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Thursday, December 15, 2011

If you talk about democracy you should talk about Fluorides

First of all; do you know that you "probably" get fluorided by force?

So, even you do not get fluorided through your water supply in some countries you can be sure to get it as there are many ways leading to Rome. Usually they are added to toothpaste as well as to salt, but aside that it can be in:
Juice; where does the juice or other drinks come from? Which kind of water is used?,
Fruits; from where do you get your fruits? What do they get to drink?
Flesh; from where, in case you should still not be clever enough to stop eating dead animals, do you get your "chickens" and "steaks"? What did the animals drink? Watch the next video to see how cells get blown out of your life by fluorides. Do you wonder that you do not function such well but weak, do you wonder to see all around people sick with cancer. Do you wonder that many people cannot concentrate and think such well anymore.

Still think Fluoride is good for you?! Watch this... no more new, but probably for you.

Attack on the Pineal Gland

The best way to get rid of poison is to stop governments and companies to poison you. As this obviously does not run with petitions (they won`t present you with poisons if they would not want it, so why your petitions should have any effects?) there must come such kind of force on these entities that this Agenda must stop. The highest energy is love so you do good to pray on your food and water and everybody with love (do not add hate on hate because it sums in more hate). So find a way to love your food and water. Talk to it or sing in it, however. Just like it is prooved that talking to the plants in lovely voice brings them growing nicely and feeling well.
Next step: clean your teeth with baking soda or nothing, do not add any teethpaste. It is anyway absolutely foolish to do that: did you ever see any animal brushing teeth? Did you ever see them in the need of a dentist? As far as you do not live in US-EU-IS you might not have such problems of your animals, they just have wonderful teeth while never brushing them. I guess things would be the same with you, if you would not have been manipulated to use poison by brushing your teeth. To fresh up your mouth use Citrones, they will also provide you with Vitamine C (stabilizes your immunesystem and detoxofies).
Add probably Borax to your bathwater, (unconfirmed through own experiences) or clean your body from time to time with Olive Oil or Vinegar (both of them nice). 

But in urgent needs to get rid of poison it is this little nut which I found while my times in Jamaica as the most strange detoxifier. I brought a little cat back from death with it. The little one was poisoned with pesticides and as said gone with most of himself. In Jamaica they call the cola nut Bizzy-Nut so I had not even a clue that it could be the very same nut, which they use for Coca Cola. Of course Coca Cola does not give you the pure nut but the spoiled nut (sugar and other spoilings). 

But the pure nut or its powder detoxifies you from toxine which damage your neuronal system. You can buy these nuts probably in African Shops or online, like  given here as a source.

I advice you in generally: always detoxify better than taking supplements. Just get back to the Godformular on which you are built: so get rid of mist and things run well.