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Monday, January 9, 2012

NWO Confusions

A New World Order is necessary more than ever before. How can I say that? Now as soon as we found out that a NWO is planned? Because I look on the World since my entire life and could never find anything well managed in that old world order. Humans in Africa, Asia and South Africa were properly misused, exploitet and killed if this had been on the menue of the World Leaders, who nobody had elected. And it had always been a proper shame for me to be an European and German (not because of the WWII, I was not alife those days), that means under those who could eat from the blood which got sucked from humans somewhere else. Even we got only some few pieces out of that benefit from the war and exploitation menue: it still had been bloody flesh. There had never been any fair trade but endless wars behind the scene against leaders of oppressed countries ( Mafia Style: you do what we want you to do or you are dead) or openly against the folks of such countries. Vietnam, Palestine and one country after the next in Africa. We could  not see the so called United Nations (who was united therein?) interfering in any of the Slaughterings in Africa. For why even: they were the creators, those who led the UN. George Bush can move around as if he never killed 1 Million and 200.000 people in Irak. The same time they love the death penalty in US while having a lots of Christeans who do as if they would follow the Jesus Christ Concept: Forgive them as they do not know what they do. Of course in a way they follow their idea: George Bush does not know what he does when he kills but the little man from the road knows what he does, when he kills one person. That is phantastic, not so? Is that the World Order we really want to hold on? Since I got forced into such world order by birth or Incarnation and could see a little around me, my heart was crying. Folks, how could you take that? I cannot believe that it did not hurt you how strange and horrific things had been. This is unbelievable for my heart. Where did you put the pains of the humans you were eating? If you should use facebook you might think that humans styled in US-EU are ... see yourself and reduce the amount about those who are different minded. Following the discussions you find such questions in the posts: Will US be defeated by IRAN and its Allies? That sounds like a TV Show: Rugby Time. Who will win? Romanean decadence. Let us sit down and watch how they will kill one another. Who is US? Ok that seems to be clear. But who are the fighters? That gets more unclear unless for the Iranean part. But we know already that China signed to play on Iranean side. Russia is also to be expected as their allies but will concentrate on defending Syria. So, who is playing for the US-EU. The answer is relatively easy. Mercenaries from everywhere but who shall look like Muslims and shout Allah Akbar for the reason of lateron needed disgrace on Muslims. The "finer part", let us say the more technical part of the Rugby Games will be US Mercenaries trained on PCs and Pilotes who have no problems to bomb some nukes on the targeted of course "empty" ground. It is a clean job, no blood on the fingers afterwards. Some drug-business-controlled US-djunks will also be in the team, they will manage and lead the Allah Akbar Slaughter. Oh, do not let us forget the crew from ISRAEL. They come after the game to harvest the organs and the freed land (Please do not take the stories in this link, is bullshit)
So, well done such war could go through, not so? And this is the point. These people are discussing wether they can win the game. They do not discuss wether they should play such game. They simply forgot that this game is about killing humans, did they? I really do not know how this can be forgotten. This is too much for me. People in such mind are not against any war in generally but against wars they will loose.  A war costs "US" too much money. We should concentrate now to build up the US economy.                              But, is not war the American European Business?

If you should miss something: human fellowship and emphathy is not valid enough to be an argue. Point.

And such World Order shall remain? No man. It is disgusting and Anti Humanity. It is dehumanizing humans. So this old World Order is nothing different from its character than the one they want to establish openly as NWO. The only thing they wonna change is: they wonna take your little pieces from the benefit on these wars. They never minded any humanity nor human being and this only increases now into the big deal to take over the whole Earth by what they want to get rid of the majority of humans up to 80 %. So this Old and New World Order is really to be finished. It is not working in the interest of humans and in the establishment of love, peace and harmony. But this is what we need. A new world order which is working into the mind of kindness and love and mutual support. Latest since the horrible attack and Genocide in the style of the occupation of America took place in Libya, which was done by 40 countries under the leadership of France, UK and US and Germany (secretly by providing the operational NATO Station in Stuttgart) and since this continues in Syria to trigger another overthrow and Genocide,  we must know that this is to be changed. USEU has clearly lost any moral right to even be considered under those who might lead the world. So how to answer the foolish question wether Iran will defeat the US. They will have to, if it really comes so far and the Citizens of USEU do not wake up from their ignorance and do something to stop this. Iran and all nations on Earth who have enough from the wars, which had always been created and operated from USEU will have to defeat USEU. There might be argues this and that like: but the common folks do not know what is done in their name and on their tax behalf. Is that an argue to leave the Earth in the hands of such desinterested people, who  probably cannot read nor use the Internet different than for porno or other bullshit? No Humans cannot escape from responsibility by such tuttitutti. People, little babies included are getting tortured and killed and the excuses are pornos and other bullshit why people in EUROPE and US did not oppose that genocide? Disqualified. Really disqualified. 40 countries out of 192 countries on Earth are terrorizing 152 countries and the occupied Natives in America and Australia. It is a shame and horror for humanity. No one out of these terrorizing countries must tell me anything again about human rights. They do not know what this could be. So I do not have anything against a shift on Earth, not that one of turning Poles of the Earth but a shift from the power of USEU to the Brix Countries. Others can learn how to coop and do fair trading.
Here are the rules for the next era, not new, but genocided

And here is a message of great hope