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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No man, it is true, they want not to share anything with you or let us say: they have a different understanding from sharing than you. All for them - nothing for you. 
If you care, you do something - if not, you die. What can you do? Answer: I do not know this instead of you. My mother used to say: you could come into the mess you might know how to come out as well. You do not find that anymore funny? Few months ago you were laughing on me and called me a conspiracy theorist if not terrorist. And now you are complaining to be on the line to be laughed at? You are not fair or simple too stupid to even know what could be fairness. Do not be annoid. That could be because the governments had some kind of funny idea; they did not want the people to be intelligent but stupid. Can you imagine, all these years that they let you suffer in their very boaring schools ... yes, they wasted there your lifetime just in order to get you stupid. Listen to this lady in the next video and what she find out through her working time with Educational Public Sectors. You do not believe that too? Probably they had been successful. You will be dead but you will not know it.

So, who got not stupid by the public schools got the rest with chemicals.

Try to be a bit clever allthough of the poisons. Buy food for some month. And pray in the following way on a daily basis, something like 5 times a day:  
Humanity lives. Nothing can change this. 
I live, nothing can change this than God and that is ok.
The first time in your life you can use this tool of repeating and repeating into your and all other humans favour. You use it like selfhypnosis. I did that once when I had been seriously sick, nearly dead. It took me one year to do so: I am healthy. I am healthy ... and so fort ... And I am healthy. It functions including by the permanent statement til my mind accepted this as true and did it.  The reality changes according to our inner beliefs. Please install a belief which serves you and the rest of humanity and no more bullshit. We wonna live nice, in peace and in harmony, not so? That is intelligent and therefor we have to make our stand now, first in our minds.