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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sounds and Vibrations

You might have read my posts about holy scriptures and wonder why I refer to them. Let me explain in short terms, why I nevertheless refer to them. Our forefathers and mothers did not write but talked or used telepathy to communicate.

The masses do write and read since some 200 years. The "holy written scriptures" of any religion had never been the books of the masses.
On top they had been written in languages nobody normal had been able to understand, like Latin or Hebrew or stuff. So these written scriptures had clearly been the handbooks of the so called Elites however they were and came into or let me better say over our lives, this does not matter here.

These handbooks included their tools to keep us down. It is since then, when these religions took place  and spread like a cancer around the world, that we -the masses- got to suffer slavery while some restes of (us) indegeous people are still free living people (so far) in the dschungles or deserts (rural areas). They are all living their shaman system which includes telepathy with all beings here we there (in the outer world or the world of God). They all talk to the pets and they all talk to the plants, telepathic or elsewhise. And they all use sounds and vibrations and they all use plants to get into trances and more like that.  Even the Elites tried their very best, they could not finally finish this orally given whisdom down to us, allthough they burnt and killed in many ways our shamans who they called sourceries or whitches. The so called inquisition took a time of about 2000 (reported, what do we really know?) years to let us forget our original spirituality.

Our Shamans as well as we ourselves lived as part of the nature and as part of God or the spirit, we had not been seperated from our sources.

The whisdom from plenty of years could not just get opressed, this took time and a lot of indoktrination but also inclusions of our own whisdom. But if we do not wake up by time the Christeans (meant are all playing religions at these days) with their hypnotized ideas of Armegeddon bring us near to such Armageddon. We get what we believe!

The main hypnotizing stories of the Bible are: 
British Royalty dined on human flesh
1. do not try to follow the tree of knowledge or you are going to live in the hell of pains        ( I showed you the pains in the video before).  Who is in fact the tree of knowledge? Exactly it is the Source or God, or however else you call the highest supreme, who caused your and my and all life. The story of the bible is telling you not to connect yourself with God but the self called Godesses. In fact if you connect yourself to God you always get knowledge and that one you really need.
2. as far as you will not listen to the first law, you will suffer anyway but latest when we perform the Armageddon for you people: big party time. You all will be on the menue. We will eat your souls and your bodies.

The written scriptures must be watched as scriptures in the use and interest of the Elites (Dragons), they changed (shaman whisdom) for their needs and desires. Even I do not believe into any idea of a God created destruction by a big Armageddon other than the will and plans of the Elites, there are tools in the bible which "they" use and we do not use. While we are looking on the stories as if they were the bingo they are laughing on us and they are using the tools because they are the bingos.  

"At the beginning there had been the word" is such a tool, a very very strong tool. And if we understand that, we can use it to crash their Armageddon and to build our paradize.

Take Genesis; the story starts with: At the beginning is the word.
So what is the quality of a word? It includes a code or thought and it includes a sound.

You might have realized how they changed the sounds (music industry) seriously during the last 20 years. First they introduced Heavy Metal Music and from there they stepped forward to Techno Music which they could easily programm in order to add some evil with subliminal messages which must reach hiddenly and anywhere like a mass hypnosis. 

Do not believe me? Ok, then let us have a look on Sounds and Vibrations and their effects with the next video.

TechnoMusic had been the Music to tune people into wars.  So, if you use this knowledge you come to the conclusion, that it is very important to stop this music and to go for smart lovely music. You will realize how soon you by yourself get better but as well your neighbours. You can also sing.  Sing love and peace.

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