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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Non-or Compliance

Do you need to get bombed or poisoned or elsewhise displaced from the planet, in other words "killed"? I guess your answer is "no,you neither need nor like that idea". Unfortunately you are targeted for this plan and the plan is already running. Probably you losted already a loved one through cancer or Alzheimer or whatever else by the poisons given to us from anywhere. Or you losted somebody in a flood or war, even more persons you could have lost. We do not even know how many people died in Japan by the HAARP attack on Fukushima but we know that the year 2011 ends successfully for the insane "Elite" according to the amounts of humans they killed. Things to be coming are not getting better according to their plans but more worse.

The question is; do you want to sit and do nothing till you come on the line?

I got tired in the meantime from convincing people what it is on the menue. Of course I still provide them with knowledge but: I eperienced a lot of idiots. They would answer you that they of course would not like to be killed but in the actual case of Agenda 21 they seem to see things different, let us say: not valid for them but only for others or anyway just a conspiracy theory. Convinced like that, they went on like before and make sure, not to look up into the sky nor to do any research for themselves. Should I waste time and energy on these people?

My answer is no and yes. No is easy explained. Who does not want to safe its own nor neighbours life will not do it anyway and if I talk around the clock. Or let me explain this a bit more differentiated. They feel disturbed about any change in their lives. It is the type of humans, who is going into a school and expecting the teacher to learn the lesson because it would be uncomfortable to learn once own. These humans are depending on their degree of ignorance non-reachable. Unfortunately they are those, who are also the ones with the power to kill many of us because they do anything, they get told to do by "authorities". They do not question nor do they have any kind of honor. So, if the boss tells them: put this sack full of things (poison) into the foods, they do it. And they would argue, if discovered: they only do their job. And this explains why we have to waste a bit of energy on them. We must learn to know how they function and where they function against us. We must learn to expect not all human looking beings as human behaving beings. They are simular to vampires. No matter wether you believe in the existance of Aliens or Underground living shapeshifting Reptileans or Clones, it comes to the same point: there are unfortunately a lot of people living like vampires. Never caring anything apart from their desires. It does not matter as well anything how they came to settle their lives like that. The point is, how they act now. There is no such thing like a force by once past. Even you were used to lie, you can decide different from now like everybody else.
As sooner you get aware about this free will of people and ready to accept this as less you will waste energy and as best you will be prepared. You will be able to protect yourself from people who do not mind anybody and are ready to harm you. The acceptance of this circumstance is the onliest basic tool you must "eat" in combination with your readiness to connect yourself with yourGod. I do not say that it is easy. In fact it is very difficult, especially if you functioned till now in the way of given social moral instead of the moral of your heart and soul. There are many people pretending to be "good" while acting different as soon as nobody can see them. This process of the acceptance of the free will is a horrorful process and can bring you into a deep grief because your ideas of society will crash down. The moral of a society is held by the force of its laws. So even very bad hearded people might act accordingly but wait when theses forces of law are gone or change brutal. It is then, when you must face the real mind of a person.

So you better start right now to understand how things are. You cannot act smart, when you fall into a sudden grief by facing dishumanity. So, as you are here to get knowledge take this most important knowledge. Understand how you as a human function. You can take the horriblest things but not from those who you expect to function human. This shocks you just like an Elephant would be shocked if another Elephant would be his traitor. 

As if the Elite would have known that they could establish a spydernet of bad people all over the world, who are killing us with Geoengineering. Just imagine how many people must be involved into chemtrailing the whole planet; startet from the scientest who designed the poison and measurements and logistic over the companies, who are producing and delivering the poison until it finally reach your body. And this only describes the spydernet of Skyengineering, not that one about food and water and money, nor the pharmaceutical and warsector. People believe in killing in order of their own survival. In fact they do not believe in God but Evil to safe their lives. As said already in another post nothing like Geoengineering could work out if the masses would not believe in Evil. The Evil-Believe-System always comes down to Freemasonery, what means that humans have to build the pyramide to come into heaven on Earth. To believe in God would mean to let God build the things.