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Monday, January 30, 2012

News: More bad news than good news
Who laughs last laughs best

And there are some moves. Russia invites the Syrean Opposition and Assad to Russia to mediate on the situation. The Opposition (USEU) refused of course, there mission is to provoke war and not peace nor things to come better for the folks of Syria. Killery got some courage again to cry in the public her usual song: we will stand at the side of the Syrean people. Ok then, we do not need to spend too much of energy on this Killerentity. I think my readers know already the Game of US democracy-Export in the order of ISRAEL. Irak, Lybia, now Syria, Iran, AFGHANISTAN Pakistan ... we are not so very much blind not to be able to analyze the map, or? It overstresses my emotions to decode again and again all the boring and always same therefore painful lies which they put in place to argue for the killerjourney, just watch David Icke for that. He has more patience to do this again and again. It is always the same thing. They buy mercaneries who move into the countries under false flag motivation, then they come out with blabla-revolutions as if they were Chez or another real hero like Gaddafi and then they are all by a sudden weaponed with the newest versions of killermachines and no mainstream is asking how these superweaponed people could get such oppressed;  that does not matter ... they still know or hope to know that the worldpopulation likes to drink beer in front of the fooling-machines called TV or has no access to TVs because they are starving in Africa. And then suddenly they talk for sanctions, of course for democracy; oh I forgot: this time they argue with peace because Iran would be on the way to kill us all and that they, the Reptile-Cannibals need to put that in order. It will take some hundredthousands of people to be killed but USEU-democracy would be worth it. Ok: I am out to explain this again and again. The Libyan people sacrifized a lot of their people so that really every human can know what is the game unless those who are starving in Africa and cannot watch TV bullshit and cry. We can also use the words from the Bible: Who has ears to listen, who has eyes to see... Let us pray there are soon many many many more people in such stage of their senses. I guess you also do already what really engaged people from all over the world are doing currently and daily: informing people as best as possible. So the strategy to conquer things had been discussed here the day before yesterday by Sheikh Imran Hosein 

To oppose the NWO (on the picture is a Girl they use to inform us about the next bills to pay for the NWO) with their depopulation and fascist Agenda and to transform these plans into the GOLDEN AGE of living like humans, who can stay in peace, love, health, prosperity and in order to do this with as less as killed humans as possible, Sheikh Imram Hosein suggest to empower by the normal people from all over the world those countries, who are not among the USEUIS allies. This is meant including those normal people, who stay in USEUIS. US people will have to understand, that CHINA is not interested in US nor their enemy, they are just like US, Russean, African, Arab and Persean people on the collective list of depopulation. What they wonna do with the EU folks is not yet unfolded. The clearest and reliablest opposition comes from Chavez from Venezuela but this also brings him to be on their assassination list. However we have to unite what can be united. Hosein is suggesting to unite the  right people, Eastern World Christeans and Muslims as well as Venezuela, Russia-China, we shall not forget Pakistan, India and Malaysia on our side. In UK there are already a lot of people who checked, what is going on and will continue to oppose the EU bullshit. In Germany and France things are not yet such strong but will arise alongside with the people from Greece who feel already more than fucked off. A lot of Turkey people are living in UK and Germany and can be seen as friends who will surely move away from EU Fascism and unite within the EURASIA with Russia. It matters how we concentrate our minds on this union of worldpeace, not watching our differences as Christeans, Muslims or Hindi or MAOams but focussing on what we want: peace and freedom as we are humans. There can be done a lot of simple things. Par example using the small versions of Burkhas (in green) to show familiar with Turkish, Muslims (not the US-CIA MuslimBrotherhood) and Palestine. Show out unity wherever you can do so. When Christeans or Atheist people ask you about the Burkha around your neck: answer them that you like these burkhas, they keep warm in earthquake- and wartimes. You can share the bread on this burkha with your fellow humans from the globe and also your unity with humanity and the wish: peace, love and harmony. 
Do not tell me you cannot do this or bring better ideas and do them. I am a teacher and do so. It gives me really chance to answer peoples surprized questions, wether I am a Muslim. My answer: I am not, I just love people and these burkhas. 

Disrupt the propaganda against Muslims in EU-US. And you Muslim people: at any time you usually say ALLAH say GOD or Krishna. It is all the same and shows our unity. I also use this as a tool to build up peace-mind around: Maleykum salam to say hello. Unite and show interest in one anothers cultures. That does not mean, that you get a Christean. I did not tell you to eat pig nor cow. I would tell you to no more eat any meat but especially no humans. I know we cannot unite on the question wether meat should be aten, wether pig or cows should be out of the butcheries or all animals. But about humans we can unite. They should not come into any butchery. We wonna live in peace and take the Ca(nni)bal out of the business to rule the Globe like butchers and to treat us like pigs, cows or even bugs, which shall be chemsprayed. Talk in such simple ways with as much people as possible, so that we can build up a strong international mindset for peace and freedom. Do not think this does not matter. Watch the picture from Misses Merkel. Is that the picture of an happy and proud leader of Germany? She is not Reptile but sick now from her jiggijiggi with these demons behind the scenes. Support her, that she can take the open hand from Putin to also save her life. Put burkhas on your neck and let her know, that Germany is built from Germans and Turkeys and that means: We belong to the  Russia-CHINA-India-Muslim-Fraction and so on, you got me. And that will be the blog who can bring out peace and the end of the Ca(nni)bal-system on Earth. Germany cannot openly attack Iran if we all move around in Burkhas. And Germany cannot survive without either Gas or Oil.  The one comes from Russia and the other one from Iran. US-folks: you can do such things as well. We need to be creative and funny. With Burkhas we can also show out, that Chemtrails are not to be inhaled, such deeply. They are playing their nusty games under false flag, so we can do things as well till they do not know any longer wether they are Reptiles or worms but know that we are united for peace and freedom. Remember Vietnam and how the war got finished. People united and used the Term Ho Ho Ho Shi Minh all over on Earth, so that they had to stop the crime on Vietnam. Our mind-set matters when it is collective and strong. Do not riot but use such little but therefore very effective tools. Also concentrate on KrishnaGodAllah-orKarl Marx(for the case you should not yet have understood that he had been a member of the Cabale). However: pray for peace. I am living in peace. Repeat it everyday many times. It will build up mind and from there reality. You know that things come in reality like that. We wonna reach the 21. Decembre 2012 and from there the transition to February 2013 into the start of the Golden Age with as much as humans on Globe as even possible: alive. So please forget about your dogm and get it: we are humans and love peace and freedom all over the Globe.

So the good moves are on the international stage and according to our strategy: Turkey will not blog Iranean Oil transfer as they feel not bound to US nor EU, but if there would be an UN sanction ... Ok, we will see, but for the meantime it is good. India said clearly they do not mind USEU sanctions and that means that Pakistan is on the same ship soon, China keeps calm as usual and Russia is dealing with the meetings to play the show that everything is done to meet the democracy-ideas of the US-Opposition in Syria. Assad accepted their invitation. On the other hand US still travels a lot and arranges new militairy tourism around CHINA. But they made already Japan to oppose them properly. There are not much of US-Zionist Lover left on the Japanese Island and Malaysia also do not like them but declared Bush and Blair as war criminal some time ago in their official court  Source
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