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EUGENIC Killer AGENDA 350.000 humans by all means and all ways per day. Change and follow the 10 commandments of the Hopi Indeans See them here
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They are on program now - are we?

Those who come here along might already know, if not: it is time to know and to realize what is going on. The selffish Elite needs us dead and meant are not only the US Citizens, who shall get imprisoned and I guess slaughtered in Concentrationscamps but all the countries who got already into slaughterings in Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan and and and ... there is no end of that list. They try to go for WWIII and want us to kill one another or to die under starvation and poison from the skies. We have to act. If not: Hallelujah. You leave this life either as a killer and victim or only as a victim. Happy 2012. These are my words in all seriousity to you and I hope that you spread these words. If humanity wants to survive she must make a stand now: together against those who betray us by all means since a long time.

They have eyes but cannot see - even those who are pretending to be Christeans and who know these words, cannot able to use these words different than identidying themselves as a Nation or Religion allthough they as all humans all over the world are surrounded with Chemicals from all over ... are sacrificed in so many versions.