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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can we do anything or are we only the victims of their fanatic ideas in which we the normal humans are just a bunch of shit ..

What is the(ir) plan: Armageddon

According to the source the nations that Ezekiel named in his prophecy are many of the nations that are still with us today. For example:

The land of Magog means Russia
Meshech and Tubal means Somewhere in Russia
Persia means Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan
Ethiopia means Ethiopia and Sudan
Libya is Libya
Ashkenaz means Austria and Germany
Gomer means Eastern Europe
Togarmah means Southeastern Europe-Turkey
“Many peoples with thee” means Nations allied with Russia (I guess China)

Unfortunately these nations are to be involved into the Ballaballa think-tank of the biblical scripture and we are seeing this already unfolding itself ... Hallo? Itself?

Of course not but done by people, who we should consider as totally insane, mad and sick people. 

People who are meanwhile through their plenty of pedophilias and inbreedings and sacrifings of humans so bloody foolish, that we the people need some lections and exersice, urgently: Step out of the prophecies from these people.

They are their scriptures and if you ritually burn your bible to declare yourself free from their scriptures ... do something but do not play in their games as you will not be fine therein.

The following video, which I found in that source brings things interestingly clearer

Interestingly the guy says: Whoever wrote the bible ... and he is correcting then himself, whoever re-wrote the bible ...  And I guess the both ideas are correct. The bible is a manmade scripture to gain power on Earth. And there are more than one man ...                Here a summary of the mentioned book
Who Wrote the Bible? Friedman, Richard Elliott / Summit Books (Simon & Schuster, Inc.) 1987 and an Interview with the author.

It shows you how much they are working and interpretating the biblical scripture again and again, a method of hypnosis as well, something like a ritual on an intellectual basis till in fact nobody knows anything again.  Long before you could probably enter like Mr. Friedmann in an University you got bombarded with the story of depopulation in TV.

All only a nicely story from God? What about this fresh "project"?

Why, don`t we take these scriptures as a scripture, which is showing us to better find out, who are the creatures behind this scripture? Why can`t we read this scripture not as a threat on humans? Why. Are there any nice things to us reported? Look at this psychopathic story of Abraham who is fighting his natural feelings to answer God?s demand.  How can humans refer to such horrible scripture and even think it would be something holy and well to them?

Why don`t we react  normal on that scripture? The whole old testament is a story of horrible things done to humans surrounding the sacrificing of humans. The following lady was after this questions for many years.
Why these people got seen somehow uncivilized, why that? They do things like written in the bible? Probably the bible tells us the story of our zivilisation alias domestication? The question still remains through WHO?