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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The good news are that we learn everyday a bit more about our former existance and that one which they plan to come for us. We shut down the lies and illusions and will probably find the way out of the mess. Quote from my Mama, remember: "You could come into the mess you might know how to come out of it." Answer: Yeah Mam, let us try our very best, it might be better for our health.
Here is the mess: Geoengineering, Chemtrails and more of the shit in the hands of jealeous God-s -
From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life  
This shit does not enlighten us in the first hand but even brings us more deeper into our usual mindcontrolled manners: What can we do about it? We are powerless, they do what they want to do. WaaahCrieHuuuuh... I cannot do anything ...
Thanks a lot my (inner and outer) fellow, you are not helpful in the moment but need to accept, grief and so on till you come out and in this mood: We are the students and will be the Masters of our "teachers" (hidden and weakett challengers called Illuminati. They are weakett! Totally weakett otherwise they would not need to operate beyond the scenes, just get it: they are not strong but weakett. They can destroy but they cannot create and do anything nice, they thieve creations from humans, do understand this)
Who passed already the main mindcontrol-Blablablas can now do what the lady in the shown representation said.           Google Piezoelectricity
The boy seems to be very exited and not scared too much of the dark sideeffects. In fact in first hand he only tells us as something very new what Asean people know since a long while and did not block to be known for the masses: CHI. But it is the straight answer to that mindcontrolled idea that we would be powerless; we are even such powerfull that they wish to harvest our power. The only thing had been, we in the West never knew it. We got trained on our body masses as if they were dead pieces of material, which could control us.

CHI-knowledge did not match with the Western Masters Ignorance and Arrogance nor business strategy to work with Oil and  dependings on Oil. It is in fact their mindcontrolling ideology on us, which leads us in their slavery. They know that they lie and they use Chi against us. They know long time  Tesla Energy and also Orgon Energy (Wilhelm Reich) but hide them from the masses. Since 1943 they know already how to generate and store the god-given energy but did not follow the idea of Tesla to present it to humanity for free. Wilhelm Reich end up in US Jail where they murdered him. He developed the Orgontherapy for medical use. And the cloudbuster and other tools which are used against the frequencies of Chemtrails and are based on his knowledge. 

Tesla`s documents got all stolen by "them" and gave the basics to build the hell-machines H.A.A.R.P., which can cause Earthquakes and deliver frequencies straight into your brain which can make you sick and depressive. While you might think to suffer under Tinitus they only have the hell machines switched on. It is the weapon they like in order to threaten people all over the world: China, Haiti, Japan
Japan 8.9 earthquake caused by the U.S. Government with H.A.A.R.P.!!!!

As usual they are the "jealeous God-s" who do-es not need anybody else to rule than him/them own nor would they like selfrulers who do not have any interest to get governed. I  want to give you the idea to use your own power in connection with the free of charge given energy by the Supreme. Learn TaiChi or QiGong. You can find here some free lessons. Once you start this you will feel better and better. You can add the self hypnosis spell:

Every day in every way I feel better and better.                             Why? Mankind is used to focus on bad; we are trained on fears. With our fears we generate the energies to build up the pyramide to those who trouble us. We invite them to trouble us, so to speak. Thoughts get transfered in energies and the energy, if strong enough, generates into body masses. Count all the fears on Earth together which lead us to accept any kind of bullshit and you will not wonder anylonger why the Globe is surrounded with Chemtrails and get mixed with HAARP. In other words: the head is not separated from the body. The head is represented by the Illuminati, the body by the masses. This is meant when we say: we are all one. These dark gangsters on the top of our system represent the darkness of our thoughts and beliefs; they are fully generated dark energy. But from who? Did you ever see a head moving alone? Head is missing body and legs, not so? With other words spoken: we earn what we plant. You see here a bit of the science which will enlighten us, if we understand them and change the route: now. We can use these whisdom ourselves and explore it. And we have to focus on something better than Jealeousy. Check that out in yourself and try to be honest. How many times you had been angry while seeing others in better conditions or getting respect more than you and stuff like that. How did you deal with that? Did you find a lot of argues why others are better but in fact it is you, who you think to be the better one: the hidden force which will form the reality? As soon as there is a chance to knock out the concurrent, you are there with a smiling sneaky face ready to overthrow the better one? This had been the collective mindset on Earth, nearby. Libya, the onliest known democracy dealt out by its people, got also spoiled throughout inner problems of jealeousy from people who thought they would need more than others (allthough they had more than enough). They build the energetic foundation for the dark forces on the country. Jealeousy not hunger nor any other lack brought the beautiful country into the mess of Genocide. This invited the jealeousy company named NATO to destroy the nation. We all could see this and I for my part suffered a lot. I really invite you to study these things properly. The entire Earth is now at a stage of terriic foolishness which got generated through unboarded but therefore trained jealeousy. It is childish, absolutely childish. Just imagine we could have free energy for everybody. What would we loose if we would use that? Nothing, we would win excluding? That is not so true as it looks like. Many people would scare to loose their idea to be better than others. This is the real "spiritual fight" we are going through actually. If we cannot get clever and overcome such foolish mindset but therefore enjoy one another and our differences as individuals but nevertheless as a collective mankind we will destroy one another as there is a limit for these fights of ungrown beings. Mister Obama is representing the childish jealeousy of mankind, on the other hand we see already those who will represent the next times. It will be the Chinese and Brix Countries who will have to play a much more important rule to balance things. Many people in the West think they are going to loose their freedom and this is true in this way or another way. Either they will accept not to be the rulers on Earth any longer who can provide other countries people with war and serious exploitation or they will go for war which will lead them directly either in death or in fascism not by the Chinese but "their own dark forces".  Freedom defined as the right to play some kind of Rugby on Earth without respecting other peoples needs has nothing to do with freedom but with the will to dominate people. This can usually be discovered by some kind of racism either directed against a Nations or Races or Religions. It always holds the idea to be more better than others.  We have to learn to cooperate with others and that only functions if we stop to want to be better than they. We can appreciate the commitments of people in their style to all of our benefit. Things will not change if we do not change ourselves into beings who are acting lovely.
In case you should wonder and start to argue: I am working with people as an educator. And since doing so, a long while now, I got to face exactly this: jealeousy. "You, the teacher (me) talked too much with this or that student, or you helped this or that student too much but should let the person down." In classes in which this mind is common and I cannot able with my own energy alone to turn things in love and support things are like a war. But in classes in which there are already a certain amount of love and support things are getting wonderful. The following video inspired me, it touched my heart not my brain and its dried thoughts. So I do not mind wether her announcement is correct or not: the message is another one: love. So, even she might give us the announcement of our displacement from Earth: would you like to move out full of stress? Or would you like to be in a fight? Most of us faught all their life about this and that. So, it is time anyway to leave such way of life and open up for love, wherever it will lead us to be.