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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who am I?
For some people things seem still to be normal.         I wondered about this my entire life. When I was a child  the so called cold war  started and my parents had been quite nerveous.These vibrations of course also reached me and it got my  initiation into this world as a not so very much safe and nice place full of friendly people. And I wondered why? Why the humans could not just be in a loving mood with one another. And so I had the plan to visit the leaders from Russia and US. Yes - I wanted to bring them flowers.

But my ideas got seen as quite a bit childish. This had never been true. My ideas had been very lovely. But I got to know certain people, I have to say, always white people, who could never accept the rules of loving peace. Peace had not been of value for them but to be the one with right(s) reserved on their side. They preferred to fight about things I could only look at with questions. In fact I could read those fights like this: One got more ricecorn than another one and that difference amount of ricecorn would cause a war between them.  No, I am not talking about huge amounts of rice. No, people could even fight about a single ricecorn even they were not more hungry or in need than the one who got one ricecorn more. Jealeousy and envy could be seen on their ugly faces even those faces were meant beautiful. Till today this  sounds to me as a sick stage of mind and heart. I am so sorry but I cannot understand such nonsense, more: I really do not know how such stage of mind and heart feels like. People who are sitting around one table are jealousing one another about a single ricecorn??? Unbelievable, so unbelievable but nevertheless I got to learn: I have to believe  that this is the way it is with a huge amount of people. They isolate you if you do not play that nonsense. And one day a person will come up and make even business with that, calling it Mobbing and offering strategies how to defend against it. Meanwhile I call this whole thing a virus. And since my childhood that virus had spread into a huge cancer and its homelands are the US, Canada, the EU and its allies. If operations would help, I would suggest to cut these areas out of the worldmap including their people, because they are identified with that cancer .
Unfortunately that idea would include myself unless I could run away to Africa or somewhere not occupied such deeply by Modern  Western Lifestyle some kind of bush or desert area.
I did that, I really run away from EU because I had been seriously fat up from the bloody white man style of doing things like a roboter but not like a human soulholder.
Unfortunately I got to realize simular bullshit in Africa (Gambia). The jealeous ones would move out to find a Voodoo Master and to let him destroy the one with the one ricecorn more. Now you white guy might feel happy. You can feel as the Crown of Humanity again and point down to the black people. Do not do that in front of my eyes. I know you guys from USEUIS ...I know you. I saw too many from you coming to the paradize Africa (while I were living there), finding the Voodoomasters and letting them destroy your enemies ... those with  one ricecorn more in their hands than in your hands. You would not let that get through and if you would have to spend your last ricecorn for that. You would not even feel blamed but sane if you were leaving a bit rice on the ground for those who you raped and theft and oppressed in any way. Yes, In The Gambia I got to know you my white brother and sister even better than before in Europe. Sane you would feel to leave a ricecorn for those you oppressed, subtile but not under cover. I move in your white skin but I feel in the             all- colour-soul. If not more feel in that way, I do not know what is going to come, when they will bring the next freshUp Injection for racism. Probably you still will not wonder how comes these Arabic Springs exactly there where the Homelands of Jealeousy and Envy need to invade.
No, I do not wonder anymore like in my childhood that such stage of mind and heart exist but yet I do not know how this feels like. It took me so much of time and researches to find out, that many humans are obsessed from a fucking being. I am afraid you will let this Ogonki destroy through you the Earth and her animals and plants and those wonderful humans, who never wished anything more than just to stay in love and security with lovely people somewhere on Earth. It is him, the lord of the rings (Gold) otherwise also called Ogonki, who  many people worship while pretending they would be Godspersons.

Greed is nothing different than jealeousy or envy, a totally sick stage of mind and heart, which got so ugly now that even you, who might be possessed from it might get afraid .. soon it can lead you to kill somebody.

You will find argues enough, just take this one as usual: better you live than another one. Sorry guy, things will not come through this time for you: you are on the menue card like all the others, who you jealeoused and betrayed behind their back. Do you know that even the Mafia is killing those they asked to be traitors? There is only one medicine which can heal and safe you about it, but it does not work out, if you refuse to take it: the medicine is called love.