own: so far I could always find things he referred to. Here you get the latest Interviews. It is out now that there is a lawsuit running in New York, these things let to death threats first on Fulford then now on Wilcock.

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