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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green is the colour of the time. Unfortunately the colour is in Germany already abused by the German Green Party who are in reality political brown subjects, who supported the Monster Murder Crime on Libya just like their little brothers and sisters from Amnesty International Germany now demonstrate for UN actions in Syria: yes you read correct. Amnesty continues its warcrimes (did you stop your support for them already? If not, please hurry on) and gain now support for another reptile fall over the humans and kill them from the planet and use the stupidity from people. 

People you have to get more clever, you or those with who you talk. I really wonder on a daily basic how dumped down people in USEU can be and I scare it is the outcome of mindcontrol mixed with scary ignorance (as long as we do not know ... ) and chemtrails which all together poisons their brains and senses. 

We must get a bit more stress on peoples brains that they can realize that something must be important enough, that they switch on thinking. I must admit that I wonder certain times, where to look for the awakened people which get constantly declared as already in appearance. Where are they? My best and self called awakened girl friend still thinks she is doing best by doing some meditation and ignoring the rest of the film. Last time she explained me, that I must understand, that I am highly developed and that people are not such able to follow ... Auauaua... help. 

And this my girlfriend does not refuse to listen; there are others who do: they make heart meditations. I wonder how this exactly runs in their hearts while people are crying in torture ... Can* t they hear them crying in their hearts? These lipstick-talkies of people who used to get any material desire fullfilled - and if it where by their  governments - can really provoke ones heart. They talk about the development of psychic abilities and such things again and cannot even hear the cries from the many people who get raped and tortured, then killed. 

I would not mind them just to use the traditional forms to communicate and to read or to watch TV in Non-Mainstream. The empathy coming out of that might probably open their 3eye and fourth dimensions. It seems my third eye is already open without meditation and blubbbb, how could I do this? (I pray in own style) I do not know: I guess I never closed my heart against people who are suffering. So where do we find the switch on for these heartseekers. Shall we perfom workshops for people, which they have to pay with minimal some hundred dollars and Euros, so that they can able to be such psychic to hear the cries from their fellow humans in Libya and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Palestine and Syria and where else again. We come to the point that we can ask: where not? 

The deceivings are really strange. They tell me to be highly developed: hello? Twenty years ago there had been many people in such stage of mind in the EU. They had had just a good heart and did not refuse to think. Where do they hide? All the clever Germans gone to Brasil? Could be, many intellectual people with some senses did that move out of Germany which got more and more a country build from buero-cratic papers which got established by the strangest idiots. To burn Germany down is now really very easy by such amount of papers which are lying in everybodies houses. 

Germans have no time to help people in Libya, to even think on them. They have best enemies over here: daily letters from the officials what next they need to know and get paid. While busy like that the remembering still remains a bit, that there had been something Green in Germany. 

But most people do not know that the Green party overtook the movement against Atomplants when that one went to sleep caused by the Green Party. The movement against Atomplants had never associated with the colour Green. However many people do not know this. Otherwise they would know what Green Party in Germany means: fascists in different fashion. 

So now we have the situation that those who remember the Greens in Germany never knew them but only their phantasies about them. So how to explain them now that Green Book in Libya is a different thing and got also practised? That it had been real over there but never existed in Germany not even as an idea unless by the early friendly communists in Germany until they, the friendly communists  

(note there had been unfriendly ones as well // but yes, there had been a lot of friendly minded humans in Germany who wished freedom and participation for the people on prosperity and decisions what should be done and what should be left and thought the communist system could bring something better)   

and hippies got aware that something in this was not right. You know what had been the good with these people? They did not refuse to think on affairs which concern the communities and mankind. They just used their brains and hearts. These wonderful times went to sleep when there came in some kind of mind-worm which tried to stop the thinking and feeling. 

These worms had been the organized and somewhere sponsored Greens (not Gaddafi, never mix this up) and the also organized and somewhere sponsored women-against-men-circles who together unfolded things of the former freedom-thinkers to die. Subtile and successful they entered the virus they wanted to enter into the brains and hearts of people. The false flag Greens promoted one corruption after the next one and how fine it would be to change things into the better by moving through the system of western democracy 

(which had already been discovered as a system of bankers, keep this in mind. It had already in the 70th been clear, that this kind of democracy they were playing had nothing to do with peoples will. These green gangsters had been those who promoted the system of the banksters among those who opposed it. They clothed like the friendly communists and hippies and then started like snakes to argue: we go in the system and talk with the authorities and take jobs among the buerocrazy and let the movement elect us ... and this they also did till they got their share out of peoples taxes and for their very success as deceivers. Just like those rats now in Libya and in Syria, the first ones are bringing the hypnotizing mindcontrols and the afterwards coming trops are the weaponed mercaneries, then called rebells or revolutionairies. Alongside the false flag greens they put in the womenfighters: crying ladies in such shapes of what we now call Angela Merkel (I gave you yesterday an acutal picture) who were teaching the surprized hippies and friendly communists and sympathisants around them (many many) that men would misuse and exploit women. They occupied bars and made therein their sadness meetings: my friend did this and that again .. you know, all these intimate things got suddenly a subject of common interest, we wondered if they even asked for the sextechniques or what. Horrible but many women got deceived like Eve but got no nice fuck from the Devil but from the Devilina: Homosexuality was not born (as always a certain amount of humans like this way to stay) but artificially promoted. And as friendly communists and hippie men now did not know anylonger how to be with their women these snake ladies take over till they let them down: the goal had been to separate people, the Gender separation had been such subtile performed: great work if it were not such horrible minded work. Just by watching their used techniques of mind-control. So please do not think again it would not matter what you think and feel. They break down the movement of freedom from bullshit which appeared in the 70th in the whole Europe. People disrespected to hate foreigners, par example. They refused to do this any longer. This is the reason why they now talk and talk again against foreigners and multiculturism. They do not like people together as humans. They hate this. They need us labelled as this or that and always use the same separation lines:How to separate people Hypnosis Tools
1. by ages: you see how they label us into -25, 30plus, 50plus and fucked off for Alzheimer and out of the planet? They do not like the generations to be together. They like elderly houses where they can exploit them first, then torture them with chemicals and then kill them and take out their last functioning organs. This is what they are on. Do not believe me: do researches.
2. by gender and sex practize: women in this box, man in that box, homos in this box, heteros in that box. They do not like us together. 
3. by races: now they start propaganda against Yellow. Did you notice this? I even found a website in where they say that the Chinese are an offspring of  the Greys, just little robots. Wow. They really know hypnotizing techniques on its best level. Talking such bullshit that people start to think it could be true. Only make the story unbelievable enough and people start to "remember": yes the Chinese are small beings. And their eyes are .. and their skins are ... simulair to Greys. Reality is, that most of those who might "remember" do not know any Chinese or Japanese personally, so they also cannot remember them in tears or other emotions simulare to their own ones but think they do not cry but are monstreous robots on their way to kill them. You know they cannot openly disgrace the black race anylonger. We could manage to know one another, white and black people. Many love Reggay Music. They cannot manage anylonger to disgrace the darker races; we travelled too much and also many of us grow with Turkey people. We are used to eat Turkey food (in most cases much better than MC Dumm), Greek food, Arab food. So they came on the idea now to disgrace the Yellow ones of us. They do not like us together.
4. by religion: that is the master class and works best: Yes, of course the Muslims have nothing better to do than to kill their women. And then they show us all these pictures of killed women from people who we do not know to be Muslims but think to know they would be. Now, latest you should wonder how comes that the White Mercaneries brought the Muslim Brotherhood Killers to Libya and what they are doing there. They rape and kill women and children. Are these rats Muslims? No, they are we do not know what: Reptiles? Or just with viagra and vine upfilled criminals which they let out of the prisons against killerwork in overseas? So that you might lateron think again and what you always thought: Muslims are killer of women and children. Muslims are Bin Ladens which explode even skyrocks from far out of the mountains. Wow, how dangereous, not so? But who was Gaddafi? Yes he was a Muslim. And he loved ladies. And ladies in Libya had a lot of power more than we ladies in USEU. They could talk in the peoples communities what should be done and what should be left and decide together with the men. The Religion tool of separation Religion against Religion is really the master class of hypnosis and you have to learn this. Wake up. The simple thing to do this is: Humans are humans in black, red, yellow or white colour or mixed colours. They are all humans and they all believe something, usually in GOD-ALLAH_KRISHNA or MAOam. You must get aware: whenever you hear labellings you must know that the separations are right around the corner to bring you and the others against one another. And that is your and the death of the fellow they disgraced into y-our brain.

In such ways as described they let the virus Green Parties and Womenpower operate their destructions of the already themselves freeing people in the 70th in USEU. Hopefully you read or listened in the meanwhile the GreenBook which Gaddafi left us to use. You will learn therein a lot and how we can organize without loosing our freedom but gaining it. You will learn the main tools how to do and one main tool is to know one another in self organizing communities. You cannot controll peoples doings in Brussel. You do not even know where it is, or? It is here.  You do not know them even and if you would know them you would like to not know them as they seem to be the most biggest shit of humanity. But you can know the folks in your community and what they are really doing. So please learn from the Green Book. It is all linked from here. By the way it is not a new Bible or Koran but just a basic philosophy how to bring in democracy by the people.

How will we do when the Dollar and Euro are crashing? Exchange with Gold? Who has Gold? We cannot give out such ideas for normal people, who have no chance to buy and store Gold which then probably also gets frozen like the money from Libya and Iran (on the way). These are ideas given by the middleclass operators. They do not have a clue (yet) what could be powerty but also do not have a real clue what could be the power of the masses (yet). They will have to learn to step down from their ideas to be better than other humans just because of their certifications, which they shoot in the University Temples of the Murder Elite. Do not get me wrong, I do not wish to go for another label. I also shoot some of these certifications in the Temples. I excluding want to get you aware: If you are an offspring from the middleclasses you must be aware of this and that you do not have many experiences of those in the workerclasses. You do not know what it really means to have no food, or do you? So you are really not the master in conquering this. Who is? Yes, those who experienced hunger and survived it. 

Do not tell me that you went for a workshop in which you did not eat but learnt how to fasten. Those workshops were a big scam. You really paid some 400 dollars or Euros to feel hungry in the Fasten Club. What do you think the Masters of hunger in India or Africa would have said, if they would have seen you in workshops of hunger (keep fasten)? They, thanks God-Allah-Krishna, did not know you doing such crime of ignorance like you did not know it by yourself. 

A lot of Middleclass Members are going to have no more access to money but got already even homeless. There is something good in any bad. This will wipe out ignorance. Wether I experienced hunger? Yes- I did and had been happy it had been only shortwhile. I passed also how it feels for a middleclassler to fall out of that class. A man from Chile, who resided in exile those days in Germany Bremen, because they killed all the communists and freedom seekers around Allende, helped me. Not with food, what he would have done as well. But he did something better. He realized how ashamed I felt to be totally out of money and not even surrounded with furnitures more than my matress. He said: I am not here to visit your furnitures but you. By the way it had not been a lover or somebody in this mind. Just somebody who was human from the inside and did not label himself any other than this. From that very day I got finally out of the whole class-system, for ever. It had been good to pass this and to get ripped of any illusion to be this or that better or higher situated. We are born naked and will die naked. And in the meantime we feel hungry on food because we are born into a body which is asking this till we enter in the eternal body of ether again. We would not need to be on Earth if the fourth dimensions is what we are looking for. So, why did you come here with your body along? Just to get rid of it? I call these ideas, ideas for collective suicide. They are running around in US but also in some scenes in Germany where they play being spirituals what it is something different from being spiritual. Astonishing bullshit they are talking channeled by some people with well contacts to the dead ones. (I do not say that this is not possible, I say it is very well possible to fuck people`s brain with such "contacts", which nobody can proof. Sorry that you cannot see me, otherwise you could read from my body what I am describing here. These people think they disconnect somehow from there bodies (and forgot that this is usually called death) and jump into the Eternal or minimal higher dimension in 4D. They find these ideas of crazyness better than to deal with the real shit: NWO depopulation. Crazy, really crazy. We should bring these people for let us say 10.000 Euro each to the areas in Africa where the children already practize to get rid of their bodies and will then enter into the world of 4D. This is usually called starvation and does not really feel nice but therefore horrible. But if you wonna leave your body just do it now now and let other people in silence with such bullshit talkies with moving in the 4th dimensions. By the way, do you know the best way to get rid of your body, I mean with less pains. You better study this for the case they should have targeted you for torture in FEMA camps and you could not escape your entering into the 4Dimension. You want me to let you know? Gas runs fast and without pains. You just sleep yourself out of your body. Yes, I know I am "brutal". I am talking facts with you. If we cannot able to stop and transform the NWO Depopulation Agenda we will face brutal things and then we will have to deal with the law inside of humanity: avoid any more worse for you. Cyancali was also used for such cases and left with soldiers who would clearly fall into the hands of their enemies. So they got Cyancali to better kill them own than to get killed by barbaric ways. But we do not want to experience more worse, not so? Then get out of stupidity, first of all. Think with common sense which was given you along before you entered into your human body. Use this now, better late than never. And let people around you use it as well, as you are doing this already.

We have to operate on two levels. Preparing ourselves for more harder times on the one hand and on the same time building up mind-mass for peace and democracy in the hands of people. Again, read the Green Book or listen to it, if you lazy to read, linked on the right hand here.

So, green is the solution: Human food is lekker fresh green not BIO. Also this they used to make us ballaballa that we might buy any BIO labelled food. Realize please: it is not always inside what it is written on the outside. Much not all of the so called BIO food is just scam. They put the label on the plastic and that plastic is bitter poisoned while you deceived person eat the shit. It is given to you to check things with the senses of your fingers. They can feel  wether a food is well or not. You can also smell it. If the package smells or feels strange do not buy the shit. And please do not let your children taste the food anylonger if they refuse to eat it. Their senses work much better instinctively than yours. Do not practize anylonger this fucking ritual that the children have to test the food you give them or to face your anger. You could poison them unwillingly.

Here I find a little idea again but practical. We need real practical things to do, what the masses can do. We need real items to use, especially food but also Tobacco and anything what people really need in strange times (and believe me they will need a lot of Tobacco to keep their nerves in balance). We will exchange with raw-food and items of use, not with Gold what we do not have. The best is that you store in your house or apartment the most important foods and clothes for winter and watertimes. Forget about luxus and think in starvation levels. I know for some people in USEU this sounds so crazy as they never expected there could come starvation in a world, where they constantly put food into the dust. That it is the point: it is artificially done but what does this knowledge help you then? You need food. So if you do not have the chance to live somewhere in the country and plant a garden you must think on other abilities. Here I found an idea which I really find great and what everybody can start with few to none money. It is green again. Look also here for ideas. Grow food in your apartments which fits you well in hard times. By the way as soon as you eat more better food you need much less from it and things get much cheeper for you.