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Saturday, January 14, 2012

National Defence Authorisation Act Bill 1867  
signed 31.12.2011 in US by Barack Obama
Yet there are too much people outside from US, who do not know what kind of Entity is operating from the soil, sky and airspace of the US. People should know this. That will also help a lot of people to understand the also and by the same entity in US produced Mass MEDIA Propaganda against the own citizens and other Nations and their populations. They are on massdestruction not on "humanitarean rights". So I please all NonUS-Citizens to spread this information around the Globe. Do not think because you know others also know.

The Bill includes:
Under NDAA the U.S. military can (1) arrest U.S. Citizens without any charges (or evidence) (2) Can do it secretly (Just disappear you) (3) Can hold you indefinitely (4) With No Right to a Trial. (5) Can torture. (6) Can assassinate U.S. Citizens and Foreigners ..hello,where? All over the planet.

This Bill is directed against all people on Earth. They are on war against humanity. Please note the threat against people in EU and through EU. Same people connected with those in US had been operating this in their UNLAWS. Secretly somehow as their meeting places are far away and not so much propagated they build the EU as a dictatorship which shall und does unlaw all European Citizens who are member of the beast EU. A bunch of buerocrats were dealing this out in plenty plenty plenty and more of unlaws which even control wether a mother is using an elevator to carry her child. She shall not, they find out and put it under UNLAW. While we might have been smiling wether the bueroc-rats do not have better to do, they were smiling to become our dictator because we are well sleeping citizens called sheeple, other word for idiots. For what it is usefull to have such much of unlaws like that one with the elevator? To have argues to install a lot of police and securities. That is all.  But we should have some grace for ourselves. It is nearly impossible for an ordinairy person to study after a whole day of work all the bills these bueroc-rats created. So par example Germans still do not even know who they are, where is the area they are citizens from. It does not matter anyway because the EU is that fresh Romanean Empire we belong to or bettert to say we are the belongings of. It is there where they do the laws for all Europeans. So wether German or Francaise or Espanol, we are quiet the same: Citizens of the EU. No; you do not believe it? Yes man, do not believe it and check  out where the laws are done. We are having now that proper situation that you must study about 2 time Jura til you might be able to understand how it came that we are now members of a new Romanean Empire. But before wasting your time with such studies: this Romanean Empire will not last long as it will get NWO, so that you can feel proud to be even an US and Canadean Citizen. Unfortunately you have not much of rights in that Entity of insanity. Let us say: they do not like you therein especially as soon as you are considered as a thinking person who might have different opinions on things or if you should be somebody who should own something they wish to have. When you had been par example an after war German born in the district west called BRD you really thought our militairs would never ever ever ever ever be able to go for war, if we would not be attacked in the area of BRD. And you were proud on this. This changed suddenly and we all wondered why we defend ourselves in Afghanistan, not so? Most of us do not even know where this could be, not so. It even came out that 70 percent of the German population were suspected to be against this special defense in Afghanistan. It should normally have been 100 percent, but yet there are people, who have the conscious of crocodiles. But even crocodiles would not move such far to defend themselves in Afghanistan. However, suddenly the Geman Armee under the leadership from that lady nobody likes such well moved to Afghanistan and the German president (Köhler), who told the truth, that we are looking in Afghanistan for economical interest, got released. No, he did not even critized or opposed that but tried to find sympathy for that idea of massmurdering in order of economic interest. You know there had been some soldiers asking, what they have to do in Afghanistan, because they also got brought up in that mind, that German-West District Soldiers do not have to meddle around anywhere on Earth fully weaponed. So the public spokesman for the battle, Mister Köhler had to explain them why they are such weaponed and far to defend the Germans. Things went on, Germans especially from the West continued to be against any "defense" in Afghanistan but no government listened to us. No, that is not unusual that is more usual the case. Now, the next president get cancelled. They told us this must be, because he took a credit to be able to pay his house. This seems to become a crime now. You can loose your job for taking a credit? Probably that is the ironic revanche on him because he did not want to sign further credits of that entity we now call German Republic: If you do not allow us to take credits in the name of the Germans we are going to cancel your credit because we kick you out of the job. Such easy these things are. But to come beyond this ease is not such easy. You have to read a lot. The following article in German language might give you an impression about the steps they did to fesh up their imperium. You can read there, that the french and british Masters met in St. Malo in 1998 to agree to their ideas of European Headline Goal(s) which they brought in law with the European Commission (settled with a bunch of bueroc-rats) who then also put in unlaw, that such goal needs some soldiers, exactly (I guess for the first steps) 60.000 of them. And in the meantime united Germany should spend 20.000 of them. Is that great? They even find out exactly how far they shall move around on Earth for the meantime: 4000 km. To give you an impression of that distance. Germany to Middle Africa is about 6000 km. So to move to Libya was properly included, not so? But these troops went far more farer up to Kongo. These things all do not matter such much. You get lost in there writings. They are all based on pure Imperialism, say the mind of criminals and killers. Since 2007 they gave themselves also the explizit right to also operate without UN Mandate. You still believe in democracy? You are dreaming, but very wrong. Your dreams do not base on your real dreams but on your dreams about people, who think they are the owners of Earth as long as they lie and terrorize as much best as possible. Following their strategies they also declared already, that it could be necessary to kill some people in the inner of that Imperium. They say: The right on life is not of value by necessary killings in order to crash a revolt. (declared in the Charta of basic rights, art. 2 (Abs.1)) see here but in German. So what they do now in US is not really new therefore bad like in the EU. So we do not know, who copies from who, let us see the Romanean Imperium as usual and short it to the practical name USEU. There masters are sitting where they had always been sitting, in the triangle RomeLondonPentagon. There are of course certain critics around. The most of them have more some touch of right wing Nationalism which is also directed against Migrants. Folks from Earth: I am warning you about such mind. You either identify as human and that includes of course all humans alike wether black, yellow or white or mixed or you will be dehumanized because that is the outcome of not identifying yourself and others as humans. These entities who are operating their ideas to control humans do not mind nations nor races nor religions. They are globalists since ever. They want to rule the Earth and Nationalism and Religions are their tools. They see us as chicken which they install here or there according to the actual strategies, just like farmers. Before a big slaughterharvest appears there have to be done some moves to the slaughterplaces. That is all what you really have to understand. Devide and Conquer had always been how they did to be the 1 and not the 99 %. The NWO is bringing this now to challenge. You either understand now that your life has not in anyhow more value than that one of others so that you can cooperate with others or you will see yourself in war against your fellow humans as either the winning killer or the loosing victim. The Crocodiles beyond the scenes laugh straight about all who cannot able to understand this. You, USEU citizens are now out of the comfortzone. The masters do not want to give you anymore any share on their killings on Earth. For me this is not only bad as it had always been a shame to get bread out of the exploitation and wars on people elsewhere on Earth, it is the challene or finales wakeuo call to change the path of humanity. We do have to come to a completely better understanding of humanity and that starts with respect and love for one another. Nobody needs to sit in a house such big that he cannot find his bed inside that house while others live in the place of one bed with 2 or 3 persons. That is perverse and not human. Please read the 10 comments of the Hopi Indeans and let them go into your heart, feel them there and you will know what it is human and what it is just the mindset of a reptile. With other words we cannot go backwards and try to keep former boarders of imperial nations. Of course I do not support the attacks on countries like they are done now in Afghanistan, Libyean and Syrien also Iran. But we must learn to look visionaire. We can go forward and get real humans who will not need any boarders nor militair nor police because they govern themselves on the basic of win win. Humanity can think of better ways to be with each other than to rob and kill one another. We need to take things in our own hands, to handle our own affairs. These changes will not be done by those who led the Globe based on fraud and terror how many centuries now?
Another dogma what is running around is this: there are too many people on Earth so there must be a war. Ordinairy people are talking such shit. So, I please these people to be those, who leave the planet in acceptance of their idea that we would be too much on Earth. This then can minimal save the planet from further destructions trough nuclear and other weapons like that. So please you guys who need to think in such way and are too lazy to think about better ways to do life on the planet: move your ash out of the planet then according to your ideas that there are too much people around. Do not try to put these ideas on those who you would like to be killed rather than your own. You are a warmonger not in anyhow different than the EUGENIC BIG Masters who bring all the suffer on Earth supported from people like you. With other words: real humans and earth are going to defend themselves that this planet can be a lovely place. That it is what I believe. Real love is based on respect and is the highest force in existance how much weapons you might carry out: no chance.There had been long time of patience on anybody who did not want to accept the rules of humanity: do not steal, do not kill, do not lie and betray. Help one another to be fine. If we continue with patience on the horror mind the planet and humanity is finished. I for myself am not going to support nor to allow that.And I think there are enough of us.