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Monday, December 12, 2011

Chia (Salvia hispanica)
Are you hungry ?
Eating might get you fat but satisfied? You must eat what really fits you and from what you do not need much but few. Here some ideas how to do without wasting your little money. The opposite is the case: if you eat, what you really need, you do not feel hungry all the while and then forced to fill yourself up with further stuff, which does neither mc-nice nor mc-happy.
BenViaGold (Chia Seeds / Чиа) can give you a lot of nutritions, which you missed since a long while. You do not need to struggle with your weight, trying to eat less. You only need to eat the right things, especially things, which contain Magnesium. As far as you get satisfied your perma-hunger leaves you from alone.

Trying to find a film for the Russeans about Чиа I end  up Thai and must bring that to you. It is a great teaching school.

Tomorrow, I guess, we will have to work about sounds and vibrations and what they can do well and worse. But here a little taste