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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I did not find good news of the presence , so I show you the past
Rockefeller On World Domination
Rockefellers control government part 1
Rockefellers control government part 2
9/11 David Rockefeller watched the WTC demolitions from his apartment window
CIA killed aaron russo 
Aaron Russo`s Last Message to Humanity 

IRAQ killed: 1,5 Million Humans
Afghanistan uncountable
Pakistan on the menue unknown
Iran on the menue 
Congo on the menue
Libya done? no fucking well resisting, killed about 100.000 humans
and much more and more again but not yet enough

Meanwhile you should have figured out how Rockefellers&Urks are dealing their plans. Do not wonder if you are hearing soon that "Putin the dictator" would kill his own people.It is their style to arrange Invasions in order to kill humans.

Eugenic and CFR
So finally I found well news. According to their insights in the bad situation on Earth and that there are too much people the  1 % of people  are ready to leave the planet.