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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Because of the big terror on Earth,we do not know exactly from who against who, the US president and his group came to the conclusion, that they have to defend the people they represent with the law,  that there is no more law. This shall also be -as far as I understand the idea- the law for everywhere on Earth. I do not know wether such idea can last very long because we know for sure that there is the law of God. Even this might annoy Obama and his group things as given by the supreme will probably be not changed because of the Son of Africa, how Muammar Gaddafi called him before he got the victim of the UNLAW.

Obama and his group could not imagine the law of God and so he signed his UNLAW on 31.12.2011. Let us listen now other ideas which we could probably sign for. I think the idea is much better Bruce Lipton - Corruption in Government